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    [–] Shots fired, two men down Achilles982 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I have no idea how Serbia is so high on this list. Its illegal here to own a gun with out a permit. There is no strong "gun culture". People dont talk guns, or show guns to brag. Ive only met couple of people who actually own guns.

    Also, Serbia has 4 times less murder rate then USA. Its around Europes average rate.

    [–] Does Celtic FC have protestant fans? Achilles982 1 points ago in CelticFC

    Well, of course they should be open for everybody, im not saying that. That is a good thing, but in reality things might be different.

    [–] Does Celtic FC have protestant fans? Achilles982 5 points ago in CelticFC

    Its weird, I looked at demographics of Scotland, and seems that there are twice as many protestants then catholics in Scotland.

    Also, Rangers seem more of a Scottish club DARE I SAY. Because Celtic has Irish colors, and literally screams IRELAND.

    I would assume more people from Scotland are Rangers fans. Maybe the problem is for them because Celtic is much better club for the past 20 years, so Rangers must have lost couple of fans in past two decades.

    [–] Does Celtic FC have protestant fans? Achilles982 6 points ago in CelticFC

    So nowdays its compltely random?

    I would assume that 50 years ago it was divided by religion, but even though times are (thankfully) way different now, most people still cheer for the club that their parents and grandparents cheered.

    [–] Roger Federer in Grand Slam Finals vs Djokovic, vs Nadal, and vs Everyone else Achilles982 72 points ago in tennis

    When it comes to Novak

    • 4:1 vs Roger Federer
    • 4:4 vs Nadal
    • 8:4 vs Others

    When it comes to Nadal

    • 6:3 vs Roger Federer
    • 4:4 vs Djokovic
    • 8:1 vs Everyone else

    [–] Cursed image pt. 2 Achilles982 5 points ago in tennis

    Andy aged pretty gracefully.

    Years have not been kind to Anderson.

    [–] Novak Djokovic is the 2019 Wimbledon Champion! Achilles982 426 points ago in tennis

    you can tell Roger hates this fucking plate so much lol