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    [–] Hillary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis 5510 1 points ago in politics

    You realize the electoral college rule is super well known and goes back a super long time right? I don't like it (though I don't talk about abolishing it because I think we should overhaul our electoral system to the point that we totally get rid of FPTP anyways), but we all knew it's how the election would be decided. You can't talk about how the system was dumb all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that unless some sort of reform happens, the Democratic goal in the presidential election is to WIN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! This is especially true because it's not like Trump won the EC while losing the popular vote by some sort of crazy black swan technically mathematically possible but nobody ever thought remotely plausible margin.

    Also, the election would have played out differently if popular vote was going to be used. Candidates would campaign differently, and voter turnout would be affected, in some states significantly so. I'm not saying she wouldn't have won under those conditions, it easily could have been the same or even her winning by more, but it would have affected the campaign / voting.

    She won the primary, yes, but part of the problem with primaries is they don't always produce the best candidate for the general. Additionally, it was pretty clear the DNC decided she would be the candidate before the primary even started. I'm not aware of any significant actual cheating, but the party establishment clearly threw its weight behind her all along. Not to mention nonsense like CNN showing pledged super delegates in her delegate total from the start, which is insane considering the super delegates were still months away from voting. if Sanders hadn't unexpectedly gotten as much traction as he did, the Democrats would barely have even had a primary. And it's not just a matter of Sanders vs Clinton, it's quite possible the better candidate(s) didn't run. Whether for personal reasons, or because it was clear that Clinton was the chosen one. But I refuse to believe that there were NO democratic candidates who could have beaten Trump.

    That makes all the sense in the world.

    Yes... it does make all the sense in the world. It makes all the sense in the world that somebody who failed in their objective (win the election which is decided by the electoral college) despite being against a weak candidate with poor approval numbers wasn't the "right candidate." I'm practically right by definition.

    [–] Hillary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis 5510 1 points ago in politics

    That's a terrible idea, instead democrats should just lose to a terrible republican candidate and then bitch about the electorate.

    [–] Hillary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis 5510 1 points ago in politics

    Por que no los dos?

    I think that's a fantastic goal, but there is no way it was going to happen between the nomination and the election.

    [–] Hillary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis 5510 -1 points ago in politics

    How the fuck are you possibly being downvoted for this.

    We had the two lowest approval rating candidates in modern history. How the fuck can somebody be the "Right candidate" if they can't even beat Donald Trump?

    [–] Hillary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis 5510 -1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in politics

    Woulnd't part of the qualifications for the "right candidate" include being able to beat donald fucking trump?

    Unless we are saying that NO democrats could have beaten Trump, in which case the Democrats should just quit and give up, and America is fucked. Personally, I think they can do better.

    [–] Flake says he is 'not comfortable voting yes' on Kavanaugh 5510 1 points ago in politics

    There have literally been cases where accusations have proven to be false. Not just "there wasn't enough evidence so we couldn't convict," but "the allegations are proven to be wrong or impossible." You can argue that it doesn't happen as often as some people think, but to say it's a fantasy is just being ridiculous.

    Of course, in this case we would be talking about something different than the "normal" false accusation between some random man and some random woman. We are talking about a highly politically charged nominee to an incredibly important position. Given the incredibly polarized political times we live in, and that there are more than 300 million people in America, you don't think there are any liberal women who would be willing to make a false accusation if they thought it might de-rail a supreme court nominee they detest? Or if the roles were reversed, I'm sure there are conservative women who would be willing to do the same thing.

    That's why the therapist note is so important. It still doesn't prove he did it, and people should be innocent until proven guilty (although of course the burden of proof is higher for a criminal trial than just "not being nominated to the supreme court), but it does prove this isn't some fabricated politically motivated shenanigans, since it significant predates his nomination to the court.

    [–] Doug Jones: 'Hit the pause button' on Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation vote 5510 1 points ago in politics

    The importance of the therapy notes means it's less likely somebody just completely made up some bullshit out of thin air just to derail the nomination.

    That doesn't mean he did it, but it makes the allegations more credible than before the therapy notes when it could have been some liberal just desperate to derail the Supreme Court nomination.

    [–] Flake says he is 'not comfortable voting yes' on Kavanaugh 5510 9 points ago in politics

    I mean, anybody can be ACCUSED of something. You don't have to be guilty of something to be accused of it.

    [–] 'Totally Disqualifying': Demands for Kavanaugh to Withdraw After Letter Details Alleged Sexual Assault 5510 14 points ago in politics

    We should take this seriously and investigate, but it's ridiculous to demand he drop out at this point. For one thing, because people are innocent until proven guilty (of course this isn't a court of law and a criminal conviction requires a much higher burden of proof than expecting a nomination to be withdrawn, but the same principle should apply to some degree).

    But also because he is famous and politically charged. Any political figure this high profile, you could almost certainly find at least one person willing to make a false allegation that would be difficult to clearly disprove. If that's all it takes to derail somebody, our entire political system could come grinding to a halt as people are accused of sexual misconduct left and right.

    Of course I am NOT saying that we should start with the assumption that every accuser of a famous political person is lying. Many of these people wield a great deal of power and therefore if anything should be watched even more closely for sexual misconduct, as they are likely more able to pressure somebody into things or to stay silent. So we should still take allegations seriously... we just shouldn't immediately jump to conclusions.

    [–] US states with constitutions prohibiting atheists from running for office 5510 17 points ago in coolguides

    Lol just because there isn't perfect separation of church and state doesn't mean "there is NO separation."

    If people like Pence get their way, one day you will look back and go "I miss the days when there was mostly separation between church and state even if it wasn't always 100% perfect."

    [–] Dallas police accused of smearing man killed by cop in his own apartment 5510 5 points ago in news

    Bin Laden was arguably an enemy combatant. Furthermore he was neither American nor in the US, so the normal American legal rights that should have been protecting this man do not apply. And while he wasn't convinced in an official trial, he did claim responsibility for thousands of civilian deaths. And it was never going to be possible to bring him to justice by any completely judicial means.

    [–] At the 23:30 mark of yesterday's judicial committee meeting, the GOP ignored and subsequently broke committee rules in order to set the date of Kavanaugh's confirmation without debate. 5510 171 points ago in politics

    How the fuck was Obama having an entire YEAR left (IIRC?) in his term too close to the election to even have a hearing for Garland (because "the American people should get a say"), but they are going to try and vote on this like a month and a half before a senate election?

    [–] CMV: I don't believe we should devote a full day to 9/11 5510 1 points ago in changemyview

    More so the second one.

    Also, even though this is counter-intuitive and logically something happening more often should be a BIGGER deal, unfortunately the human brain normalizes things the more often they happen.

    Also, I think when people e don't see any kind of good solution to a situation, they tend to just see it as out of their control and therefore just accept it as part of life and try and endure it.

    [–] CMV: I don't believe we should devote a full day to 9/11 5510 1 points ago in changemyview

    Well to begin with probably because there isn't a simple / easy solution.

    [–] CMV: I don't believe we should devote a full day to 9/11 5510 1 points ago in changemyview

    Rightly or wrongly, people remember sensational events way more. It's the same reason you are making such a big deal about school shootings or whatever even though they aren't much more than a rounding error of the number of deaths from traffic accidents. In a country of more than 300 million people, school shootings make up a tiny tiny fraction of the loss of life and human suffering. But they are sensational.

    9/11 was super sensational if nothing else.

    [–] TIL that cheating is so acceptable in China that the people will riot if not allowed to do so. Over 2000 people barricaded school staff while chanting "There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat" after students were confiscated of their cheats. 5510 55 points ago in todayilearned

    I knew a Saudi Arabian guy in one of my classes. He offered (as part of being a nice guy as he understood it, not like selling or something) me access to the Arab Cheating Network. I didn't take advantage of it, but that shit was crazy. They literally had TAs "on the inside" who were helping facilitate the cheating.

    [–] Only 5 senators were in the room to hear Parkland shooting survivor's testimony on Kavanaugh 5510 2 points ago in politics

    Now if you were drawing up mass shooting response plans, then their rare experience would probably be worth listening to, because it may give them the ability to provide insight that most people (even if they read some books and studies) might not be able to provide. But the subject of preventing violence / mass violence, I don't see what they bring to the table in any significant way.

    [–] Only 5 senators were in the room to hear Parkland shooting survivor's testimony on Kavanaugh 5510 1 points ago in politics

    Jesus Christ I'm not trying to justify anything vile.

    I'm sorry a tragedy happened to her and her school, but that doesn't make it "vile" to question what she brings to the table from an actual logical policy making point of view.

    [–] Nord vs express vpn (comparison of the best) for Netflix. 5510 1 points ago in NetflixViaVPN

    I've been pretty happy with Nord, other than recently French Netflix (accessing from US) is redirecting me to US Netflix.

    [–] more then just english 5510 2 points ago in NetflixViaVPN

    Mostly English. Sometimes English and Spanish. Rarely French.

    Unless the content is originally foreign (like a german movie or a french TV show). There is not very much foreign content, but there is some.

    The other exception is anything labeled as a "netflix original" usually comes in many languages.

    [–] Only 5 senators were in the room to hear Parkland shooting survivor's testimony on Kavanaugh 5510 5 points ago in politics

    I feel like you missed the point of my question.

    I'm aware of what you just said. My question is what, aside from emotional impact, do the parkland students bring to the table? I'm not trying to be insensitive, but I don't see how being present at a mass shooting and possibly having friends injured or killed suddenly makes one a policy expert or gives one special insight as to how to resolve a very complicated problem.

    [–] Only 5 senators were in the room to hear Parkland shooting survivor's testimony on Kavanaugh 5510 19 points ago in politics

    Or even if gun control issues weren't in the constitution and were just a matter of policy, what special knowledge, besides emotional impact, do they possess that would merit someone whose time is as valuable as a Senator going and listening to a high schooler talk?

    [–] Only 5 senators were in the room to hear Parkland shooting survivor's testimony on Kavanaugh 5510 131 points ago in politics

    Yeah, that's my question as well. I don't mean this as being pro or anti gun, just commenting on my confusion as what the students have to offer.

    I don't understand what these students bring to the table besides emotional impact value. Other than "mass shootings are in fact, really bad" (and no offense, but I don't think you have to go through one to know that), what insight or information or argument do they have that is especially useful? Wouldn't that time be better spent listening to testimony of some sort of policy expert or person who has done a lot of research in this field?

    I mean I've never been in a major car accident, but I still grasp the scope of the (largely ignored) tragedy of the large number of traffic deaths and serious injuries we have every year. And I can still read and learn about all kinds of facts and studies and things about what we can do to address that problem. What I wouldn't spend my time doing if i was somebody whose time is as valuable as a US Senator is go listen to some high schooler who people think has some magical insight into a super complex problem just because they were in a car accident where some of their friends were killed.