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    [–] [TOMT] [Song] Anyone know what song they're playing? ALYSTEVENSON 1 points ago in tipofmytongue

    I know it's probably difficult figuring it out but I really wanna know what it is. You can listen to a longer version on 's stories

    [–] Picked up this beauty! (RX450hL) ALYSTEVENSON 3 points ago in Lexus

    Thanks. And yes, it's cheesy as hell!

    [–] Too cute! ♥ ALYSTEVENSON 2 points ago in aww

    Credit to @Jacobmmm on twitter

    [–] How can I see time since last charge on Windows 10? ALYSTEVENSON 1 points ago in windows

    I'm getting this. I have deleted my previous battery report but it makes no difference. Any fix?

    [–] Match Thread: 1st Test - England v Australia, Day 2 ALYSTEVENSON 1 points ago in Cricket

    honestly, mate, it was terrible in the WC too. This is ruining the game.