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    [–] “Yeah...., write that one down” 42ndtime 2 points ago in funny

    Most Mohammeds tap out at pork.

    [–] engineer. 42ndtime 1 points ago in funny

    MOV #0x01, W1

    [–] I see what u did there 42ndtime 8 points ago in HHGTTG

    I mean, isn't it 6 x 9?

    [–] Das Boot 42ndtime 2 points ago in gifs

    Should have gotten off, it was clearly a kick and ride not a hit and run.

    [–] Did they though?? 42ndtime 1 points ago in funny

    Such a cliché dumpster fire.

    Looks at Avatar

    Looks at MCU

    [–] Never fails 42ndtime 11 points ago in funny

    Jesus reposting, non-crediting Christ.

    [–] There’s something about this local theater brochure... 42ndtime 1 points ago in gaming

    This is gonna be more confusing and less satisfying than that one time they did Romeo and Juliet with guns but still called them swords.

    [–] To those who work in Theaters, what happens when a showing has no tickets sold. 42ndtime 54 points ago in movies

    Running interlocks, especially chain interlocks is a risky business. Even though in theory the projectors should be perfectly matched in terms of ft of film/sec they aren't. Slight differences accumulate over along showing which can lead to film dragging on the ground (bad) to stretching/snapping film (very very bad). You can put some spring loaded rollers in between to account for the variance in slack, but sometimes it can still go bad.

    [–] Sorry bud 42ndtime 1 points ago in funny

    Ok, this is the third time today I've seen small corner markings on reposted memes - are people now branding reposted memes with smaller shittier memes?

    If yes, fucking why?

    [–] Manslaughter Charge Dropped Against Alabama Woman Who Was Shot While Pregnant 42ndtime -1 points ago in news

    As an American, I'm sorry...

    This role reversal feels weird...

    But I'm still sorry we're being shitty neighbors right now.

    [–] Why does this photo exist? 42ndtime 5 points ago in funny

    The fact that you're asking makes me think we had very different childhoods.