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    [–] What's the biggest waste of money that people dont realize is a waste? 3am_quiet 6 points ago in AskReddit

    Expensive toothpaste is usually the one without SLS. SLS causes mouth sores in a lot of people so that's why I stick with Sensodyne even though it's $5 a tube.

    [–] This GoPro Chassis Hot Wheel Car 3am_quiet 38 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    That's actually pretty cool and probably a lot cheaper than the Lego train one.

    [–] This Amazon review 3am_quiet 1 points ago in funny

    Probably before TV

    [–] Best Practices 3am_quiet 1 points ago in funny

    Because it looked like Rupert Grint was singing but you don't really understand what's going on for a while

    [–] Sidewalk vending is decriminalized across California 3am_quiet 68 points ago in news

    This cart was selling fruit cut up and served in a cup, not unopened fruit.

    [–] Sidewalk vending is decriminalized across California 3am_quiet 483 points ago in news

    There was an outbreak of Hep A that was traced back to a fruit cart in my town. The person had no hand washing supplies and no restrooms for miles. I don't mind the carts but I think there should be some health inspections.

    [–] I have the REAL Scooby Doo 3am_quiet 2 points ago in aww

    Whoa it's true then!

    [–] Best Practices 3am_quiet 10 points ago in funny

    I was so confused when I first saw this music video

    [–] I love my new bedroom light 🖤 3am_quiet 1 points ago in pics

    There are like 10 different ones on Amazon too so they would be advertising for a bunch of companies.

    [–] The truth 3am_quiet 24 points ago in Marvel

    The Dark Knight trilogy was great, everything after not so much.

    [–] People who don't use their blinkers must be horrible in relationships because they can't even communicate a simple thought with a light. 3am_quiet 7 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I was driving a BMW when my car was in the shop and every time I turned the blinkers on they would turn off by themselves like they don't want to work. The blinker handle doesn't stay down it's more of a digital button but if you don't push it all the way the blinker comes on once and turns off. It was really annoying.

    [–] Essential parenting for programmers 3am_quiet 2 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    All the white on the screen is throwing out blue light. The more white the more blue light. This does make your eyes more tired. Blue light filter glasses help a lot.

    [–] Encourage.exe 3am_quiet 5 points ago in funny

    Yeah I was on the phone telling someone to do this with their computer. When I eventually got there they were unplugging the monitor...

    [–] Shout out to Insomniac for refusing to give into micro-transactions for Marvel’s Spider-Man. 3am_quiet 1 points ago in gaming

    Yeah like they charge you for the alarm system. If you don't pay they just disable it but it's installed already.

    [–] Mortal Enemies, acrylic 16”x20” 3am_quiet 282 points ago in Art

    SLS also causes a lot of people to have mouth sores so I sick with Sensodyne or any other SLS free toothpaste.

    [–] When someone holds the door open for you, but yr still 10 metres away 3am_quiet 8 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in funny

    But the car behind him gets frustrated, goes around him and runs you over.

    [–] Wedding photography 3am_quiet 56 points ago in gifs

    Records vertical then shows a horizontal picture vertical.