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    [–] Opinion: Make the new flagship iPhones look like the 5s, but just larger 2clickswest 3 points ago in apple

    Ah, come on, man. But the 7 is a better design than the 6. Particularly because of those antenna lines. IMO, of course.

    [–] iOS 12.2 adds ‘Mark as Played’ feature to Apple Podcasts 2clickswest 19 points ago in apple

    Wait what? Back when I was on iOS 10 or something, I remember marking podcasts completed.

    [–] Forbes: New iPhone Update Reveals Apple's Sneaky Secret 2clickswest 1 points ago in apple

    If anything, Forbes taught me one little secret. Here it is:

    Whenever I buy an iPhone, first I put my sim in, test the antennagate, then I touch it a lot, to check if there’s any diseases. And lastly I drop it from like 5 feet to see if the glass breaks. Then, if not satisfied, I return it immediatly. Luckily I do it all at the Apple Store, so no hassle.

    Ain’t no nasty surprises can sneak up on me.

    [–] Is anyone else bothered by all the crap on Joe's desk? 2clickswest 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    Yeah, the table is cool and all, but there’s just too much shit lying around. Too much.

    [–] Who uses Live Photos? 2clickswest 4 points ago in apple

    Oh I use it all the damn time. It’s a great feature, especially in the long run. Captures the moment perfectly.

    There was a funny story when I went on a hike this past summer, and there was some photo I took in the fields while I was listening to music(couldn’t hear the surroundings), so when I got home and 3D touched it, there was a dead silence and then suddenly some geese just started fucking screaming from a far. Love it!

    [–] That was the final straw Apple. I'm switching to Android. 2clickswest 1 points ago in apple

    I understand your pain and your argument, man.

    But on the other hand I’m genuinely interested in hearing a counter argument. Can someone justify these rules that Apple made? I ask cause I never had an experience of breaking an iPhone or dealing with Apple Store services.

    [–] This thing is preposterous 2clickswest 2 points ago in JoeRogan

    I read it in Joe Rogan voice, haha.

    [–] Apple is again the most valuable US company 2clickswest 8 points ago in apple

    Good! Now I can brag about it to my coworkes who don’t have an iPhone. Again. /s

    [–] My neighbors are moving their entire house back 200ft. 2clickswest 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I imagined you, in white shirt and a grey tie, slamming fist against the desk laughing. Made me chuckle, lol.

    [–] I'd love to talk about the things that people genuinely love about the podcast 2clickswest 7 points ago in JoeRogan

    Hell yeah. I really appreciate JRE for what it is, even though it can be irritating to hear the same things over and over. At least it used to be, but now I just giggle when Joe brings up martial arts, comedy store history, wild nature and so on and so on, but all this won’t affect my respect for Joe and what he was able to make.

    It might sound stupid, but thanks to Joe and his guests I was able to lose like 25 pounds, started working out regularly, eat right. The podcast also helped me quit my “soul sucking” job that I hated and find a new one that I really love.

    [–] So I watched Bone Tomahawk...(possible spoilers) 2clickswest 2 points ago in movies

    Yeah. I just mean that the violence against tha cannibals should have been shown in more detail.

    [–] So I watched Bone Tomahawk...(possible spoilers) 2clickswest 1 points ago in movies

    They didn’t show enough of the counter attacks against the cannibals. I means on screen. IMO, if you torture a good guy, the bad ones should be tortured twice as bad.

    [–] Image of Nick Fury being whitewashed in Avengers: Endgame 2clickswest 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    I feel really priviliged that my AirPods when in my ears don’t stick out like that.

    [–] Jordan Peterson without his hair implants 2clickswest 0 points ago in JoeRogan

    I drink your neo-marxism! I drink it up!!

    [–] International Poster for Toy Story 4 2clickswest 2 points ago in movies

    So, what sob story Pixar cooked for us this time?

    [–] The iPhone antenna lines, protruding rear camera, notch on the front, and Smart Battery Case have beautiful and underappreciated designs 2clickswest 1 points ago in apple

    Yeah. And while we’re at it, the camera size is small indeed, so when you look at it, it looks way off where it’s supposed be, so the bigger camera module on the jedt models makes up for it, which help, imo.