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    [–] The only Koenigsegg one:1 in the USA AceO235 4 points ago in carporn

    member NFS underground?, i member :(

    [–] Princess Zelda cosplay from Breath of the wild AceO235 28 points ago in gaming

    Normal day in a life of a scientist i see

    [–] Official Discussion: Black Panther [SPOILERS] AceO235 3 points ago in movies

    Someone at Disney must really hate his personification of gollum/sméagel 🤔

    [–] Seems legit AceO235 3 points ago in videos

    You should check out Jaboody's second channel, they're even more funnier while playing games

    [–] Official Discussion: The Cloverfield Paradox [SPOILERS] AceO235 2 points ago in movies

    English is also the language of the sky/space, everyone who goes up past our atmosphere also has to know english.

    [–] Official Discussion: The Cloverfield Paradox [SPOILERS] AceO235 1 points ago in movies

    From what I gather this movie connects both Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane in some way, for example the dimension where Hamilton's kids are alive is the same one where 10 Cloverfield Lane happens and the one where she comes back to is the one where the original Cloverfield is set in

    [–] OH MY GOD A TRAILER AceO235 22 points ago in Cloververse


    [–] Cloverfield 3 to air on Netflix RIGHT AFTER THE SUPERBOWL!? AceO235 8 points ago in Cloververse

    I wonder if it will have a run at the theater thats what i was looking foward to :\

    [–] Official: 95 dead, 158 wounded in Afghan attack AceO235 6 points ago in worldnews

    You'd be surprised how many people dont get the memo

    [–] EarthQuake? AceO235 3 points ago in InlandEmpire

    Im also in upland but that jolt was enough to wake me up although it might just be beacuse my room is on a second floor

    [–] My take on the "drama". AceO235 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in DatGuyLirik

    This was a hard sentence to read

    Edit: Jesus, look at your history, Subreddits too. Why are you people so attracted to literal cancer?

    [–] Maybe Netlfix isnt so bad? AceO235 0 points ago in Cloververse

    Its licensed by Netflix in the US, many shows do this like Peaky Blinders