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    [–] My_Friend_Pedro-Razor1911 8675309999999999 2 points ago in CrackWatch

    morgan freeman with a sparkler

    [–] Creator of cyberpunk 2020 says honk honk 8675309999999999 4 points ago in circlebroke2

    imagine defending companies who claim they're LGBT friendly when all they do is release some product with a shit rainbow theme.

    or even better: all they do is change their social media profile pic to a rainbow theme.


    [–] Is a child stripping for adults as part of a drag show child abuse? A few people disagree 8675309999999999 8 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Feel free to flip out about that. Sounds like a stable thing to do.

    What I'm saying is keep frothing, bud.

    imagine being so alone the only way to get a conversation from someone is to goad them 🤣

    [–] All she had to do was pay $63 8675309999999999 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    what the fuck is this going on with this comment chain

    [–] She actually would have been the best queen. 8675309999999999 1 points ago in freefolk

    in the south park parody episodes where someone said kenny became a queen even though he didn't really do anything except be attractive: that was a jab at Margery yes? or did she do things in the books that promoted her to Queen-eligible status?

    [–] your naughty sugar bunny [f] 8675309999999999 1 points ago in AssVsBoobs

    massive concave dip in the bed

    [–] Damn not again 8675309999999999 0 points ago in WatchRedditDie

    same thing going around about the honkler meme

    Honk Honk/ honk honkler = HH = heil hitler

    [–] Banned from r/Drama, a sub I don’t even participate in, for... reasons. 8675309999999999 3 points ago in banned

    Fuck r/drama especially since I've never visited it and got banned from a sub I've never even heard of before today.

    if you commented or sub you get put into the raffle

    [–] The ending 8675309999999999 5 points ago in freefolk

    where'd you get the leaks for the entire season? only seeing leaks for episode 4

    [–] He won't stop 8675309999999999 69 points ago in Drama

    i heard the photographer tried to say something but as he opened his mouth joe squeezed the kid harder and mouthed "take the fucking picture" while showing more of his teeth

    guy on the right has seen this before he knows what's up

    [–] I don’t give a single fuck about your children on social media 8675309999999999 0 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    claims a math pedant is incorrect without providing the proof

    you can do it. i believe in you~

    [–] Wikipedia contributors taking their job very seriously and other spergouts 8675309999999999 21 points ago in Drama

    wow the wrestlemania ones are great

    • WrestleMania III

    Was the attendance of the event in question 78,000 or 93,178 – or is it really 75,500? Is Dave Meltzer an unreliable source because he is personally anti-McMahon? Is McMahon an unreliable source because he is pro-McMahon? Should Meltzer be considered a reporter because he freelances for the LA Times and Sports Illustrated, or as a self-published hack who runs a tabloid? Either way, this has led to a lot of tears and an eight-month long edit war.

    • WrestleMania 23

    And because all wrestling feuds deserve a disappointing rematch, a nearly identical dispute erupted regarding the true attendance for this WWE event, which may or may not have set the all-time record for a particular sports arena that had existed for 4 years. The debate included insults, blocks, and an editor arguing that Dave Meltzer is not a reliable source for Dave Meltzer. Also included was the question of whether a statistic ending in 7 can be trusted. It ended with the WWE's claim being left alone for now, until the next exciting installment of Editmaaaaania!

    are wikipedia editors secretly r/drama posters?

    [–] The Fall of 76 by Internet Historian 8675309999999999 6 points ago in fo76


    🤔 you sure?

    He made an argument and I countered it to prove he was incorrect.

    except you didn't prove anything. you said some things without proof and said it was fact.

    [–] The Fall of 76 by Internet Historian 8675309999999999 8 points ago in fo76

    I have a 6 figure salary career

    imagine flexing your wage on reddit cause someone said mean things about your favorite video game

    I have easily maxed out my caps several times. Not to mention I'm sitting on 3900 Atoms all earned by simply playing

    stunning and brave


    [–] The Fall of 76 8675309999999999 9 points ago in InternetHistorian

    the thread

    thank you for directing me there to OP thread is great


    Didn't even mention half the positive things about the game.

    Took context out of a lot of stories. (cheater ones for example)

    Undervalued the enormous bug fixes and stabilty improvements to the game.

    Takes the zero score metacritic reviews seriously.

    Features boogie and quartering who are just massive piles of shits. Yongyea too but Idk if he is a bad person or just a bad content maker.

    There's no source on sales numbers, just shows misleading stuff.

    Player numbers arent dwindling.

    Not once does he mention atoms can easily be aquired by playing the game.

    Shows a guy with a lgbt, metoo fedora while talking about mods of forums and reddit. O K

    I dont mean to disrespect his content making, he seems talented. But there is a lot of bogus in this video.

    I also think fallout 76 launch was pretty shitty. But this doesnt excuse any of the above.

    Internet Historian seems to be browsing this sub. So, he hopefully sees this.

    EDIT: I already mentioned he is talented. If he makes a 25 minute video about a video game, I can care enough to call him out on his wrongs. Stop saying I care too much about a game

    Edit2 : ok guys he is an entertainment channel he can say whatever he wants. Case dismissed.