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    [–] The reason why you miss your nades 2dP_rdg 77 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    No, because nades in the original Counter-Strike didn't have this issue either.

    [–] Just because the monitor shows 1 security camera at a time, doesn’t mean they aren’t all recording. 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in gifs

    Seinfeld was partially recorded in front of a live studio audience. A lot of shows were (are still?). It can be kind of exhausting as an audience member because they ask you to laugh just as loud on take 4 as you did on take 1.

    [–] My 2009 Gelandewagen 2dP_rdg 2 points ago in overlanding

    Yea, that * makes all the difference. It simply became a status symbol due to its price tag.

    [–] "God damn it, fuck me" - Tiger Woods 2dP_rdg 4 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    But I'll pay to watch Tiger practice his job and I won't pay to watch someone work a cash register so... Maybe their money isn't out of line.

    [–] The greatest info I have ever received from my local news station. 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in funny

    who has time for that? I have to go buy my Sugar Bombs before my kid goes apeshit.

    [–] I understand, Seth 2dP_rdg 2 points ago in funny

    I was a PAX East one time for a talk /q&a with the Archer cast and writers. Eventually a kid stands up and shits on The Simpsons and The Family Guy and praises the Archer crew. As an old guy I started to get mad, but then i just smiled when I realized that ten years from now someone is going to shit on Archer after it's been super syndicated and that kid will be just as mad.

    [–] Neymar writhing in Pain after being stepped on 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in sports

    One might argue that France won a World Cup on that very notion

    * looks at Zidane*

    ninja edit - it was Zidane that kicked the PK but someone else that dove and won the PK.

    [–] Neymar writhing in Pain after being stepped on 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in sports

    which, to be fair, is a part of every sport.. it's just that the acting afterwards is so much more in soccer/futbol/football...

    In Basketball as a defender you have to "sell" charge.

    In American football there's more than a few penalties you're either constantly trying to sell or hide (WRs and CBs and pulling/pushing, offensive and defensive lineman holding/illegal use of the hands)

    But it's all only a moment and then you go on with the game. With soccer it takes sooo f'n long for them to stop flailing.

    [–] Live from Duncan Hall at ND 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in SouthBend

    it would take at least a healthy Chicharito

    [–] Refitted Boeing 747, A Mansion in the Sky [article in the comments) 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in ifiwonthelottery

    You have a conference table in the plane so you can continue to hold meetings and work. You don't get rich enough to afford that shit because you only work in your office.

    [–] Brought this bad boy into the showroom today! 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in overlanding

    Black Friday sales are gonna be epic. Might even stay dry in that terrible tent.

    [–] Suspended Bed and Room Remodel For 13 Year-Old Boy 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in DIY

    Ya instead of using plywood for this people should use peg board

    [–] Suspended Bed and Room Remodel For 13 Year-Old Boy 2dP_rdg 2 points ago in DIY

    Unless his kids eat the wood they're gonna be fine.

    [–] In time for the upcoming 65 closure 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in Indiana

    They were everywhere when the 20 bypass (South Bend area) was under mass construction/rehabilitation.

    [–] In time for the upcoming 65 closure 2dP_rdg 2 points ago in Indiana

    One things that's impressed me since moving here (Indiana) is that none of the road work companies are properly grinding/ramping the asphalt. When you rip up a road you are supposed to leave an incline at the end back up to the pavement you aren't ripping up (or most commonly, the concrete bridge the asphalt stopped at). In that last year I have cracked a rim, unset my frontend alignment, and hit one with such impact it actually broke the parts holding my headlight in place which ended up costing me about $1500 to fix (it's not a cheap car).

    [–] PC 1.0 Update #16 2dP_rdg 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Can't finish a match due to crashing. maybe if they focused on making the game playable they'd make as much as Fortnite.