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    [–] Think I'm Ready to Do First Deal, Need Advice/Encouragement 4ourkids 3 points ago in realestateinvesting

    $6K isn't going to pay for much at all. Just a few examples, $6K will pay for just ONE of the following renovation costs: a bathroom remodel, especially master bath, a new central HVAC unit, a new roof, a set of new kitchen appliances and washer/dryer, etc. If your flip requires anything more than simple cosmetic work (paint and flooring), you'll need a lot more than $6K.

    [–] No response from sellers agent after an offer. 4ourkids 24 points ago in RealEstate

    I've found that any property sitting on the market for more than two months without a price reduction represents a red flag. The seller isn't serious about selling or has unreasonable expectations. If you try to buy a property from this type of seller, you'll just waste time and energy.

    [–] Analysis: Mueller paints a damning portrait of the president 4ourkids 6 points ago in politics

    Or perhaps Democrats realize that if we impeach Trump, we're left with Pence, who can do even more damage.

    [–] Collins receives more donations from Texas fossil fuel industry than from Maine residents 4ourkids 31 points ago in politics

    I don't understand how this is legal. Why should an out of state (or country) special interest be able to donate money in order to sway an election? Our democracy has been totally corrupted and needs fundamental reform.

    [–] What was your most serious ‘thank fuck I double checked’ moment? 4ourkids 7 points ago in AskReddit

    I once parked at an airport in an outside lot for a five day business trip. I jumped on the airport shuttle and arrived at the terminal and wondered if I had left my sunroof open. Rain was in the forecast for most of the week. By chance, my flight was delayed and so I hopped back on the shuttle back to my car. My sunroof was open. Thank god for the delayed flight!

    [–] Sony Aibo Review: This $2,900 robot dog made me contemplate what it means to be real 4ourkids 133 points ago in gadgets

    I remember when Tom's Guide was an in-depth authoritative source of technical news and reviews. Now it's just junk. I'm assuming the property was bought out and now the new owner is looking to monetize at any cost?

    [–] As Mueller ends, Michael Cohen giving 'new evidence' to NY feds 4ourkids 40 points ago in politics

    In this case, why aren't we hearing more about the grand jury process? Everyone is laser focused on the report.

    [–] As Mueller ends, Michael Cohen giving 'new evidence' to NY feds 4ourkids 61 points ago in politics

    So is it possible that the grand jury will indict additional individuals and organizations? If the grand jury is pushing forward, how important is a full public release of the Mueller report?

    [–] As Mueller ends, Michael Cohen giving 'new evidence' to NY feds 4ourkids 176 points ago in politics

    ELI5: How does a grand jury continue when the lead, Mueller, has completed and submitted his report? Who is now leading this grand jury process?

    [–] Water leaking from upstairs shower through first floor ceiling. Now what? 4ourkids 2 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Thank you! If there is dark staining and small amount of mold on the bottom of the plywood, could there be worse issues between the shower and top of plywood that we can't see? e.g., mold growth on top of plywood?

    Also, is this little rubber seal newr the door area the only item preventing a leak? Or was the shower possibly installed incorrectly?