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    [–] The nutcracker scene [Attack on Titan] 267aa37673a9fa659490 0 points ago in anime

    Can someone shed some context, why is it significant that the crystal got crushed by that Jaw Titan?

    [–] [WebGL2] 3D Reunion WebGL demo 267aa37673a9fa659490 2 points ago in webgl

    I'm getting jittery frame rates on my Firefox.

    It's not due to CPU or GPU bottleneck.

    My guess is its due to DOMHighResTimeStamp throttling since the situation is made worse when I enabled privacy.resistFingerprinting.

    Do note that Firefox with privacy.resistFingerprinting limits the resolution of DOMHighResTimeStamp to 100ms + 100ms jitter to prevent timing-attacks.

    However you might be able to remove timer throttling by making your website cross-origin isolated using COOP and COEP headers on Chrome and Firefox:

    [–] The Complete Guide to Localizing your App with JavaScript's Internationalization API 267aa37673a9fa659490 4 points ago in javascript

    Unless you have unusual terminology, it may be possible to auto-translate web articles then pay an editor to double-check the language.

    Even with machine translation, you still need a proofreader if you care about the quality of your i18n.

    You should also be aware of cultural norms. Dont joke about cows in India or pigs in Indonesia.

    Also, even if you use symbols to convey meaning, you might still need translation for alt text for screen reader users.

    [–] Steak-umm just schooled the internet on misinformation. Facebook, Twitter, and Google should take notes. 267aa37673a9fa659490 23 points ago in business

    What a non-descript clickbait title.

    Here's the tldr:

    Frozen meat company Steak-umm fired off a tweetstorm Thursday about, in part, misinformation.

    [–] Why does Promise.all() result in an UnhandledPromiseRejection error when the handler is attached to a variable on a subsequent line, but not when it's chained? 267aa37673a9fa659490 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in node

    I tried this and it works.

    const a = () => new Promise(r => r());
    const b = () => new Promise((_, r) => r());
    (() => {
      const c = Promise.all([
      const c2 = c.catch(_ =>'in catch()'));
      c2.finally(() =>'in finally()'));

    Don't really have anything to back it up but my hunch says that by doing c.catch and c.finally, you actually create 2 chains:

    • Promise -> Catch
    • Promise -> Finally

    rather than 1 Promise -> Catch -> Finally chain.

    Since the latter branch doesn't have a Catch, it throws an uncaught error.

    [–] Use SQL to query AbuseIPDB deny lists and IP reports (open source) 267aa37673a9fa659490 1 points ago in netsec

    Why do you feel the need to sound like a dick?

    Next time try writing like a normal person if you want to be taken seriously.

    [–] Safari isn't protecting the web, it's killing it 267aa37673a9fa659490 9 points ago in webdev

    working hard

    Does the current state of Safari looks like the product of a team that's been working hard?

    The fact is years of protectionist policy in the App store has made them fat and lazy.

    They're not some indie outfit struggling for money, time and talent. Yet despite Apple's resources, like the article said, they opt for an "approach of outright refusal and neglect of the web".

    [–] Was already approaching burnout - Page Speed Insights may be the last straw 267aa37673a9fa659490 5 points ago in webdev

    I think the problem isn't that they don't understand but they are in denial and actively reject the truth.

    It's akin to Trump thinking he won the election, flat-earthers thinking the earth is flat or anti-vaxxers thinking Bill Gates did something.

    How do you even begin to reason with someone like this?

    [–] Is it illegal to ignore hostile architecture in public places? 267aa37673a9fa659490 1 points ago in legaladviceofftopic

    Thanks for the reply.

    Having a name for this category of laws makes it easier for me to find out more.

    [–] Is it illegal to ignore hostile architecture in public places? 267aa37673a9fa659490 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in legaladviceofftopic

    Then what are some places with laws against such form of sitting in public that you know of?

    [–] How do you use template if:true and template if:false condition to display content in LWC 267aa37673a9fa659490 1 points ago in Salesforcew3web

    You know, you can get reddit to correctly display your code by prefixing each line with an additional 4 spaces

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <LightningComponentBundle xmlns="">

    [–] Use SQL to query AbuseIPDB deny lists and IP reports (open source) 267aa37673a9fa659490 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in netsec

    I don't think AbuseIPDB is a reliable source.

    I checked their website there's nothing there on what to do if your IP was falsely marked as abusive.

    I bet there's lots of false positives there.


    Here's a Security StackExchange answer I stumbled across that makes a few good points against AbuseIPDB: