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    Just found out my summer internship most likely won’t be getting cancelled!

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    the irony lmao

    [–] Help with finance Clubs 873dc 3 points ago in ucla

    i would say bam is the best club to join if you want to get into IB, as most of there members place into the ubs investment banking workshop, which is p important

    however, bhf and bvi are still good networks to have and would highly recommend you apply to them. if you want to go into other types of business or finance, i would recommend you check out clubs like bruin consulting, uconsulting or even business frats if that’s ur thing

    [–] Bruin consulting vs uconsuting? 873dc 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago) in ucla

    Bruin Consulting and UConsulting are prob the top 2 consulting orgs on campus, but BC definitely does have the edge in terms of placement and culture. However, both will give you an extremely helpful and diverse network. You can check out their websites for more information about where their alumni end up and what they do. The cool thing about BC is that they work with real clients ranging from startups to f500 companies on paid projects so it’s great early exposure to consulting. I’m not sure if UConsulting has a similar thing but they have a pretty thorough training program and hosts a lot of training/networking events with firms. They both place in top consulting and investment banking firms - although BC has historically placed better and had a lot more MBB/Deloitte/LEK offers last yr.

    I know people in both and u honestly can’t go wrong with either. The people ik seem to strongly believe that these clubs have rlly helped them expand their network and were vital factors in helping them achieve offers.

    To answer ur question, both are extremely competitive - I saw on one persons LinkedIn that BC took 5 people out of 250+ applicants & UConsulting is about 6-8% acceptance rate. Don’t let those numbers scare you though - it isn’t as bad as it seems haha. Just try your best and cast a wide net by applying to a lot of clubs like the ones another commenter mentioned. Maybe check out BAM BHF and BVI if ur interested in finance - also a really great network!

    [–] Competitive Clubs 873dc 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago) in ucla

    A lot of the competitive finance and consulting clubs are definitely possible to get into as a first year - especially since they don’t expect you to know a lot. ik the acceptance rates can be a little intimidating but i promise it’s not that bad. I would recommend practicing your behavioral responses as well as learning how to network well during these info sessions. There is a lot of information online for the technicals or case interviews aspect - plus the finance clubs will actually send u a pdf of stuff u should memorize for their interviews.

    To answer ur question, check out Bruin Consulting, BAM, BVI, BHF, UConsulting and 180. This post is a good post to check out although the acceptance rates are a little high.

    Maybe check out the business frats (DSP, AKPsi, SEP, etc) too since you’re looking for something fun as well. They are a little more of a social org but still some of them still place super good in consulting/banking.

    [–] Stats 10 Discussion 873dc 2 points ago in ucla

    i had her last yr. you can go to any discussion - they don’t take attendance and a lot of people stop showing up so there’ll be extra seats

    [–] Internship/ Activities Question 873dc 2 points ago in ucla

    as a note - a lot of business orgs will have people that can help you find these internships thru referrals, giving you a list of companies that recruit interns consistently at ucla, and helping you prep. good idea to join if ur not already in one - joining these orgs helped me land two IB internships my freshman summer purely thru referrals.

    to answer your question, i’ve had moderate success with LinkedIn in the past as well as using tools like and rocketreach to find people at firms ur interested in to cold email.

    [–] DSP vs AKPsi vs BAP 873dc 1 points ago in ucla

    I would say DSP or AKPSI have the edge if you want to go into banking/finance - but definitely try to check out all of them out in person and get a feel for fit. You can get some really connects that help ur professional development (internships, resume, interview help, etc)

    On another note, it would be a very good idea to check out the business orgs and will really give you some valuable soft and technical skills - as they can also give you a very successful network to draw from ( ie UBS Board, BAM, BVI, Bruin Consulting, UConsulting, 180degrees, net impact, BHF, and a lot more)

    As a note tho, a lot of the finance clubs like BAM and BVI focus on IBanking, which you won’t be able to do as a junior transfer bc the recruitment cycle in sophomore yr. Regardless, any type of business org will still have a few people who have pursued finance roles besides IBanking like corporate finance, accounting, commercial banking, etc.

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    just go to user created rosters then pick the ones with a lot of downloads or a lot of updates that say 2k20

    [–] Job Prospects? 873dc 1 points ago in ucla

    3.7+ for IB. Technicals are the finance related questions they ask u in interviews ( ie accounting or valuation) - u can find study guides online.

    For finance, take a look at BAM, BVI, and BHF. Also check out the consulting clubs like BC UConsulting and 180. Maybe a business frat like AKPsi or DSP if that’s ur thing. Join UBS too

    [–] Econ majors- how hard is it to get your major classes? 873dc 1 points ago in ucla

    your orientation time doesn’t matter btw - they allocate an equal amount of space for each orientation

    [–] Job Prospects? 873dc 1 points ago in ucla

    GPA is important for finance, especially for IB. Major not too important. To get jobs, start with internships in finance or wealth management thru networking and handshake (job portal). Recruitment for IB starts sophomore spring, have internships, know your technicals, and have a good story for why finance. Also encourage you to join some business orgs - they’ll give you a large network of people that can help you early on to land those first internships.