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    [–] Who will be the nation's "second favourite" team this year? AdamE89 3 points ago in AFL

    Just because always beat your mob, doesn't mean you have to ignore us 😂

    [–] Has anyone seen these ads around Reddit? Or what they are about. AdamE89 6 points ago in AFL

    It just seems mind-bogglingly stupid to me. If you recognise him, you know that the story's mostly shit, and if you don't, you almost certainly won't care enough to click on it.

    The reason those dodgy scam calls are made to look so obviously fake, is so they can weed out the idiots. Like when someone calls you asking for your credit card number for a chance to win $1 million dollars or some obvious fake shit, it can go one of two ways, that being, "Nah fuck off mate I'm not stupid" hangs up phone or "tell me more about this million dollars".. Then the Scam artist is like " we got a potential dip shit, let's focus on him/her."