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    [–] This moment never gets old. 3am_quiet 2 points ago in Disneyland

    They might still have the new one to watch on Disney on demand if you have cable or satellite.

    [–] This moment never gets old. 3am_quiet 16 points ago in Disneyland

    Does anyone else miss the old show?

    [–] Simply Red, Lee McCall, Digital, 2017 3am_quiet 8 points ago in Art

    Also the distorted sweater texture on the shoulder.

    [–] Daily Chat Thread - October 22, 2018 3am_quiet 2 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Start a side IT business, make business cards, post on Craigslist, Facebook, be creative, $50 to fix anything no matter how long it takes. Try and get 3 customers a day. Maybe that will hold you over until you find a job.

    [–] Training with Spidey 3am_quiet 3 points ago in gaming

    There is a movie coming out about him this year.

    [–] So much rain for the party tonight... 3am_quiet 1 points ago in Disneyland

    The photographers aren't allowed to take pictures in the rain.

    [–] Finally. 3am_quiet 1 points ago in funny

    That's why we spend 9 Billion a year on Halloween.

    [–] What industry is shadier than most people realize? 3am_quiet 15 points ago in AskReddit

    A diamond would be cool then you can pass down the family jewels.

    [–] Where do I start? 3am_quiet 1 points ago in PixelArt

    Have you looked at all the tutorials on the community info for this sub?

    [–] I can't stop watching this. 3am_quiet 6 points ago in funny

    Unless you live in Flint

    [–] Thoughts on nightblood 3am_quiet 3 points ago in Cosmere

    That would be awesome

    [–] Thoughts on nightblood 3am_quiet 13 points ago in Cosmere

    I think that's the same as it was doing to Vasher when he was using the sword. You need to have investiture to use it otherwise it will start to eat your life force.