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    [–] 30 injured when floor collapses during college party 62mexicans 24 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Camp Randall. Rumor has it that it can be detected on a seismograph

    [–] Free stuff on campus 62mexicans 4 points ago in UWMadison

    Career fairs

    [–] Playing Goalie? 62mexicans 1 points ago in lacrosse

    Don’t overlook stick skills as well. Clears are one of the most important parts of the game so being a midfielder will help in that sense.

    [–] In complete awe 62mexicans 2 points ago in AbsoluteUnits

    You could probably out walk him if he comes after you

    [–] 2meirl4meirl 62mexicans 18 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Great way to wash down your tide pod.

    [–] Maybe Maybe Maybe 62mexicans 12 points ago in maybemaybemaybe

    I'm surprised Butterbean didn't throw a haymaker right off the bat.

    [–] "We'll catch so many fish!" 62mexicans 5 points ago in yesyesyesno

    A nice day in the park playing Pokemon Go before someone yells, "ARTICUNO"

    [–] What was the most stupid thing you did as a child? 62mexicans 2 points ago in AskReddit

    In kindergarten, stole my friends BUM shoes because I thought they were cool and hid them in a drawer for later. Searching all over for about an hour they were found so I blamed it on the cat.

    [–] If you could learn any language right now in an instant. Which language would you choose, and why? 62mexicans 4 points ago in AskReddit

    ASL because I think some people who don't have a conventional voice may have some cool personalities. Oh, and so I can sign with friends to be stealth.

    [–] me irl 62mexicans 7 points ago in me_irl

    But the only battle you fight is in court

    [–] Semi-truck rollover blocking all lanes of 94W 62mexicans 1 points ago in milwaukee

    Correction: It happened on I-41 northbound

    [–] Rabbit escapes death from the jaws of a cat 62mexicans 2 points ago in yesyesyesyesno

    Maybe the cat was trying to save Mr. Rabbit

    [–] 'Raising Men Lawn Care' is a group of young men in Alabama who mow the lawns of the elderly and handicapped people, free of charge. 62mexicans 1 points ago in pics

    I actually got the chance to mow with Rodney last Thursday as we did over 100 lawns in one day! My work is one of his sponsors and helps him out along his journey so every year we join him mowing lawns during a volunteer day. I met him and got to hear him speak a little and he really is a stand up guy. It was a pleasure joining him and I’m so happy to see this here.

    [–] The Mysterious KK Craig 62mexicans 1 points ago in UWMadison

    Once told me his name was Craig Silberberg and that he’s a freelance journalist.