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    [–] Simple Questions 05/19 AdamE89 3 points ago in DebateReligion

    Well yeah I have always wondered what Christians believe about the Trinity, but every time the question is asked in here it's just the same old same old, no one has any idea…

    [–] The People of /r/mildlyinfuriating and /r/oddlysatisfying VS. /u/LucidWindspark For Attempted Karma Theft, Mild Infuriation, and Destroying the Evidence AdamE89 20 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in KarmaCourt

    Thank you Bailiff.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, after a very brief deliberation, the jury came to a unanimous decision, finding /u/LucidWindspark guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    I had a very hard time deciding what an acceptable penalty would be.

    I took into consideration much of what the defence attorney, /u/Yanky_Doodle_Dickwad had said and honestly I can't help but laugh at his main argument, "Just to make it crystal clear, my client's two posts are one post. It is a performance piece. This is concept art."

    I mean you cannot call gaining karma an art. I believe I have a good understanding of the karma system, with over 4.5million karma myself, and I can assure you acquiring karma is anything but an art or skill.

    While I was just about to decide on a lenient sentence, given the defendant's lack of criminal history, I found the evidence presented by prosecutor, /u/nicholas818 too hard to ignore. The evidence, highlighted, that the defendant was going to commit the same crime again tomorrow and thus shows no lack of remorse for his victims and if I let him off too easily, well then he's just gonna do it again so there needs to be a significant punishment.

    Before I hand down my sentence, Bailiff /u/wazowski_kachowski will you please stand behind the defendant.

    I therefore sentence /u/LucidWindspark to 45 years behind bars, with no possibility of parole until 17 years has been served.

    Bangs gavel and heads to bar across road.

    [–] The People of /r/mildlyinfuriating and /r/oddlysatisfying VS. /u/LucidWindspark For Attempted Karma Theft, Mild Infuriation, and Destroying the Evidence AdamE89 3 points ago in KarmaCourt

    Hijacking reply to top comment because important message must be seen by all.

    We now are coming to the concluding stages of the case and require all seven jury members to exit the court room, where you will be amongst each other for the next 45 minutes deciding the verdict of this case.

    I will see you all back in here in 45 minutes.

    Bailiff /u/wazowski_kachowski, can you please do your announcement?