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    [–] What's your "I met a celebrity but didn't let on that I knew who they were" story? ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in AskReddit

    you will find bagpipe bands in every St. Patrick's Day parade

    What the fuck, really? I live here and didn't know that. Reinforces that I'm glad that the only fucking green I wore for our faux-heritage society here was for a kids' cancer support gig.

    [–] What's your "I met a celebrity but didn't let on that I knew who they were" story? ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Well, most recent. Current is Jodie Whittaker. Also too bad about Capaldi's writing, I liked him better than Smith, partly for the change of pace.

    [–] Lies, lies everywhere. ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in funny

    No, this comic just omits where some of the little snowmen were stolen off of porches. The guys with bats ARE from PETA.


    [–] i'm sick of your shit, jerry ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in funny

    Who the fuck comes up with the idea to fry watermelon and put it in a sandwich?!

    [–] Can we get an F in the comments for Kyle? Dude only wanted to be loyal to Harold Meachum and have Ice Cream :( ATomatoAmI 6 points ago in Defenders

    Sort of. It's actually roundabout but is based on milk toast, an actual food, but when describing a person also can mean meek and weak, not just bland. It's partly because milk toast can be easily digested even when you're ... well, nervous or sick.

    Anyhow the proxy was a cartoon character way back called Milquetoast who was exactly that kind of characterization.

    So if you're a gamer and play Bloodborne, the description of a character class isn't an accurate usage, it's an insult.

    [–] The spot where your knuckles hit when you are sharpening ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in Wellworn

    Clearly you've never slammed your thigh or caught a jacket, pocket, or bag/purse strap on a semi-moveable object like a handle.

    [–] It occurred to me that we, the CF community, care more about child welfare than the rest of the population. ATomatoAmI 2 points ago in childfree

    If you wanna bite back at people giving you shit, just suggest they read an article on Deep Adaptation or check out the timeline for useable topsoil for farmlands in the future.

    The TL;DR is that if we aren't somehow living on solar and synthetic food by 2060 or so then society is doomed, assuming WWIII hasn't kicked off and the current mass extinction event doesn't kill the bees or whatever and destabilize the entire ecosystem. Sensationalist, sure, but a lot of people are really worried we're not panicking soon enough.

    Sure, we might be dead before then, but now-kids wouldn't.

    [–] You can’t make this shit up ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in fatlogic

    I mean, depending on what you get in the US it's cheapish here too. Lack tables are cheap, for instance. And you can stack them depending on your use case.

    [–] You can’t make this shit up ATomatoAmI 3 points ago in fatlogic

    I get the /s but noooo don't send our awful vomit flavored chocolate anywhere else.

    It's the butyric acid in it for anyone who wants to Google.

    [–] Elijah Cummings: The White House hasn’t turned over a single piece of paper to my committee ATomatoAmI 2 points ago in politics

    I think he means putting that shit in the Constitution. Too bad we got back around to putting "In God We Trust" on our currency and plugging our ears and screeching about playing music backwards a while back.

    [–] Say No to Steroids ATomatoAmI 26 points ago in funny

    I think the last sentence shows you get it, but internet and sarcasm and all....

    [–] egg_irl ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in egg_irl

    I've met a few train enthusiasts and while "trainsexual" doesn't roll off the tongue I absolutely know what you mean.

    [–] Yes. That's correct. ATomatoAmI 11 points ago in SelfAwarewolves

    Basically the same mechanics as religious persecution and warfare, then, only without something unchangeable like appearance/race/hertitage behind it.

    [–] Anyone else thinks IGN has terrible ideas for the next borderlands? ATomatoAmI 39 points ago in Borderlands

    "Battle Royale is exciting!"

    Well it's certainly popular but literally everyone I know who got to OP 8 in BL2 don't get on hugely well with BR games, and most of the people I know who play BR games don't play Borderlands.

    So ... "that's like... your opinion, man". And a fucking stupid idea to integrate it with Borderlands. Fuck.

    [–] I am told by my racist father that I need to have children as "an educated female member of my race" because 'the powers that be' are trying to erase my race ATomatoAmI 15 points ago in childfree

    Not too terribly surprised to see Japan clock in at 25th but that's probably mostly against the Chinese. They have a... fun history with the Chinese. And a very mixed attitude even now after tending to sweep WWII under the rug.

    [–] I'm crying laughing. ATomatoAmI 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in vaxxhappened

    You don't have to be "hur hur I eat meat" to realize PETA is a shitty organization with an insane kill rate of animals they literally kidnap/steal off of porches. It's something like a 99% kill rate, plus they mostly just do shitty PR stunts aside from killing pets, plus some of their higher ups have suspected ties to a literal ecoterrorist organization.

    Donate to the ASPCA or something instead guys. Fuck PETA.

    Spez: r/fuckpeta certainly blew up when their dumbshit tweet about Steve Irwin got posted.

    [–] Stabilised levitation ATomatoAmI 9 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    No, he's right, it's actually different. Those use attraction and repulsion as opposite forces to levitate it. The superconductor there isn't really a magnet in a normal sense as far as I'm aware, and it actually locks it in place. I don't think a maglev train works if you flip it upside down.

    Edit: Plus the charged magnets on the train being opposite of the charges in the rail is what moves them.

    [–] Stabilised levitation ATomatoAmI 3 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    No that'd have the weird possible side effect of causing cybersecurity experts involved in politics maybe do something about election meddling, assuming anything got done.

    Easier just to vilify video games like politicians have done for decades.

    [–] Thanks for sticking up for Christchurch Egg Boy, we can’t thank you enough. ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    True but he's got a point. If we're talking civil society even Nazi cunts shouldn't get hit as long as they're following the rules. I mean, it sort of depends on where you draw the line on free speech. Shouting "fire" in a crowded theater is demonstrably dangerous, being an asshole isn't really until for instance you are making calls to violent action, for instance.

    Like I think the WBC are right bastards and I'd be happy if they fucked off, but I don't want the situation to turn around when a bunch of theocrats are in office and suddenly my views on free speech are legislated. What the guy was saying is that on a visceral level seeing an asshole get egged is hilarious, but technically the kid was in the wrong as an aggressor.

    ... Didn't really get egged back though, did he?