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    [–] The Trump Administration Anticipates Catastrophic Global Warming by 2100 21plankton 1 points ago in politics

    Yes, the thinking is nihilistic but in fact supported by some scientists (no citing here, now) on the theory developing nations and poor forest management will burn up all the forests first. Methane is 50 times stronger and lasts longer in the atmosphere, and the earth will change dramatically as a result of frozen methane hydrates being released into the air. I personally will switch to solar and battery as soon as larger ones are developed and the costs come down. Each person has to adapt even if we as a nation have a 70+ year old illiterate dinosaur in the White House. By the way, sell your east coast low-lying property now before it becomes worthless. Try Utah, a stable state.

    [–] Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Yale roommate says he believes second accuser 21plankton -1 points ago in politics

    Doesn't anyone get it? Kavanaugh weenie wagged the Puerto Rican girl on scholarship to Yale as a freshman there in another drunken entitled stupor of hazing the girl who didn't fit in. These days also a hate crime. Should this man, as "upstanding" as he is now, be one of the highest judges in the land? Your decision. Should the foolish behavior of anyone be held against them for the rest of their lives? What did you do in high school and college. My yearbook looks pretty awful, too.

    [–] What on earth am I supposed to wear when it's 93 F out still and yet mid-September?: An Inspo Album! 21plankton 1 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    It does seem the retail industry is too far ahead of itself, plus global warming adds 2 months of summer and removes 2 months of winter, leaving the transitions earlier. In So Cal I have not opened my coat closet for 4 years. Resort wear is good for all but 2 months. I do long spandex pants for 6 months and capris with spandex with dresses anytime I want, add a sweater or a hoodie for the cooler season.

    [–] Trump: 'The Swamp is trying to fight back' 21plankton 3 points ago in politics

    There an ecology horror film from the 70's called "Frogs" in which a mad scientist experiments on swamp creatures. They turn on him, fight back, murder his staff, set fire to his lab, and the hero ends up killing the mad scientist. Swamp creatures fight back. The District of Columbia was a lowland swamp to begin with, The denizens are well entrenched. They are well adapted.

    [–] Roundup for Breakfast? Weed Killer in Landmark Cancer Verdict Found in Kids’ Cereals, Other Oat-Based Foods 21plankton -2 points ago in worldnews

    There is no information in the article about the amount of Roundup or its residues in the oats. If a plant is treated, and the chemical does not break down quickly, we eat it. Somewhat of a scare tactic article. I would like to see a list of all the chemicals used on grains, fruits, and vegetables, and the amounts in the food. My guess most people have a higher chance of dying of homicide, suicide, or auto accidents in this country than die from this cancer. An alternative is organically grown plants, if Roundup is not acceptable on them. Got weeds?

    [–] Krystal Ball: America is governed by 'unspoken caste system' 21plankton 6 points ago in politics

    The authors conclusions are shallow and assume instant empathy for others, a trait I personally did not develop until later in my development than I was aware of personal power. I was also aware of my parents standing in the world, and there my assumed place in it, long before I was aware of the personal suffering masses of people in America or other parts of the world.

    [–] California stopped being a middle class paradise — and lost a million residents on the way 21plankton 1 points ago in politics

    As a native Californian there are some rules to learn. Expect to live if you rent in 300 square feet per person. Cook at home. Work and commute should always equal 50 hours per week. Save up your money in the boom times and don't buy until the bottom of a recession, when prices are down and the middle class leaves the state. Don't take expensive vacations or send your kids to private school. Make your adult kids pay rent. When you have paid off your house you will find yourself wealthy and won' have to work hard. This formula works for any income over $50k. That way you can really enjoy what the state has to offer.

    [–] President Trump is losing control 21plankton 2 points ago in politics

    Face it folks, we don't have a President, we have one in name only, call him a PINO

    [–] Puppies Attack! 21plankton 1 points ago in aww

    Their gait and little ears make them look like guinea pigs

    [–] Our little girl wants a sibling I guess 21plankton 2 points ago in aww

    Please get her a sibling as soon as possible, she looks very lonely.

    [–] ‘Anglo-American’ Is a Common Legal and Historical Term, It Is Not a ‘Dog Whistle’ 21plankton -7 points ago in politics

    "Anglo-American Law" would sound like a dog-whistle to cultures who did not know what it originally meant and viewed it as therefore racist. If I were black, or Hispanic, or an illegal in this country, and wary of the police, I might be inclined to view it this way. On its surface, however, our attorney general speaking to a group from law enforcement would automatically use terminology consistent with current vocabulary for that group. The rest, and the article cited, is of itself an example of an attempt to distort views. From the discussion a lot of Redditors took the bait. This is separate from the problem of a history of abuse perpetrated against people of color by police in the country.

    [–] Tiny warthog cooling off in a tiny mud puddle 21plankton 49 points ago in aww

    It is a piglet red river hog, the young ones have stripes, they are one of my favorite zoo animals, very lively and charismatic (for a hog).

    [–] What's that one song that gives you goosebumps? 21plankton 1 points ago in Music

    The Highwayman, by Willie Nelson, et al, for riffs, music, vocal content.

    [–] Marijuana farms are burning in California wildfires 21plankton 1 points ago in news

    The house just passed the bill to refresh the money in the fund; they would run out at the end of October.

    [–] Political talk shows are salt and fat of TV diet 21plankton 2 points ago in politics

    Where is the sugar? Isn't that what keeps us coming back, the craving?

    [–] Homo Trumpus: Has our deformed democracy created a New Man? 21plankton 1 points ago in politics

    I loved this opinion piece. Note the just yesterday and today Trump took on both the NFL and LeBron James, the ultimate symbols of hyper masculinity in our recreational culture.