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    [–] Why does the screen fail to load sometimes? Does this happen to anyone else? 6Tigers 1 points ago in BoltEV

    Has happened to me around 10 times since buying new 2 years ago. I mentioned it once when I had it in at Chevy shop and they made me feel like I was a crazy lady who just didn’t know how to work crap. Sometimes my camera view stays on the screen for a good 5 miles before it eventually goes to the Bolt loading screen and then radio eventually comes on.

    [–] Last dinner before puttin my Bubba Bear down for the big nap tonight. Steak dinner can't be beat! 6Tigers 1 points ago in pics

    I’m so sorry it’s Buddy’s time. He really looks like the best loyal dog. I will be thinking of you, I know firsthand how hard the first few weeks are. You were so lucky to have Buddy and he was so lucky to have you!!

    [–] Do not lie to your doctor or nurse! 6Tigers 2 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Nurse for over 20 years. Unfortunately not all nurses/doctors are like you. I, as a patient, have had a doctor say a super judgemental/preachy remark to me. In a perfect world I agree with you, but there are some really fucking shitty healthcare providers that exist.

    [–] We really were wildin 6Tigers 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    If you ever watch league bowlers they will only eat with non dominant hand. Not that that eliminates all germs....but maybe it helps a teeny tiny bit.

    [–] Thought the can felt a little light as I was preparing dinner tonight... 6Tigers 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I wish my manual can opener was that efficient!!! I start with the “good one” then once it screws up I move to the backup and finish with fork method.

    [–] Saw this near the Rivian headquarters in SoCal. Anyone know what’s going on? 6Tigers 3 points ago in electricvehicles

    Yep. My good friend has been on construction crew for what seems like forever at the Illinois site and he’s for sure Union.

    [–] I feel the need to share my story/sadness/defeat 6Tigers 2 points ago in naranon

    Naranon AND a therapist!!! I think a therapist will help you a lot with sorting through resentment. I think most of us with addicted family members have resentment issues. I am sorry your sister is still struggling with addiction. Have you discussed this with your parents now that they are aware?

    [–] TIFU by taking Ambien for a good night’s rest and getting forcibly escorted to the ER. 6Tigers 1 points ago in tifu

    I was on a girls trip cruise to Mexico. I get seasick and know this. I had the patch but it was not cutting it. God it was horrible. I leave my group at the dining hall and go back to my room and tried to watch tv. The people on tv were swaying. So I said fuck it-I’ll just take my ambien and call it a night. Well I doze off and the rest of the girls come back to the room to talk me into going to the piano bar. I sure as fuck went. I remember bits and pieces but had a huge tab-I was buying everyone drinks. HUGE tab. The upside is I don’t remember feeling seasick. So next cruise I will just stay in an ambien stupor.

    [–] Nancy Grace & Family Test Positive For COVID-19: ‘We Thought We Had Done Everything Right’ 6Tigers 2 points ago in news

    If only there was a show with a host that could mock and berate her for obviously not doing everything right. She deserves to be bullied as she has done to so many people. She’s not a nice person at all.

    [–] What scares you as an adult that didn't bother you as a kid? 6Tigers 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My cholesterol and BP. Never once thought about them as a kid. Now I’m on meds for both and worry about impending stroke/aneurysm.

    [–] Just found out my power is off till the 10th... 6Tigers 1 points ago in sandiego

    We are up in Bonsall and somehow this time we weren’t included. We had ours shut off for 3 days back with last Santa Ana’s and on day 3 we went and bought a generator at Harbor Freights. Nothing fancy but enough to power fridge. Hope yours comes on sooner. We’re the winds significant there? Nothing at all here today.

    [–] USAA its not been a pleasure! 6Tigers 3 points ago in USAA

    Same. I read these posts and freaking start looking around and nothing comes close! Then I get bombarded for the next few months with spam from all the places I asked for quotes. Don’t get me wrong...I feel like a pay a shit ton on car insurance. It’s insane. But I can never find cheaper than usaa.

    [–] Newlywed in Crisis 6Tigers 2 points ago in naranon

    Why can’t he go stay with his parents if they live right there in same town?

    If he ever does get out of control or in super rage do not hesitate to call the police.

    Are you off all his credit cards now? So any further debt is just in his name? Honestly, you may want to consider doing a free consultation with a divorce attorney JUST to get an idea of what you need to be doing to protect yourself both financially and legally. It doesn’t mean filing for divorce, just getting questions answered, especially since your marriage is under a year.

    Please find you a therapist for yourself. My therapist helped me so much. Those of us that have dealt with addicts tend to begin suffering from anxiety nonstop. Our brains tend to put everything in a “worst-case scenario” because that’s what we lived. Always waiting for the next shit to hit the fan. Always scared of what we’d find opening a drawer or glove compartment. The anxiety..then anger and resentment will eat you up. Therapy will help you work through a lot of this.

    This sucks-no way around it. We are all here anytime you need to talk or vent.

    [–] Newlywed in Crisis 6Tigers 2 points ago in naranon

    Is it an option to ask him to move out? The times I knew my husband was using (cuz there were a crap ton of times I didn’t) I’d tell him to leave. He always agreed and was actually easy about it-I’m sure cuz he knew he could use and gamble without me knowing (mine gambled too).

    I think the 6000 you just gave him should be your last. No more!! It’s hard to break the enabling behavior but it’s not helping either of you. You are working hard for that money.

    Also- are you safe? When he gets aggressive and crazy are you safe? If you have any hesitation answering this then either he leaves or you do.

    You’ve worked hard for your deserve to reap the benefits of that, not keep bailing out your husband who is presently bringing nothing but pain, chaos, and lies to your marriage.

    [–] Newlywed in Crisis 6Tigers 1 points ago in naranon

    I am so so sorry you are having to go through this. Please know my input may not be what you want to do-every person’s path with an addicted spouse is different. He obviously needs help but unfortunately you can’t force that on him. He’s not going to go to rehab unless/until he’s ready and accepts he has a problem. First, can you separate your income? Do you have your own account? So that you can protect your savings/money. Second, I’m not sure if you are working or not but if it’s possible to go to your parents for awhile, DO IT. I think just getting away from the situation will help you know what you want. You deserve peace and calm right now, not constantly scared of what you are going to walk into when you come home. If at all possible, pack up and spend from now through holidays at your parents. Focus on you. You can’t do jack for him-you can’t. He has to want help. Is going home an option or do you have to stay put for work?

    [–] Fucked in the game 6Tigers 1 points ago in OpiatesRecovery

    Have you considered Vivitrol injections? Absolutely a game changer for my husband. He was on it over 2 years. After an almost 20 year opiate abuse/inpatient rehab.

    [–] Im about to flex on an entire generation 6Tigers 1 points ago in gaming

    My 11 year old and I have been playing Super Mario 3 on my NES- trying to go all the way with no whistles. It’s funny how difficult it is for him and there are only 2 buttons on the remote!! Ha! I’m bummed the duck gun doesn’t work on modern tv’s.

    [–] As thousands of athletes get coronavirus tests, nurses wonder: What about us? 6Tigers 1 points ago in Coronavirus

    They aren’t testing us because they don’t want to know. Healthcare workers are 100% working WITH Covid. “Don’t come in ONLY if you physically can’t stand.”

    [–] TIFU by causing my wife to publicly vomit on herself and an unsuspecting waiter, due to my ignorance of healthy restaurants 6Tigers 1 points ago in tifu

    Be prepared to be patient with any anxiety she may have out in public in the near future or during her times when gag problem is acting up. Poor thing. I’ve had something similar happen and then I’d get super nervous and anxious when out that it was gonna happen again.

    [–] I would like to say a major f*ck you to my parents after this is over 6Tigers 2 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    Random mom of 4 boys who has done the FAFSA crap too many times. Anyway- I’m here if you need help. I’d be more than happy to edit essays or give input. Sorry your parents haven’t been supportive...but super proud of everything you’ve gotten done on your own:)

    [–] Hybrid program and no guidelines 6Tigers 3 points ago in Homeschooling

    Not sure what grade but may I suggest Studies Weekly for both Science and SS. I have used for years and my kids enjoy. I seriously wish they carried for high schoolers:) Go to their website and google samples. It’s simple and very affordable.