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    [–] AND THEY SAY THAT A HERO COULD SAVE US 2clickswest 6 points ago in raimimemes

    Hate me all you want, but I think it’s a very good rock ballad.

    [–] Hitman 32:9 ===> Sic 2clickswest 1 points ago in HiTMAN

    Damn. Impressive.

    [–] Got a 1080, just for FH4 <3 so beautiful 2clickswest 1 points ago in forza

    I really like how tonally FH4 looks more.. looks more like Driveclub and ProStreet. I dig this look.

    And also pervious games, especially 2, in my opinion, were way too sharp and saturated.

    Good shot, also!

    [–] Apple released a new color today 2clickswest 2 points ago in engrish

    It simply makes a phone more futureproof.

    [–] Cause gaming chat rooms these days are only full of supporting and uplifting people 2clickswest 4 points ago in gatekeeping

    I remember once I was playing MW2 on PS3 and found out about 2 dudes from England. Oh man they were so nice and supportive. Memories for life.

    [–] Ah yes 2clickswest 3 points ago in gatekeeping

    I think the story in MW2 is what elevates this game and makes it really good. The multiplayer is a thing on it’s own, though.

    [–] Is anybody else gonna miss the 10 voice actors from season one? 2clickswest 5 points ago in HiTMAN

    Accent ruins everything in this case. Cause why speak english then? Like those Metro 2033 games.

    [–] CarPlay 2clickswest 8 points ago in ios

    Man, you got hacked by Will.I.Am or whoever was the main character in Watch Dogs 2.

    [–] Kevin Feige admits publicly for the first time that Disney is angling for Best Picture for Black Panther. 2clickswest -2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Yeah, no. Despite all of the late MCU films as of late, Black Panther is, in my opinion, the most mediocre one. Having to spend too much time on Wakanda’s culture and rules instead of an actual story amd characters.

    [–] XS to 8?? 2clickswest 2 points ago in iphone

    Good luck with that!

    [–] XS to 8?? 2clickswest 1 points ago in iphone

    I think what Xr’s got going for it in your case is a more future proof phone. Sure, it’s only a year difference between an 8 and Xr, but it is still better in that sense. I would get the Xr.

    Not to mention all the cool colors.

    But if the size won’t be fitting for you, than an 8 is an awesome phone too! I have an 8 Plus. But sometimes would like to change it to 8 Minus if I could.

    [–] My dream iPhone: all screen iPhone 5 slate with up to date internals and camera 2clickswest 5 points ago in iphone

    To be honest I dream pretty boring, but after seeing the new iPad Pro I’m hyped for the same agressively edgy iPhone. But I would want it to be smaller than the current XS.

    [–] Apple adds iPhone 5 to list of 'vintage and obsolete' products, officially ending repair support. 2clickswest 6 points ago in apple

    Here in Finland we had a short but awesome sale where they sold like 200 iPhone SEs for aprox. 200$. Bought it immediately even though I have a phone. What a wonderful design that is.

    [–] Cockroach delivers a deadly kick to a wasp. 2clickswest 3 points ago in natureismetal

    I wish he would talk about it. While also spiraling into his UFC experience and over analysing that kick.

    [–] iPhone XR according to YouTubers. 2clickswest 7 points ago in iphone

    I guess we are just iSheep that can’t see DA TRUTH.

    [–] Gatekeeping peeing. 2clickswest 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    Yeah, that’s true also.

    [–] Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 packs up to 10GB of RAM and a stunning 93% screen-to-body ratio 2clickswest 1 points ago in tech

    The notch is nothing but a step in an evolution that is a bezeless phone. Stop with your drama, dude.

    [–] Gatekeeping peeing. 2clickswest 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    Am no expert either, but do know that it’s well used for hunting in various places. Also you know, a lot of guns are just fun for target practice only. And that I consider “use” too. It’s also fun. Not everything should be extremely practical and “exists because there is a need” thing, imo. Like those fancy stupid expensive cars or something like that.

    [–] Gatekeeping peeing. 2clickswest 8 points ago in gatekeeping

    It has practical use. A limited one but still.