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    [–] CA, PLS Let us fight Sea battles on an Island map. 5510 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in totalwar

    I 100% agree. This seems like a total no brainer.

    Yeah, I would love actual naval combat, but for fucks sake if we can't have that, I would rather fight a land battle "at sea" than just rely on auto resolve.

    This is one of those things where I wish I could ask the devs, just too see if they have some dumb reason they disagree, or if they would go "uh... shit... I guess we should have thought of that."

    That being said, I would absolutely buy a DLC that added actual navies / naval combat.

    [–] Special Discussion Thread: Senate holds open debate on immigration legislation 5510 3 points ago in politics

    The problem is people brought here as children, especially younger children, can not be held culpable for breaking the immigration laws.

    And while many of them should in theory have been deported initially, once we have allowed them to grow up here (for many of them this is the only country they know), it would be kindof fucked up to deport them, because they are de facto (if no de jure) Americans.

    This isn't a perfect analogy, but imagine if tomorrow you learned that your parents are secretly Romanian citizens who illegally immigrated here, and you weren't actually born here, you were brought here when you were 1 and your documents were then forged. Would you think it was remotely reasonable if people said that you weren't an American?

    [–] Suggestion: get a standard save system. 5510 4 points ago in kingdomcome

    Lots of games have the option for ironman mode where you can only save on exit. And even those games generally let you save almost whenever you want (though "on exit" means it's harder to save scum with them).

    And for games that don't have it, you can replicate the effect by just not saving really often / save scumming.

    I feel like you are being a little inconsistent, in terms of saying you are totally fine with having both options, but then also telling people to just go play other games more suited to them.

    [–] Suggestion: get a standard save system. 5510 0 points ago in kingdomcome

    I respect that you have no problem with adding another mode. There are some ridiculous idiots who are somehow against the idea of other people being given a different option (which they themselves don't have to take at all).

    That being said, part of the reason you are being downvoted may be describing needing to be able to save quickly if a real life issue comes up as "easy mode."

    [–] Suggestion: get a standard save system. 5510 2 points ago in kingdomcome

    Are you trying to argue that being unique automatically makes something good?

    [–] Nurse calls out sick with flu, then gets fired for violating hospital’s attendance policy 5510 1 points ago in nottheonion

    My friend left an IT company for a better job at a different company. He gave his boss two weeks notice. His boss was furious and told him not to bother coming in for the two weeks, and also didn't pay him for that time.

    He told a bunch of his friends from the old company how great his new job is (and what happened when he quit), so some of them got jobs with the new company. But instead of giving two weeks, they waited until right before their new job was going to start, and then quit on the spot without notice.

    Boss was then furious with them for not having the "decency" to give two weeks notice. He was somehow too dense to realize that when the original employee DID give two weeks notice, he ended up not getting paid for two weeks until his new job started... which means he is heavily incentivizing future people to not give notice.

    [–] Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on social media 5510 1 points ago in news

    It's a fact that people have CHOSEN to leave their religion.

    It's impossible to leave your race.

    [–] It's not wrong to think both Arena AND Klinsmann Failed the US 5510 1 points ago in ussoccer

    Second, JG would have had the team playing better towards the end or he would have benched those guys and brought in players who would have.

    I mean... it's theoretically possible. On the other hand, if he is so good, why did we have such a bad run of results besides just the 2 qualifiers?

    [–] Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on social media 5510 1 points ago in news

    I mean, the reality is that many people have changed their religious belief. There are lots of people who found religion late in life, and also many who were religious but became agnostic or atheist, or switched religions.

    But people don't choose to become black or white. OR choose to be gay or straight.

    [–] Openly gay teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on social media 5510 1 points ago in news

    That's crazy to me that religion is on that list. You don't choose your race or sex, but you do choose your religious beliefs.

    [–] It's not wrong to think both Arena AND Klinsmann Failed the US 5510 0 points ago in ussoccer

    Totally agree. Just because Bruce was a total failure doesn't change the fact that the Klinsmann era was a shitshow of failure.

    People are also acting like Klinsmann only got fired for losing the first two games of the hex, like there weren't major issues beforehand.

    [–] Husband Of World Champion Julie Ertz Wins Regional Sports Trophy 5510 2 points ago in ussoccer

    Good points. Also, people also get too focused on where a club team is located, which is dumb, considering they can pack up and move... or play games in random locations (like how we have had NFL games in London and Mexico).

    I mean what if we took the whole NHL on the road like a traveling circus to a new country every week? What would people's objection be then?

    While of course "NHL champions" will always be the most accurate phrase, the NHL / MLB / NBA champs are called World Champions not because the TEAMS represent the whole world, but because the best PLAYERS from all over the world play there. For example, it's common for teams besides the US or Canada to win the gold medal in olympic hockey, but they generally do so with teams made up almost entirely of NHL players.

    [–] Husband Of World Champion Julie Ertz Wins Regional Sports Trophy 5510 0 points ago in ussoccer

    When Real Madrid win the Champions League, they are only called the 'European Champions,' even though no other team could realistically beat them. They aren't called 'World Champions' until they win the Club World Cup.

    Well in the case of football, the odds of a non-European club beating Real Madrid are higher by at least one if not several orders of magnitude than any foreign team defeating the super bowl champions. Especially because the CFL uses significantly different rules to the point where it arguably doesn't count.

    The skill gap being larger being most of the reason, but another minor reason being the fact that IMO it's easier to pull a big upset in a soccer game than a football game.

    Of course "World Champions" for football is kindof stupid because nobody else really even plays it at all, just like we would make fun of some Irish team calling themselves the "world champions of Gaelic football" (unless it was tongue in cheek or something).

    But in a sport like hockey or basketball, they are the de facto world champions not because the TEAMS are from all over the world, but because the PLAYERS are the best from all over the world. Besides, we have played NFL games overseas, and club teams can pack up and move. Where a club team is located doesn't matter.

    What if we build a big indoor town / arena at the South Pole and played the whole NHL there? Would you suddenly be willing to call them world champions now? Or what if we took the NHL on the road like a traveling circus and played in a different country each week.

    Of course technically "NHL champions" will always be the most correct phrase, but to call the NHL or MLB or NBA champs "world champions" isn't that wrong.

    [–] It's not wrong to think both Arena AND Klinsmann Failed the US 5510 2 points ago in ussoccer

    It does when you also add in how poor our results leading up to the hex were.

    [–] It's not wrong to think both Arena AND Klinsmann Failed the US 5510 3 points ago in ussoccer

    He didn't get fired JUST for losing two tough games though.

    We had a lot of poor results leading up to the hex even starting.

    [–] <-- Number of people that wish Katie Couric and Mike torico would shut their big yappers 5510 2 points ago in olympics

    The best part was when the old dude came out to sing the old song, and they talked over the first 20 seconds introducing it and describing it, and then the NBC dude was like "you can hear in his voice the emotion and blah blah blah"

    No! I can't! I can't hear shit except for you talking!

    [–] High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims 5510 2 points ago in news

    The only remotely positive takeaway here is at least the article clearly calls it rape / sexual assault.

    I get really angry when I read an article where some kids anal rape another dude with a broom handle or something, and then the article just repeatedly talks about a "hazing incident" or some other term that doesn't remotely properly capture the horribleness of raping someone up the ass.

    [–] Hulu Lost $920 Million Last Year 5510 1 points ago in television

    Yeah that's what I mean in terms of accurate, whether it's true about netflix.

    [–] Research: All Those Soccer Moms Might Have Picked A Dangerous Sport 5510 1 points ago in ussoccer

    Well for one thing, while we don't know for sure, it's possible that there are negative effects from lots of frequently repeated subconcussive impacts.

    Additionally, people may not get concussions from intentionally heading the ball, but an awful lot of collisions come for the SITUATION of trying to head the ball. In my experience the significant majority of head to head or (other body part like elbow) to head collisions come from situations where one or both players are going up to head the ball.

    That's also separate from the point of wondering that if heading was HYPOTHETICALLY banned, what if any rule changes would be needed to compensate.

    [–] Hulu Lost $920 Million Last Year 5510 14 points ago in television

    I have no idea if what you are saying is factually accurate, but that is a good analogy to clarify things.

    [–] Di María: "Memes hurt us a lot, going to the psychologist helped me" 5510 2 points ago in soccer

    I think if you bite somebody, let alone MULTIPLE people, and you are a cunt in general, you deserve for it to stick with you and people to hate you for years.

    [–] Unicorns of Love vs. Team Vitality / EU LCS 2018 Spring - Week 3 / Post-Match Discussion 5510 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    I know this probably won't be as popular an opinion on the LoL subreddit, but I think I really prefer how Heroes of the Storm does their versions of Baron, where after it dies, it leaves a circle on the ground you play king of the hill over.

    I know smite steals cna be exciting, but they also feel gimmicky and too many of them involve too high a degree of luck considering how large their impact can be.

    And this is something I have thought for a while, not just "UoL lost a baron to a smite and now I am salty."

    [–] Research: All Those Soccer Moms Might Have Picked A Dangerous Sport 5510 1 points ago in ussoccer

    Right but the game for under 12 is different enough (and they aren't that great at delivery / heading anyways) that you don't need other changes.

    I'm just curious as to whether with the competitive adult game, you could remove heading (hypothetically if necessary) and make no other changes, or whether you would need to make other changes to compensate.

    [–] Research: All Those Soccer Moms Might Have Picked A Dangerous Sport 5510 2 points ago in ussoccer

    I wonder if (hypothetically) heading ended up having to be banned, would you have to make other rule change, and if so what? For example, would packing it on on defense become too effective without the offense being able to head the ball.

    [–] Poetic 5510 -1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I didn't say anybody is passing a rule, I'm making a vauge hypothetical comparison to try and illustrate the fact that seperating people based on whether their local ancestry goes back 100s or 1000s of years is crazy.

    Furthermore, I'm not necessarily defending the position of the dude from the original twitter thing. I just disagree strongly with the idea that if your ancestors (even though we are often talking about further back than great grandparents) were immigrants, it's hypocritical for you to be against immigration.

    Like I said in a different post, I'm pretty liberal on immigration policies, but I still strongly assert that we have the right to decide those policies, regardless of some sins of the father bullshit involving our ancestors.