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    [–] I'm flying over from England for my first shows at New Year! A_Gay_Phish 2 points ago in phish

    Cool! I was just over in the Land of Eng, and I would say that NYC is a lot like London but with way more trash and not as polite! It's still a great city though, and you'll have a blast! MSG literally bounces and sways, FYI, it's not just the drugs!

    [–] Billy Breathes is the best Phish album A_Gay_Phish 3 points ago in phish

    That'd be a great set, especially with what they're doing with Caspian these days.

    [–] ‘If anyone can hear us … help.’ Puerto Rico’s mayors describe widespread devastation from Hurricane Maria A_Gay_Phish -4 points ago in news

    Idiot Baby in Chief is too busy covering up Russia stuff by picking fights with black athletes and pulling a Nuclear Ross and Rachel with Kim to worry about some island full of not-white people.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion... A_Gay_Phish 0 points ago in phish

    You really oughta stop smelling your own farts so much.

    [–] Has anyone seen Gordo live? How long are we he shows? Does he play to sets. A_Gay_Phish 27 points ago in phish

    He opens a temporal rift into a dimension where time has no meaning, so the shows actually never end. I'm still actually at the MGB show in Austin from 2 years ago.

    [–] When Mike Gordon answers your question in his Facebook AMA...productive day! Not nearly as productive as Mike's non-show days though!!! Insanity! A_Gay_Phish 8 points ago in phish

    You're right - this kind of thing has no place in this subreddit.....................................................................................................................................................................................

    [–] Tesco's doing something right A_Gay_Phish 13 points ago in london

    More stores should do this. Don't they realize how much more willing people are to buy pricey stuff if they're buzzed?

    [–] Trey is fundraising for Tortola (small island devastated by hurricane Irma) A_Gay_Phish 7 points ago in phish

    He does know that it's mostly poor people that actually live on the island, right?

    [–] FALL tour A_Gay_Phish 1 points ago in gratefuldead

    Truckin' in Dallas seems like a given...

    [–] A picture of Mike's face. A_Gay_Phish 8 points ago in phish

    This is the kind of Phishit posting that I can get behind.

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 1 points ago in gratefuldead

    Capacity? No way, but definitely more than Moody, and the Backyard is closed for good now IIRC.

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 2 points ago in gratefuldead

    A city that might be recovered enough from devastating floods? I hope that might be the case!

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 5 points ago in gratefuldead

    Wasn't there talk of just that happening down on auditorium shores? Or am I just high? (I am high, for the record)

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 2 points ago in gratefuldead

    This would have been the correct choice, but it's harder to make all the money in such a small venue! Erwin Center is gonna be fun for this!

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 4 points ago in gratefuldead

    "Winter" in Austin is why it's worth putting up with their God damned summers. You can comfortably be outside for almost the entirity of November-February and barey ever have to wear anything heavier than a hoodie.

    (Yes, I know it can and does get freezing for weeks at a time and you have to wear a jacket, I lived there for 31 years)

    [–] Fall tour announced! A_Gay_Phish 46 points ago in gratefuldead

    Whoa! Texas!

    [–] Rush Limbaugh’s dangerous suggestion that Hurricane Irma is fake news A_Gay_Phish 12 points ago in politics

    Isn't it weird how opiates and opioids kill the part of your brain that does empathy and conservatives seem to have no capacity for empathy?