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    [–] Simmons shoots his first 3 of the season AaronDidntMessUp 2 points ago in nba

    That’s been the running joke for quite some time now, my guy

    [–] Simmons shoots his first 3 of the season AaronDidntMessUp 0 points ago in nba

    You gotta be gentle with most Sixer fans. It’s only ok to joke about Fultz or Chandler

    [–] Brown or Bell? AaronDidntMessUp -6 points ago in GreenBayPackers

    We can’t afford either, and our linebackers need upgraded more than anything. It’s still fun to think about though

    [–] To cook a pizza AaronDidntMessUp 29 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Did you finally get those cigarettes, dad?

    [–] Got banned from r/aww this morning because of a bad pun. Merry Christmas! AaronDidntMessUp 4 points ago in puns

    It’s like fuck the police, because it’s a cop. But there’s also a dog. Dog’s sometimes have fur, like in this instance.

    Combining these ideas, you get “fur-k the police”

    [–] Kevin Spacey: Let Me Be Frank AaronDidntMessUp 15 points ago in videos

    Kevin Spacey can’t be all bad. After all, he did kill Kevin Spacey