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    [–] Nice doggos ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in memes

    Upsdogs? What’s upsdogs?

    [–] Avenatti: Trump doesn’t want to debate me because he’s not intelligent enough ALiteralGraveyard 2 points ago in politics

    I mean. I think, like myself, a large percentage of reasonable people had too much faith in the American public. They probably thought people would like something resembling evidence. Or at least that the blathering dickless clown she was running against would dissuade enough of the opposition/Bernie bros that they’d make the right choice. I mean, if you’re saying they should have gone with Bernie. There is and was zero chance of that ever occurring. Like, his whole platform is power/wealth redistribution. And he needs the rubber stamp from the people with all the power/wealth. I appreciate his ethics but at this stage I feel you need someone with more cunning to change shit from within if that’s what they’re going for

    [–] Visited a friend's house and used the bathroom... ALiteralGraveyard 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    You wanna wash your hands you can walk to the kitchen. I’m not made of soap.

    [–] US reputation will take ‘years to recover’ from Trump presidency, warn experts ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in politics

    Unfortunately I know decent, reasonably intelligent individuals who voted for him. They aren’t huge supporters of him necessarily, they just bought the anti-Clinton propaganda a bit too hard.

    [–] Demar Derozan’s thank you to Toronto ALiteralGraveyard -7 points ago in nba

    Two time consecutive mental midget. Possibly the most vicious and versatile scorer in the game. Possibly. He’s nobody’s hero, but he’s a beast and now he’s got the hardware to back it up. I hope somebody rises to meet them, because I enjoy seeing basketball played at the highest possible level. But I’m not gonna hate him for seeking greatness. I wouldn’t want to play with Russ either. And outside of OKC I don’t know who he should be loyal too. Build that legacy. Get that paper. The notoriety from the rings and fmvps probably more than makes up for the pay cut long term

    [–] Does this count? ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Yeah I was gonna say. The chain seems supplemental. Still attached through the windows or something

    [–] [Homemade] Fried Chicken Tenders ALiteralGraveyard -2 points ago in food

    Why is your table a cutting board?

    [–] You all have gorgeous eyes ALiteralGraveyard 87 points ago in wholesomememes

    It’s juicy beetles when you say someone’s name and they show up. So, if you were like “Graveyard” and I was like “yo”, that’s some juicy beetles. Whatever you are referencing is regrettably not juicy beetles. However, I will upvote you because you used a question mark.

    [–] 6th llama found in Cannes, France ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Lol. I like how you cover all your bases

    [–] This beautiful meal my girlfriend and I had in Spain. ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in FoodPorn

    I mean. I’ve been to Spain. They have lots of food like this and it’s great. Y’all gotta get over yourselves

    [–] This beautiful meal my girlfriend and I had in Spain. ALiteralGraveyard -4 points ago in FoodPorn

    Eh. Beauty is in the eye etc etc. Personally I think beautiful is the exact right word. Spanish food is amazing

    [–] M’lady ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in Tinder

    I played drums in A band in high school. Also had like a solo acoustic guitar/ukulele act. We had a sweet indie music scene. No school band though. Not that I’m too cool for that. I wish I knew how to play trumpet or something. But curricular/extracurricular activities were never my jam.

    I also didn’t start playing dnd til I was 25, and would’ve said it was nerdy til like my early 20s

    [–] M’lady ALiteralGraveyard 12 points ago in Tinder

    Nothing really, I’m just joking. Though I stand by my statements, the delivery was exaggerated.

    [–] M’lady ALiteralGraveyard 23 points ago in Tinder


    Then people saying “yes you do”

    Ugh, it’s not a board. A board is what you play monopoly on. These are interactive, tactile role playing tools. We call them mats or maps, among other things. Boards. Psh.

    Also DND is great, as are other role playing games. Of course, their enjoyability is dependent on how interested and interesting those involved are. So, like, if DND is lame that’s because you’re lame

    [–] This about sums it up for me these days. ALiteralGraveyard 5 points ago in calvinandhobbes

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Solidifies their fictional positioning. Might not be terribly obvious they were laying on a hill looking at the sky without it. It’d be a reasonable interpretation either way, but this solidifies it.

    [–] Scientists Find A Frog In Costa Rica That Looks Just Like Kermi ALiteralGraveyard 30 points ago in pics

    But when Black Mirror recycled the script nearly word-for-word, suddenly it’s a masterpiece. The hypocrisy