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    [–] Is BShar's ''The Culling 2'' reveal stream a joke? 7heJoker 2 points ago in TheCulling2

    I am hoping this is the case. I’m just waiting for an official trailer. No sense in trying to make sense of all the BS.

    [–] Moderator Applications - Update 7heJoker 3 points ago in TheCulling2

    Since we got over 15 applications from a lot of great people we will revisit those applications first and reach out to see if anyone is still interested. If not, we will open another survey. Just right now it doesn’t make sense to have too many mods but if this subreddit grows like we are hoping, we will definitely need more help.

    [–] We are back an open Subreddit!! 7heJoker 6 points ago in survivetheculling

    I’m not singling out any mods in particular. I just believe overall things went downhill fast and I’m sure that’s not entirely the mods fault. It was a culmination of things and xavient is a big part of the blame. I just hope this time around they handle marketing correctly, they keep to themselves and don’t listen to every community member that whines about each patch, they take their time with patching, the mods here or any other subreddit don’t feed into toxicity and keep a tight rein on posts, etc. Theres a lot to improve on this time around and I hope everyone has learned from their mistakes. I’m excited for this new game and so happy the community is coming together again!

    [–] THE CULLING 2 CONFIRMED! 7heJoker 3 points ago in TheCulling2

    We definitely will be updating this sub as things progress. So hyped!!

    [–] We are back an open Subreddit!! 7heJoker 3 points ago in survivetheculling

    Everything in this sub was handled poorly and the toxicity here towards every patch and the devs had a part in why the Culling died.

    [–] We are back an open Subreddit!! 7heJoker 2 points ago in survivetheculling

    Hopefully this doesn’t turn back into a toxic sub with community members who whine after every patch. Fingers crossed!

    [–] “Ate the bee” 7heJoker 31 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    Yes the post is very real from someone on my Facebook friends list. They deleted the post after I pointed out that Babylon bee is satire

    [–] Swallowed “the Bee” whole 7heJoker 14 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Babylon bee is like The Onion for Christians. It’s all satire. Daily Wire shared the post and I don’t think they knew it was satire and a bunch of people believed it. I believe Daily Wire’s post has been taken down from Facebook.

    [–] Swallowed “the Bee” whole 7heJoker 8 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Yep. I think they fell for it too...

    [–] Not The Onion, but does eating the bee count? 7heJoker 24 points ago in AteTheOnion

    It’s amazing how many people got all up in arms on that Daily Wire post