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    [–] Happy Anniversary 5/23/2019 - 1 Month Since Last Official Tweet ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    In all fairness I had fun with it initially, until you relatively quickly hit the loot/content wall. But at this point, it’s dead in the water. That initial fun is all the enjoyment I’m likely to receive from this title, and that is a disappointment. I wish there were better executed games with similar mechanics though, because I love the base gameplay. The game is just anemic

    [–] TooMeIrlForMeIrl ALiteralGraveyard 3 points ago in TooMeIrlForMeIrl

    Nah dude it’s cool, that’s some real shit. I’m mildly stoned so I’ll get down.

    Motivation comes in different forms and intensities. If you have none of it, you’re probably not getting anywhere. But the momentary inspiration style of motivation you’re referring to as “knee-jerk reaction” is sometimes overvalued. It is the slow and smoldering motivation that allows you to build discipline, and the potential growth granted by each is ultimately dependent on the presence of the other.

    The most disciplined may stray from time to time, or even for a great deal of time, if they forget the views which birthed that discipline. It is a consistency of person that permits similarly consistent aggregation of light. Among those traits that must be maintained is drive, through discipline. They rely upon each other. Drive births discipline and discipline maintains drive.

    [–] HBO subscribers leaving the platform - 2019, colorized ALiteralGraveyard 3 points ago in funny

    Probably. I also haven’t seen season 2 despite enjoying season 1, so I can’t give first hand opinions. But some of my friends liked it. Said it was wonky but cool. Others not so much. Might as well see where you land

    [–] Using sick days before he leaves. ALiteralGraveyard 11 points ago in sports

    People who think this guy ate the onion are nearly as silly as people who actually eat the onion

    [–] Using sick days before he leaves. ALiteralGraveyard 6 points ago in sports

    Why does everyone think this? Sharing an onion article that is relevant to the subject matter doesn’t mean you’re taking its contents as fact. There’s just no way

    [–] Using sick days before he leaves. ALiteralGraveyard 0 points ago in sports

    Also Clippers rumors, which I choose to find more believable until disproven

    [–] Using sick days before he leaves. ALiteralGraveyard 3 points ago in sports

    Definitely neither. I’m sure OP is aware of what the Onion is, and also that KD isn’t “sick” or faking it. It’s just entertaining to people with an interest in the game

    [–] [No Spoilers] Squad looking fine ALiteralGraveyard 22 points ago in gameofthrones

    I just assumed it was cuz she’s always burning down a fat doobster on the ‘gram

    [–] Forever bounce ALiteralGraveyard 34 points ago in gaming

    Ooh! Ooh! Change Pokémon

    [–] So say we all ALiteralGraveyard 5 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Just like all the other shit they have

    [–] So say we all ALiteralGraveyard 26 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    That’s where the Joffrey comes in?

    [–] Lets be real ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in gaming

    Well you see there’s this tiny little game called Pokémon that’s starting to develop a bit of a following

    [–] You all know it’s coming ALiteralGraveyard 1 points ago in freefolk

    I mean I’ve been assuming it’s Gendry since he fucked off into non-significance like 7 seasons ago. Bran would actually be a twist

    [–] Drogon just kinda forgot Dany.. ALiteralGraveyard 0 points ago in freefolk

    Freefolk: pretends to hate new episodes

    Also Freefolk: rewatches every new episode enough to spot every flaw in every frame

    [–] I'll just road rage on this guy behind me. ALiteralGraveyard 2 points ago in instant_regret

    Rarely have I been in Indiana for more than ten minutes before hearing some sort of homophobic or ethnic slur. I feel this supports your dick size theory