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    [–] Thought this might belong🤣 Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in forbiddensnacks

    That emoji immediately says, "I'm over 40 and don't do anything interesting."

    [–] Paperboy was one of a kind. Who remembers this game? Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in gaming

    Played the shit out of it on NES.

    Figured out early on the easiest way to get high scores was to lose all but one subscriber on the first day.

    [–] “Because There Was So Much Obstruction, It’s Impossible for Us to Know Whether There Was a Conspiracy” Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in politics

    I've heard that is part of the reason Russia has so many hackers - during the Communist revolution, there was a big distrust for government and rules because the leaders were considered corrupt. When the Communist regime also acted with corruption, this more deeply ingrained the societal distrust. That resulted in a norm of doing whatever you can get away with and blatantly lying to cover your tracks.

    It's not everyone obviously, but it is prevalent in the culture. The GOP has started using the same propaganda tactics the Russian Communists used - "the firehose of falsehood" and I worry the end result will have the same effect of putting to common man at one another's throats to the benefits of the oligarchs.

    [–] DM rips off popular story, gets mad at us for catching on and not playing along. [Long] Actually_a_Patrick 2 points ago in rpghorrorstories

    Taking all the base premises of Star Wars works fine for a D&D campaign, I think. The whole point of the film was to take a bunch of fairy tale "save the princess" story tropes and apply them to a science fiction backdrop.

    Switching the spaceships to ocean base ships gives the DM a lot of power to steer the story toward key points.

    But without a railroad, you can be sure it is going to veer off course pretty quickly, so you need to be flexible. It can be tons of fun if you just roll with it. I've ripped off and had my DMs rip off portions of movie plots. It's fun when the players don't notice until near the end and it's also fun when they realize early on and try to derail it - but only as long as everyone realizes that the game is collaborative story-telling and not the DM telling a story and not a competition.

    [–] pussipedia 💀 Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Something something spyroketes eating your brain.

    The "H" thing is interesting, herpes, hepatitis, HIV...

    [–] EP screams at me for buying Lube... Actually_a_Patrick 34 points ago in entitledparents


    Upvote if you agree with my opinion!

    [–] Wells Fargo Passwords Still Are Not Case Sensitive Actually_a_Patrick 8 points ago in personalfinance

    Ugh. I get it but specific password length and complexity requirements are infuriating. I use long gibberish complex passwords that are more than 12 characters but God help me if I didn't use ENOUGH capital letters or a special character.

    [–] Wells Fargo Passwords Still Are Not Case Sensitive Actually_a_Patrick 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Mine was with Cenlar and it was OK. Then they sent it to some other bank that didn't even have their web interface for mortgage payments set up yet.

    [–] T O I L E T Actually_a_Patrick 2 points ago in VaporwaveAesthetics

    Of course that's a thing.

    When I was a kid, my grandparents owned a farm. They had this old little farmhouse, well-maintained, that was build by hand by my great great grandfather.

    It had been updated over the years and was probably due for one during my childhood, but the 60s/70s style was immaculate. They kept everything in good shape.

    One thing I distinctly remember was the bathroom. It had a normal vertical pully-type window that you could just see out of if you were on the toilet. There was a gauzy curtain in front of it for privacy but from in the bathroom you could see the broad green lawn and the farm beyond. It was usually open in summer and you'd get a breeze and could hear the wind chimes.

    Pooping with a view is underrated.

    [–] 95% of ETHTrader when they see the "Golden Cross" posts Actually_a_Patrick 37 points ago in ethtrader

    The TA on ETH is garbage. For every remotely correct prediction, there are a dozen wholly incorrect one. That's not prediction, that's dice-rolling.

    [–] An abandoned neighborhood in Daggett, California. Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    Being a landlord and maintaining detached residential property is a lot of work. It's not really something a county government is set up to do very efficiently. I don't doubt they were losing money.

    [–] assert doninance by feeding your child! Actually_a_Patrick 3 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    I just read this as a window into the mind of the person saying it. Imagine if all of your actions were based on trying to show dominance.

    [–] I needed a nasty looking zombie for an upcoming adventure and though I'd try speed painting some. Actually_a_Patrick 2 points ago in PrintedMinis

    Looks great for a speed paint!

    I would suggest a little highlighting on the face though. Kinda blends in with the other lumps.

    ...Man these Photon posts are really making me reconsider my budget. I was looking for an inexpensive Maker and just thinking I would be able to accept visible layering, but now that I have spent time in this sub, I'm not sure if be willing to accept the much lower quality.

    [–] An abandoned neighborhood in Daggett, California. Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    Tl;dr, it was a military base so costs of infrastructure really didn't matter. When the military returned the land to the county, they tried renting the houses out but the rent didn't cover the costs of maintaining the houses and services the houses required. There's no good reason for there to be a Neighborhood there.

    [–] Let him wander around the house. Thought I lost him but he was next to the potatoes Actually_a_Patrick 1 points ago in aww

    Maybe he is lonely. Rabbits are social creatures and have a hard time if they don't have another rabbit around.

    [–] "GIVE MY CHILD THAT GIANT CHOCOLATE BAR" "It's a book!" Actually_a_Patrick 3 points ago in entitledparents

    The joy of learning this for the first time.

    Chocolate laxatives have been around a long time.

    Just be careful with pranking. In this case for example, it wouldn't be fair to the kid.