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    [–] Meth low dose oral studying. How long without sleep? AdamE89 1 points ago in Stims

    4 years ago at uni, I was studying 4 subjects this one particular semester and I didn't do anything all semester for one of the subjects, as it was too fucking hard (online student, only had to go into uni for exams). This one subject which I did nothing for, was my last exam, as I had already done the other three exams for the other three subjects. It was 6 o'clock at Thursday night and exam was at 11am Friday the next day and I had no motivation even though it was the last exam and 4 months of holidays after this exam. Anyway, called my dealer and I got half a gram, smoked maybe 3-4 pts and read 3/4 of the text book, all the lecture notes and did all the tutorial questions and I ended up getting a 66% for the exam and passed (there was no assignment grade, just an exam grade and needed 50% to pass).

    Good luck.

    [–] Moderation Update: Post Titles and Content AdamE89 1 points ago in AFL

    Spot on. I mod quite a few sub's (big and small) and this is the approach I always take. Let the up votes decide, if it's a terrible post, it will go nowhere. This sub although small in subscriber numbers, has heaps of threads, so the small sub issue shouldn't be a problem.

    [–] Port Adelaide launch investigation amid sexual assault claims AdamE89 11 points ago in AFL

    And yet after 177 comments, I'm the first to ask, what was he even doing at a night club that late during the season?

    [–] Suns record breaking ‘home’ game helped break the 2nd highest single round attendance record. AdamE89 2 points ago in AFL

    That's a good list I must say but I think and I could be wrong but, you can't have both Adel and Port having home games in the same round at AO.

    [–] Are there really no FTA games on in Adelaide today? AdamE89 6 points ago in AFL

    How can you live in Adelaide and not have Foxtel? I'd go mad, what else is there to do?

    Relax I'm just being a cheeky cunt

    [–] Upvotes are asleep, mod Ewan. AdamE89 0 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    Bro I don’t even know who he is or what the meme is about.

    [–] Upvotes are asleep, mod Ewan. AdamE89 7 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    What's wrong with you? This is a peaceful sub, don't have to be so angry, but we forgive you.

    [–] Eagles delayed telecast whinge thread AdamE89 2 points ago in AFL

    Do you follow Tottenham too?

    [–] Eagles delayed telecast whinge thread AdamE89 -5 points ago in AFL

    Why do u follow dogs and live in WA?

    [–] X-post from r/memes AdamE89 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in GarlicBreadMemes

    X-post from r/memes Repost from here

    [–] [Meme] Any ideas which anime/hentai this is from? AdamE89 1 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Yes we get it, its too long but its already at the top. Happy Easter!

    [–] You know what to do! AdamE89 1 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    Hehe good man!

    [–] Melbourne fan melting down in a pub when the Dees lost AdamE89 -2 points ago in AFL

    If 100 people walked passed it, would they be able to recognise what team it was or that it was even an AFL scalf?