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    [–] Thicc Dad. In Need of Cuddles. 77maf 1 points ago in Roast_Me

    You have a very unmemorable and forgettable face

    [–] Kendra Eats 77maf -4 points ago in NSFW_GIF


    [–] The struggle is real.... no really.... help 77maf 2 points ago in keto

    It’s just how the brain is programmed, either push through with some discipline and get back on it, or don’t. But if you keep eating crap you just need to realize in that moment you are creating a version of yourself you don’t like.

    [–] Sugar cravings on week 6 of keto 77maf 1 points ago in keto

    If you’ve cheated at all or maybe just are starting to deplete your body’s glycogen stores entirely to the point of entering fat adaptation, you could be on the homestretch for deep ketosis. Keep on fighting through it and supplement electrolytes, cravings will eventually dissipate. You got this!

    [–] (Rant) I am so over water and hydration. 77maf 1 points ago in keto

    Monster zero ultra (white can) has been awesome for me, tastes amazing and carbonated

    [–] High self esteem. Fix that. 77maf 3 points ago in Roast_Me

    Looks like the kid who would be the focus of a highschool “don’t drink and drive campaign” after he crashed his car and caused his girlfriends death

    [–] Don't just erase bad memories. Wipe your entire hard drive. 77maf 2 points ago in funny

    This just means it’s poor quality tequila, does it not?

    [–] Faux for caster next DMMT. 77maf 5 points ago in 2007scape

    Fucking bow tie gerbil lookin ass

    [–] Saradomin have mercy on my soul 77maf 7 points ago in 2007scape

    The lgbt event the community actually wants

    [–] The moment Famous Dex realizes that all his fans are white 77maf 102 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Why is this post shitting on white people? That expression could have been interpreted as “holy shit look at all my fans screaming and who love what art I’m creating”. But you chose to make it into some hateful racist manner

    [–] "Fuck me while I cook" outfit 77maf 7 points ago in nsfw

    Forget fucking we orderin some dominos pizza

    [–] Amazing view 77maf 14 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    I believe she goes by the alias your mother

    [–] ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? 77maf 10 points ago in trashpandas

    Some very interesting developmental psychology occurring in this gif, really. A lot of the time children will look to their parents after falling for instance and they will react in a manner similar to their parents expression. For instance, if a child falls and they see their parent with a worried look they are far more likely to cry - and vice versa if the parent giggles or plays it off the child will too.

    [–] Right in the nostalgia 77maf 9 points ago in wholesomememes

    This comment makes me want to kill myself and I don’t even work in a cubicle