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    [–] Steph Curry hits the ridiculous off-balance three AaronDidntMessUp 33 points ago in nba

    Travel back in time when Curry didn’t know he had astigmatism

    [–] Is Chris Bosh a Hall of Fame player? AaronDidntMessUp 10 points ago in nba

    Yes /thread

    I miss seeing him play so much. It’s been stated so many times, but he would have absolutely thrived in today’s NBA. Fuck blood clots

    [–] Relatable AaronDidntMessUp 2 points ago in memes

    Facially he looks like the auctioneer from Jurassic world fallen kingdom, but that might be a stretch idk

    [–] meirl AaronDidntMessUp 3 points ago in meirl


    [–] I feel bad for how Greg Jennings has ended up. AaronDidntMessUp 3 points ago in GreenBayPackers

    Yeah, I feel like if you’re still watching him at this point it’s more on you

    [–] What are the plans of the Orlando Magic with all of their big men? AaronDidntMessUp 1 points ago in nba

    They’re clearly all there to rebound Fultz’s hesi pull-up jimbo misses next year