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    [–] This is subreddit is not at war against /r/FrenchToastMemes anymore AdamE89 9 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    We forgive and we forget! Now let's stuff our faces in some delicious Garlic Bread!

    [–] Daddy devito AdamE89 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in dankmemes

    No it’s not, hey everyone, Devito is a .......

    [–] Just watched Sleepaway Camp... AdamE89 6 points ago in horror

    Oh shit man, that sounds awful. I’m 27 now and that image traumatized me for months. When I was outside at night, (say I was coming back from dinner or whatever) and it was like 11pm and I was alone, I would sprint from my car, around the side of the house and quickly unlock the back door to the house to get in before Angela gets me. Having seen the ending some 100 times now in the last few months, Ive been able to overcome my fear and I don’t scare of her anymore. But still damn, show that scene at 3am to someone who has never even heard of the movie and well....... here is where they will be for the next few weeks.

    [–] Just watched Sleepaway Camp... AdamE89 3 points ago in horror

    but I feel like most of the time this movie comes up, I'm the only one that saw it coming very early in the movie.

    Not denying that you did but surely you didn’t suspect she was Peter. I can see how you could have guessed your way to predicting her to be the killer but to predict both that she is the killer and also she is actually Peter, is way too difficult.

    [–] Just Unsubbed from r/gaming AdamE89 7 points ago in JustUnsubbed

    I subbed when I first joined reddit

    We all did.

    [–] "You mean there are repercussions for my actions?" AdamE89 0 points ago in facepalm

    With a name like that, I see you probs just wanna bang her hey