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    [–] Police reportedly claim a brooklyn teen consented to sex in custody. That’s impossible. AFuckYou 6 points ago in conspiracy

    I'm not sure how this is up for debate. You can't have officers running around fucking people they are detaining. There no question about anything. Consenting or not. That should be statutory rape, all the time.

    [–] Did Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon Have UNSUPERVISED Pool parties at his home? (3:46 in) AFuckYou 0 points ago in conspiracy

    So there you go. We always said people knew about Weinstein. There were hits and people talked about it. There we go with the nickelodeon guy. He's a fuck was too.

    [–] Presidential Executive Order Amending Executive Order 13223 - What's Coming? Reichstag Incoming? Korea II? Iran? Mexico? AFuckYou 2 points ago in conspiracy

    Yea Clinton is still relevant. You can say Clinton doesn't matter all you want. But a uranium deal involving the foundation, and Obama is a big deal.

    People have been calling foul for years. And finally it looks like we have proof. It's a big deal.

    [–] Liquid mercury found under Teotihuacan Pyramid [a place which is enshrined to tetrahedron / sphere geometries]. Mercury is prevalent in many theoretical anti-gravity drives. [x-p /r/holofractal] AFuckYou 2 points ago in conspiracy

    Just last year, this sub was 100 upvotes for a post was an ungodly high amount. No one would ever make political statements, it was rare. And there weren't any political articles posted. Just news, aliens, cool shit. Yea political shad conspiracys, but not Blayne disregard for the fact that it's all just a puppet show.

    [–] Man who Raped and Killed a 7-year-old Syrian Boy Sentenced to Death AFuckYou 1 points ago in JusticeServed

    I mean, shit is dramatically different there. When a society decides raping women is acceptable, it tend to happen more often.

    [–] Can we just take a moment to appreciate r/conspiracy AFuckYou 1 points ago in conspiracy

    I was going to post about the bottling and shilling but you kinda got it for me.

    The sub is taking a turn. The real conspiracy people are either going to have to come together or leave the sub.

    [–] Nestlé is extracting water from Canadian towns on expired permits AFuckYou 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in worldnews

    Yea that's nothing.

    One time, nestle went to Africa and told all the natives that baby formula was way better for their babies. They started giving out free formula.

    It was free till the women's breast milk dried up.

    Then nestle started charging for the formula. And the locals had no money. So lots of infants died.

    Nestle owns basically a lot of shit you eat. Attached is an image.

    Every person in the world should eat exactly 0 food that in this list. Everyone should buy food from local farms and shops. It's scary having an entity in control of the food supply that have obvious wanton disregard for life.

    [–] Hey everyone, Guillermo here. I wanted the Reddit community to be the first to see the official artwork for my new film, The Shape of Water. Enjoy! AFuckYou 1 points ago in movies

    I know you are not reading this. But pans labyrinth is easily in my top three favorite movies of all time. If you ever get the opportunity. What did the ending mean to you? The girl died and went back home, correct? If you or someone else could explain the ending when the young lady either died or went home to me, that would be great.

    Gosh, I would love to attend a convention where you were speaking, answering public questions.

    [–] Or people who wait hours for a dipping sauce AFuckYou 6 points ago in rickandmorty

    The circle jerk on fan hating is old. It got old quick.

    [–] Guy charges a charging bull AFuckYou 87 points ago in nonononoyes

    Till you get a... fractured but whole?

    [–] anime_irl AFuckYou 4 points ago in anime_irl


    [–] /u/rooster_86 satirizes HQC by singlehandedly populating the comment section on his own gif by creating original stories, reaction gifs, and even emulating /u/poem_for_your_sprog AFuckYou 1 points ago in bestof

    Yea, they either have or are making bots for that.

    It's really dubious if your commenting on a shill, bot, or a real persons sincere post. Maybe that dude does really like McDonalds. Or maybe it's McDonald's advertising. You just don't know any more.

    Maybe the government should make that kind of behavior illegal. Except government propaganda is now legal and they are participating in it too.

    [–] After all this time, it turned out the Russian collusion was real — except it was done by Clinton & Obama. AFuckYou 1 points ago in conspiracy

    Dude, you are talking about a whole other issue. That called derailing. At lest give some warning, like, "i see your talking about Hillary's corrupt Russian uranium dealings." But what's really important to me, is how you feel about trump not sanctioning Russia.

    And my answer is, what the fuck are you talking about? Make your own thread for this red vs blue political bull shit. Stick to the topic at hand.