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    [–] Community issues between devs and players 7heJoker 1 points ago in survivetheculling

    What they’re doing right now is a healthy version between listening to everyone and doing whatever the fuck they want. They come out saying “hey, we’ve seen your feedback, this is what we are going to change, now give us feedback” but they still make the changes they planned (at least so far). Instead of it being like “ok guys here’s a survey tell us what you all think” and then coming up with a change based on the survey results. Maybe we should all just take a step back and let them do their thing. The community whining and complaining and demanding major changes is part of what killed the game the last time around.

    [–] N. America Servers 7heJoker 1 points ago in survivetheculling

    If you select “Automatic” that’ll put you back on N. America

    [–] N. America Servers 7heJoker 1 points ago in survivetheculling

    Yep you have to make sure you all are on the same region in order to see them online.

    You can change your region in the general settings tab

    [–] Where can I start a petition to smoke bombs removed from the game? 7heJoker 2 points ago in survivetheculling

    Tweet them here and tell them about it in any new dev blog surveys that they post here

    You can also create a post about it here on Reddit and/or add to the megathread but I’d suggest having reasoning and explanation behind wanting no smoke bombs otherwise it’ll be considered low effort.

    [–] Community issues between devs and players 7heJoker 5 points ago in survivetheculling

    Let me preface this by saying this is my own personal opinion and not that of the subreddit or its mods.

    Surveys accomplish this, and the devs read Reddit, twitter, etc. I’m pretty sure they know what the community wants. Limiting it to people who are high on the leaderboards would not be a good idea and would be extremely biased. Someone could no life the game and be the highest on the boards but their ideas could be totally wrong for the game. I personally think that the surveys are working for now and they definitely see all the feedback on the site. Communication is so much better than last time around. Tbh, they’re game devs, they arent obligated to involve the community at all but they went as far to bring this game back because the community wanted it. I think they’re going above and beyond.

    Also, another thing that’s been bugging me is some people think (not you, just in general) that they know exactly what’s best and get upset that the devs aren’t doing what they want. I’m sure everyone has great ideas but remember what happened last time around? Everyone complained about combat every patch, until they did exactly what everyone was complaining about and overhauled combat and the game died. Combat should be complicated. It doesn’t HAVE to be exactly Rock Paper Scissors. I’m personally liking the slow approach that Xaviant is taking with changes. I also am really enjoying combat. It takes a lot of thinking and strategy. Honestly, I personally do not think that combat needs any major overhauls or work except a few things. What the focus probably should be is advertising and bug fixes.

    Bottom line: Leave the game development to the pros who do this for a living and let them follow their process. They’ll figure it out we just need to give the feedback they ask for.

    [–] Anyone want to play duo on pc? 7heJoker 2 points ago in survivetheculling

    If you want to join this subreddits discord, we have “looking for group” channels. You might have more luck there :)

    [–] Que times 7heJoker 1 points ago in survivetheculling

    What region?

    [–] Levels of players should not be shown ingame. 7heJoker 4 points ago in survivetheculling

    Honestly this is just a small portion of a bigger problem. Instead of little tweaks like this, we need proper matchmaking so high level players aren’t getting matched against new players. In order for matchmaking to be effective we need a high amount of players. In order for that to happen, advertising needs to happen.

    [–] Levels of players should not be shown ingame. 7heJoker 2 points ago in survivetheculling

    Idk, if I got killed by someone or absolutely destroyed I might feel better if I saw it was from an insanely high level player. Like “oh, now I know why I got destroyed”.

    [–] Does anyone know where I can find the airdrop music? 7heJoker 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in survivetheculling

    Here you go :)

    Here's Britt LaReau's (CHAS) full SoundCloud profile which has pretty much every match event soundtrack among others.

    [–] Help the new players out. 7heJoker 6 points ago in survivetheculling

    That’s not just any actor, that’s Chas! But in all seriousness this is a good idea, I hope they eventually do something like this

    [–] Server population 7heJoker 5 points ago in survivetheculling

    I usually just set my region to automatic. I’d honestly recommend playing the region that you’re closest to, you’ll still find games :)