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    [–] Why is it bad to make your own framework today. [See body for discussion] 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 1 points ago in PHP

    I was more than a little drunk last night. I didn't realize the article was talking about Laravel (reading the OP, who does that?).

    Laravel is fine. "Rolling your own from scratch" isn't.

    [–] Climate activists chain themselves up outside Jeremy Corbyn's house | Environment 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 1 points ago in badunitedkingdom

    Shower. Please.

    Soap and water. Every day. Get into the folds.

    Stretch goal is to look into brushing your teeth.

    [–] ‘This City Was Built By Immigrants’: Mayor Peduto Says Migrants Would Be Welcomed to Pittsburgh 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 5 points ago * (lasted edited 41 minutes ago) in pittsburgh

    Shut the fuck up chud.

    edit: So I was kinda drunk last night and shit posting. That said, throwing the 'virtue signaling' line is pretty scuffed. Not being happy unless Peduto personally takes every single refugee into his home is just disingenuous.

    There are a thousand ways he could NIMBY his way around accepting refugees. He's choosing not to do that (or at least not indicating he's going to do that now). I'm giving him credit for that.

    [–] Why is it bad to make your own framework today. [See body for discussion] 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 3 points ago in PHP

    That's great. If you know what you're doing go nuts.

    90% of ding dongs can't do that. They should use the #defaultoption.

    [–] Running Shirtless Etiquette 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 26 points ago in running

    Urban areas are fine as long as you wear bluetooth headphones. No one who is yelling at random people on the street matters in any way. You could run them over with a snowplow and nothing would change.

    [–] Running Shirtless Etiquette 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 7 points ago in running

    They're probably a fat piece of shit who can barely get off the couch, let alone do 2 miles and some cardio.

    Pay them no mind.

    edit: The greatest inventions of the 21st century are the bluetooth headphones and shorts with a center back pocket for your phone (look at bayleaf on amazon for the shorts the $30 headphones from Target).

    [–] Why is it bad to make your own framework today. [See body for discussion] 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 0 points ago in PHP

    Because you are smart enough to make a framework and not smart enough to make a framework that isn't going to get popped by the first chucklefuck with wfuzz.

    Use best in class. Don't reinvent the wheel. Your wheel will absolutely have security exploits, ESPECIALLY in PHP.

    [–] We're migrating our on-prem datacenter to cloud. Anything you wish you knew beforehand? 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 1 points ago in aws

    It's also extremely expensive to move your entire environment and then have a problem you don't have the in house knowledge to fix.

    [–] Buying peace of mind 7c4f2bc63adadcda8ec7 115 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    It's going to be awkward when it turns out he's injected steganographic malware into that turtle image.