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    [–] Draper's "Three Californias" initiative has qualified for the November ballot. AceO235 3 points ago in California

    As someone who moved to the IE in the last few years it's still very conservative out here, they treat homeless people like animals compared to what L.A. county is attempting to do with them and it's no different in the OC

    [–] [E3 2018] XBOX E3 2018 Briefing Megathread AceO235 5 points ago in Games

    Probably holding on to it until Gamescom in August which is when they originally announced it

    [–] Former Eagles player: Obama should invite players over for a BBQ instead AceO235 3 points ago in politics

    Trump has no right to force people to stand for the National Anthem considering he betrayed everything that song stands for when he evaded the draft.

    [–] A desperate family turns to cannibalism AceO235 13 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in funny

    What's "New Zealand"? I've never seen that country on a map before

    [–] America Declares War on Its Friends AceO235 4 points ago in politics

    Voter Turnout was only like ~56% so that would make around ~27% of ppl, eligible to vote, voted for him.

    [–] Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video) AceO235 68 points ago in gorillaz

    I like how they didn't leave out the murky atmosphere not many people know Venice has, at least the people that don't live here know about it.

    [–] Tracklist confirmed by Genius [spoiler] AceO235 3 points ago in gorillaz

    Great now i can't get this out of my head

    [–] Fallout 76 – Official Teaser Trailer AceO235 8 points ago in Fallout

    I hope we get to go back to The Pitt since it's closer to West virginia

    [–] Bethesda Games Studios is live! AceO235 8 points ago in Fallout

    They did an official trailer a month before E3, but it was just that short one with dogmeat and some quick scenes.

    [–] Bethesda Games Studios is live! AceO235 17 points ago in Fallout

    I hope not beacuse that almost makes me wish for a Nuclear Winter

    [–] 13 NA Palkia / Dialga codes AceO235 1 points ago in pokemontrades

    Yeah i have an extra I'll pm you

    [–] Democrats Go All-Out to Avoid Disaster in California House Races AceO235 4 points ago in California

    While there is discord right now between alot of the candidates, I don't think people who are "Democrats" would denounce their own party suddenly for this sole reason, it might just be me but i find that really strange.

    [–] NA Dialga/Palkia codes AceO235 2 points ago in pokemontrades

    I got an extra one if anyone needs it

    [–] Democrats Go All-Out to Avoid Disaster in California House Races AceO235 14 points ago in California

    Is is me or is there suddenly alot more right leaning people in this sub? I've been noticing this for the past few months while lurking here and it bugs me beacuse this also happened in 2016 in various other subs and we know that was a big mess. 🤔

    [–] Deadpool - Expectations vs Reality AceO235 375 points ago in movies

    Mr.Cable i don't feel so good

    [–] Megathread: President Trump announces US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal AceO235 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in politics

    According to his history he's part of the "incel" group, so that explains why he agrees with another pathetic person's choices