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    [–] Mexico border wall: US states sue over emergency declaration 8675309999999999 0 points ago in news

    he wants drama

    wants a 2020 reelection campaign theme: "unfinished business"

    [–] Wow FFXI is #14 on Twitch. I wonder if people will like it? 8675309999999999 9 points ago in ffxi

    kinda funny FFXI being propelled to higher-than-normal status on twitch due - in part - to a private server.

    [–] Brothers say Jussie Smollett paid them to participate in alleged attack, source says 8675309999999999 6 points ago in KotakuInAction

    go to the main thread on /news right now, then bring it up on

    18% of the comments removed by mods.

    amazing dumpster-fire to keep warm with on this cold winter's night

    [–] One of the many disputes with this guy's neighbor. 8675309999999999 48 points ago in PublicFreakout

    name's bob

    bob's dead

    one of the comments says he died in march 2018. if you follow the link to the obituary it has a tribute video. several shots of bob, the property and that golf cart.

    [–] "Stop it Jayden!"...Jayden curses, hits and kicks his mom inside of store 8675309999999999 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in PublicFreakout

    longer version from 2013

    I know I didn't handle the situation as most of you would have but I did the best I could. Jayden was upset about not being able to take his soccer ball into my resale store. The outburst started at home and continued after we had arrived. He calmed down at one point using the distraction method and me trying to "squeeze" him. It ended with the police being called, because I was told to start a "paper trail". My son is diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD & ODD. He is also being looked at for bi-polar and or a personality disorder.

    look at the other videos though this shit is nuts

    april 2018

    Jayden talking about how his life changed after being treated with cannabis oil.

    june 2018

    Medical marijuana changes family

    oct 2018

    before and after including cops carrying the kid into a hospital room

    [–] Hey, boss, I got cancer. "You're fired!" 8675309999999999 213 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    how does a uni eliminate the position of "Director of Research and Innovation" that quickly?

    [–] Airsoft Freakout Compilation 8675309999999999 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    The fucking guy who ran the place was open carrying a real pistol

    i'd never go back to one of these things if someone was openly carrying a real weapon.

    [–] It’s a dollar and 80 cent! 8675309999999999 24 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in PublicFreakout

    it's 75 cents

    it's a dollar and 50 cent

    dude got slapped into next week for 75 cents?

    [–] KiA mods introduced new language to post removal message prohibiting third-party appeals and demanding appeals go to modmail 8675309999999999 25 points ago in kotakuinaction2

    something's happened behind-the-scenes with site admins. over the past two weeks several subs put up notices about brigading and the like. the language in them have mentions of removing posts/comments that are "inviting brigading" into their subs as reasons for the new notices.

    KiA is the one we're familiar with, but /r/bestoflegaladvice have a new rule banning sexual assault posts (title is "there's nothing 'best of' regarding sexual assaults" but read the logic it's about the crowd it brings in). Same deal with drama regarding gallowboob but the sub eludes me at the moment.

    Maybe going all-in on segregating communities as much as possible then firmly applying the "no brigading" rule to everyone?