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    [–] When is Flat Earth Day? 9drank7up 1 points ago in shittyaskreddit

    Only idiots believe that the Earth is flat. Everyone knows it's hilly.

    [–] AMA!! Then change your question to make me look like a horrible person 9drank7up 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in shittyaskreddit

    How do you feel about shaking babies when they cry to get them to shut up? Is it a good or a bad thing to do?

    [–] Drive home. Photoshop (digital). 8.5"x8.5" 9drank7up 1 points ago in Art

    This photo illustration would be more realistic if it were a civic braking and the pickup truck tailgating the civic.

    [–] Hey what do you guys do instead of abusing your children? 9drank7up 6 points ago in shittyaskreddit

    I Highly recommend "How to beat your dog in 7 easy steps" by Pagolie Saddoggo.

    [–] I am a thousandaire.... Yep... I have a net worth of well over $1,000. Would you like to ask me any questions about how to build this level of wealth? AMA 9drank7up 5 points ago in shittyaskreddit

    I have a very diversified portfolio. About $132 in mutual funds, Eighty bucks in a real estate venture, $800 in (2) automobiles, some in the closet, some in the mattress, and some in the bank.

    I sometimes spread the money out on my twin-sized bed and roll around in it.