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    [–] Not all Australians will kill you ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in funny

    The only new thing about fake news is politically weaponized terminology.

    People have always believed dumb shit and told other people dumb shit. At some point probably early on people realized they could make money or influence people with dumb shit. Hence gossip, snake oil, MLMs, televangelists, and of course political slant in reporting.

    [–] Co-op games to play with girlfriend ATomatoAmI 7 points ago in patientgamers

    90% trial and error. How else would I learn stuff? You apparently lose the capacity to just try shit by adulthood.

    You're goddamn right. The number of people with IT problems who need a fucking step by step arcane ritual and can't grasp the concept of clicking the most likely button or just making a slightly intuitive guess is insane. Sometimes it's not even a difficult hidden menu option, they just moved the fucking save icon a few inches. And that's with software I've never used!

    And no, it's not just old people, plenty of people between 30 and 60.

    [–] Yesterday was the first time I've had sex with someone besides my ex, and I can't believe how different it was. ATomatoAmI 6 points ago in sex

    Go to the gym with him. It's good for you and it's not like you can turn into she-hulk overnight if you're worried about that kind of thing.

    [–] look ma no hands ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Look for a diagonal line right by the S in Sharpie.

    [–] Im sick of people invalidating my build/ experience because its 'budget'. ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in buildapc

    Are you kidding? I think OP has demonstrated PCMR. He built something himself including snagging used parts. The whole point is upstaging console plebs who can't customize their rig.

    Rich assholes who throw money at hardware that will age just to vastly outdo consoles for now is only the annoying end of the PCMR glory.

    Then again I don't really take PCMR seriously I guess, I just prefer PC to console and like fucking around with my hardware as much as the next builder.

    TL;DR I think the PCMR guys he knows are just bragging about mommy's money more than what makes PCs the best gaming platform.

    [–] My Depression makes it incredibly hard to show emotion. How can I show my parents how much I appreciate them for sticking with me? ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in AskMen

    My relationship with my dad is essentially nonexistent for reasons but a good first bet considering the other dudes in my life is that if you do a thing that they'd dig with them, they get it. Hang out, watch a movie, play a game (not likely the best option with a parent), whatever. Or fucking have a beer and mow the grass or work on a car together. Or idk fuck it maybe a letter does work, idk your people.

    Your mom... probably would appreciate a direct verbal approach more than your dad going by stereotypes and whatever but favors or gifts probably works great too.

    Either way, not to shit on some of the suggestions here, but I don't think a framed photo of you smiling or just doing your best quite gets it. Largely because that could be interpreted as a "getting better and being happy" side effect, not appreciating the help and motivating you to stick with it despite still being depressed, which I think is a huge distinction though not everyone gets depression on either an academic or experiential level.

    Either way, you don't need to go the awkward conversation route, but I think a happy photo might make them happy or proud, but might miss the mark on really expressing your gratitude in a way that feels genuine to you, doesn't feel awkward, and comes across clearly.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI 3 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Dude no watch Luther. He's fucking cool in that. And I think cool factor for dudes plays a ton into agreeing with "yeah... I wouldn't mind looking like that guy."

    Idk maybe I'm biased but Tom Cruise for reference looks fantastic for whatever unholy youthful age he is or looks but I've seen some of the weird deranged religious shit out of his low altitude mouth and it kinda ruins the illusion.

    ... Then again I guess perceived personality plays a huge part of attractiveness and I probably should have led with that.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI 5 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Lando fucked a robot in Solo? Or did I not pay enough attention in a rewatch of (theatrical) ESB?

    ... Not sure if that makes me want to watch it more or less, really.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI 6 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Op-eds in general are pretty bad, I seem to remember a few HuffPost ones being outright laughable. Well, lots of places, really, but I think Huff shot themselves in the foot a while ago since I don't see them even referenced as much anymore.

    The Onion, though, that's the real fucking neat op eds though.... When they can even keep up with real news.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI 39 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Are you fucking serious? I dig androgeny/skinny fucker as an aesthetic and there's no fucking way in hell that dude could beat Idris Elba in an attractiveness contest.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI 31 points ago in TumblrInAction

    It's still pretty dumb as straight guys are just statistically more likely than gay guys.

    Christ if Matt Bomer were a bigger actor he'd probably have been on the list at some point (but if really effeminate dudes are being considered Asian pop artists are probably gonna start winning).

    Also who the fuck complains about Idris Elba winning other than jealous dudes for fuck's sake.

    [–] Guardian journalist upset that the "world's sexiest man" is "too manly" ATomatoAmI -1 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Except Windows 10 being such shit and Apple generally being cunts that Linux has a bright future doesn't have much analogical reflection on being gay or trans.

    Unless all the closeted politicians finally come out of the closet. What's the general percentage of the population of politicians?

    [–] No no, I must be dreaming ATomatoAmI 7 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    I mean compound fracturing your leg jumping off the third floor and then thinking you could hide it sounds pretty dumb.

    [–] Diablo Immortal announcement - I just had to do this ATomatoAmI 2 points ago in gaming

    Nah that's not as bad. Wrong, but not as bad. Console pandering and/or performance is in fact something a lot of gamers don't mind, or at least put further down their priority list.

    "Fuck you, buy our old console then" is downright hostile.

    [–] The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could nuke the separation of church and state ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in atheism

    He's probably echoing sentiments elsewhere on the thread where dead soldiers are used more as a tool for attention and policymaking than human beings. Politicians typically don't give a genuine shit about dead soldiers, especially ones who died over half a century ago.

    [–] To the asshole who brake-checked me on Glenwood ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in raleigh

    Asterisks before and after the word. Like this.

    [–] Computer parts store ? ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in raleigh

    Idk about Cary but the one in Crabtree has like 3 motherboards in stock, 2 of which were AM4 if you're an AMD fan. Not really much selection on any of the parts but I think case aside they actually had enough stuff there to build a PC on the spot.

    [–] Soooo... what have I been up to ? ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    New planetary probing in the upcoming update (beta out now). Finds points of interest for you.

    [–] What's the worst name you ever heard? ATomatoAmI 2 points ago in AskReddit

    So it's weird but sounds better and sorta makes more sense. Kind of a relief, really.

    [–] Most Important Thing To Remember Tonight ATomatoAmI 5 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    He didn't say it was good tuna or fresh broccoli. Just what's on hand to ward off the crotch fruit with tears and disappointment.

    [–] Most Important Thing To Remember Tonight ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals


    I played loud music out my windows.

    Probably not as safe as being dead silent but when your music is either loud, weird, annoying, or very clearly says "fuck you", it can keep families alert that your car is slowly rolling down the center of the street.

    [–] Wanna earn Trade rank really fast but also make millions in the process? Click here! ATomatoAmI 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    I can confirm, at least half of my push from Ranger to Elite was from money grinding Sirius Atmospherics to afford my Anaconda.