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    [–] My son tried to cook his oatmeal. A_Mexican_IRL 3 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I did this when I was three with a tmnt cup of cocoa on our stove because my dad was passed out drunk on the couch and my mom was stuck walking home in the rain in heels because the car broke down.

    OP, were you drunk or walking home?

    [–] There was a time when the Kardashians have not yet discovered plastic surgery A_Mexican_IRL 14 points ago in pics

    Amazing how much older kris looked in this picture vs today. Also... can we stop denying Chloe has a separate father? This picture is proof.

    [–] The brakes on this Volvo A_Mexican_IRL 1 points ago in gifs

    I thought crossing in front of the bus was a universal common knowledge?

    [–] His first time on the lift. LOL! A_Mexican_IRL 6 points ago in walmart

    They call me doctor. Because I’m surgical with this thing.

    [–] Just taking a picture of the food... A_Mexican_IRL 556 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    What a ridiculous person. Does anybody have their name or Instagram so I know who to avoid?

    [–] Hey, home office! A_Mexican_IRL 3 points ago in walmart

    Yeah the changes to PTO alone more than likely would have never happened.

    [–] Quality professional stereo install A_Mexican_IRL 2 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    God. This was me when I was 16 with my sweet $300 ‘86 geo spectrum. Also had a Kenwood equalizer taped to it. With a see through and light up amp connected to two 10 inch truck subs laying on the floor of the back seats.

    Bonus points: windshield was all scratched to hell because the owner before me got drunk and thought a beer can made a great ice scraper.

    Double bonus points: windshield wipers were attached to an rca cord through the window so I could pull to operate.

    [–] Found these at Walmart! Of course I bought them! A_Mexican_IRL 2 points ago in funny

    They didn’t control the “moisture” from putting them on.

    [–] 👊4=→ A_Mexican_IRL 4 points ago in surrealmemes

    Good bot

    [–] HMC while I jump off the roof A_Mexican_IRL 1 points ago in holdmycosmo

    How do you confuse tuck and roll with the splits??

    [–] Congratulations on 100,000 Subs! A_Mexican_IRL 7 points ago in bindingofisaac

    If we get 200k maybe they’ll release AB+ for Xbox!

    [–] When ball is life A_Mexican_IRL 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in gifs

    This is Hannah Mortimer. She’s actually a family member of a good friend of mine from when I lived in Manhattan, KS.!/profile.php?id=538955553


    Looks like she’s on the globetrotters now after all her videos went viral.

    [–] Trying a flaming beverage A_Mexican_IRL 3 points ago in instant_regret

    The sink is literally 2 feet from them...