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    [–] New survivor confirmed? A-Stolen-Username 2 points ago in deadbydaylight

    His perks: Killer’s knowledge: Will show you the aura of anything places by killers (portals, fake pallets, etc) while in the killers terror radius, if the killer can’t place things, killers aura is revealed while staring at them when in their terror radius Calming presence: when within 8/12/16 meters of you, survivor item consumption rate is reduced by 4/8/12% Unagitated: When a survivor is put into dying state, your heal speed is increased by 15/20/25% faster when healing dying survivors, and gives them 1/2/3 seconds of endurance once put into injured

    [–] Oh là là A-Stolen-Username 19 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    the way he somehow stuck onto the wall after crashing confuses me

    [–] Guess I can't do objective. A-Stolen-Username 3 points ago in deadbydaylight

    Am a doctor main, can confime this is true

    [–] Tab suppressor +100 sneak +100 clean A-Stolen-Username 1 points ago in ItemShop

    Combine 10 of them to create Tap loundencer, which has -100 sneak but +500 clean and a 76% chance to stun all enemies when used

    [–] just realized she jumps at them today A-Stolen-Username 1 points ago in deadbydaylight

    nope, just there for the flair, and even then he only gets 2 orbs which isn’t much

    [–] I can’t stop thinking about it A-Stolen-Username 2 points ago in memes

    all the 7 year olds in my neighbor hood are eating all the people with chicken coops, what do i do?

    [–] Whoever writes the simpsons must be a prophet A-Stolen-Username 18 points ago in memes

    I’m just gonna say that i fucking hate among us memes because it’s always “bRO hES sUs” and “emERGENcy MeetINg” shit, and it’s so low effort

    [–] teeny head A-Stolen-Username 7 points ago in GachaLifeCringe


    [–] Felix! Look out! A-Stolen-Username 57 points ago in deadbydaylight

    he even did the flip animation, which imo makes everything 10x funnier