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    [–] Do work from home entry-level software development jobs exist? 7heJoker 6 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Ok that makes sense. Since I’m ok with my job now do you know if there are like any programs or groups that take in newbies/entry level programmers and mentor them/let them shadow their job on the side remotely? Kind of a reach but I think that’d be something cool to do on the side so I could get “on the job” experience without having to quit my current job. Idk if that makes sense. Just a random thought :)

    [–] Managers of Reddit, what is the most unprofessional thing an employee has done that resulted in an immediate termination? 7heJoker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Back when I was working at McDonalds a coworker of mine made himself a huge “meal”. Almost the entire menu it seemed like. Then attempted to walk out the door with it all. Fired on the spot

    [–] New Fridge has a Mind of its Own 7heJoker 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I don’t own this fridge like everyone else on Reddit seems to, but I’m about to buy a fridge. Anyone have the model number of this fridge so I don’t make a mistake and buy it unwittingly?