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    [–] Trump Indicates He Won’t Accept CIA Conclusion On Khashoggi Murder 4ourkids 571 points ago in worldpolitics

    Why believe the CIA when you're getting the best intelligence from our true friends, the Russian and Saudi governments?! /s

    [–] How often do you observe hunger in your classrooms? How do you manage this to get through the school day? 4ourkids 2 points ago in Teachers

    Both and they might be related? That is, a child experiencing a growth spurt may need more calories than he or she typically recieves at home or school.

    [–] Outrage after girl's thong used as evidence of consent in Irish rape trial 4ourkids 1 points ago in worldnews

    Let's not trade sexism for racism. Women should feel free to wear whatever they choose to wear. It's their right.

    [–] Trump: ‘Opposition To Antifa’ Is ‘Potentially Much More Violent’ 4ourkids 20 points ago in politics

    This is code for rallying militias against minorities and political oponents. Classic fascist move which is a precursor to unimaginable violence.

    [–] Trumpism Is Racism, So Things Will Get Worse 4ourkids 13 points ago in politics

    Trumpism is disenfranchisement. Plutocrats have directed the resulting anger toward minorities (i.e., foment racism) so those in power can get away with obscene tax cuts and other regressive policies.

    [–] Exclusive poll: Most Democrats see Republicans as racist, sexist 4ourkids 1 points ago in politics

    For sake of argument, let's assume the majority of Republicans are racist. Then what? If we want to solve the conundrum we're in, we need to understand why they're racist. It's a combination of disenfranchisement and misdirected anger, which is being fomented by extremely wealthy individuals (e.g., Adlesons's) and companies (News Corp) because it's a means to an end (e.g., tax breaks for the ultra wealthy). In short, we need to engage the base of both parties with education and jobs so they have a future to look forward to.

    [–] Exclusive poll: Most Democrats see Republicans as racist, sexist 4ourkids -21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in politics

    The GOP base is disenfranchised. They don't see Democrats or the traditional GOP solving their problems so they turned to Trump to burn it all down. Trump is a symptom not the cause. If we are going to get through the next 10-20 years without a hard turn toward fascism, with an authoritarian government that pits whites against minorities, we need to make great strides to reduce inequality on both the right (white working class) and left (african american and latinos).

    Incidentally, this will also help us address climate change. If folks are concerned about food, shelter, and drug issues they aren't thinking about long term consequences. For instance, there was a high correlation between the counties that voted for Trump and opioid usage. If we want folks to think about climate change and other issues that are 10-20 years out, we need to first address their immediate needs (see Maslow's hierarchy).

    [–] Republicans must ask why people with racist values embrace the GOP 4ourkids 2 points ago in politics

    Yes. But there is also evidence supporting such an argument: e.g., "Rural, economically-depressed counties went strongly for Trump in the 2016 election. These are the same places where opioid use is prevalent. As a result, opioid use and support for Trump might not be directly related, but rather two symptoms of the same problem – a lack of economic opportunity."

    [–] Republicans must ask why people with racist values embrace the GOP 4ourkids 15 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in politics

    The white working class in America are feeling disenfranchised and left behind. Trump, Fox News, and others are using this to drive a wedge between whites and minorities. It's a classic divide and conquer strategy that has been used by the ruling class for 1000s of years. The white working class aren't racist. Many are deeply frustrated and scared for the future and this is being manipulated and taken advantage of.

    Edit: To whoever downvoted my comment, is the quality of the comment low or do you just disagree with me? If you disagree, would you share a counter view?

    [–] Noam Chomsky: The Future of Organized Human Life Is At Risk Thanks to GOP’s Climate Change Denial 4ourkids 39 points ago in politics

    It will be very difficult to address climate change before we address the staggering levels of inequality in the United States. After all, if someone is underemployed or unemployed and can't afford food and shelter, or they are addicted to drugs, they aren't thinking about long term consequences. It's survival day to day. We need to improve working conditions and reduce inequalities as soon as possible so we can engage everyone in long term thinking.

    [–] Republicans, yet again, do right by black Americans 4ourkids 4 points ago in politics

    Here's a top comment for this article on the Fox News website:

    As a conservative ... I totally embrace the words of MLK ... judge by the content of character, not the color of the skin. Libs are the exact opposite.


    [–] Whitaker ran conservative group funded by dark money 4ourkids 2 points ago in politics

    The incoming house can subpoena bank records. Stay tuned.

    [–] It’s Probably Too Late to Stop Mueller 4ourkids 2 points ago in politics

    This is an exceptionally written piece on the matter. Hat's off to the writer.