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    [–] It's the /r/melbourne random discussion thread [Wednesday 20/09/2017] AdamE89 2 points ago in melbourne

    Yeah The Mist has an outrageously fantastic, all but sad ending. However, I just find the ending of Sleepaway Camp something else. Easily considered the most unexpected/shocking twist ending in all of horror if not movie history.

    [–] It's the /r/melbourne random discussion thread [Wednesday 20/09/2017] AdamE89 2 points ago in melbourne

    Not my favourite movie but my favourite ending to a movie = Sleepaway Camp.

    [–] The sacrifice of Jesus wasn't very impressive AdamE89 4 points ago in DebateReligion

    You think that Jesus wasn't aware that by challenging all the authoritative figures of the time, and by calling them a brood of vipers (Matthew 3:7), that it could potentially lead to them killing him?

    Jesus is God though. So yeah, of course Jesus was aware, seeing as how God is omniscient and they didn't really kill him, seeing as though God can't die and is thus eternal. It just seems like God wanted to play a game with us or something.

    [–] Weekly Watch -- Week #3: Scream (1996) AdamE89 2 points ago in HorrorReviewed

    I'm sure majority of people have seen this by now but it had been so long I had forgotten who the killer was but with that said I picked up on something early early that helped me figure things out.

    What was it?

    [–] Of all the subs, which would you consider the absolute MOST cancer? AdamE89 3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in subredditcancer

    Funny mods are shit, they ban and mute for no reason and they ban users with lots of karma.

    Gaming mods are the best of the giant subs. No bullshit bans or post removals. They know how to properly mod unlike most defaults.

    [–] Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) /R/HORROR Official Discussion AdamE89 1 points ago in horror

    Didn't see the first two, didn't really need to

    I hope by now you have seen the first one just for the ending.

    [–] Banned for 10 days, I try to defend myself and then he changed my ban to a permanent ban. AdamE89 4 points ago in subredditcancer

    I hope you didn't start off by saying "What he fuck?"

    But if you don't agree with it, you shouldn't reply with "10 day ban for that, come on?"

    Yes mods are asshole cunts but soccer mods are quite OK!

    Doesn't matter that your account is new, anyone can and will get banned in at least 1 10 subs for nothing.

    But yeah it's hard to know the context in your scenario

    [–] No idea why I was banned from /r/food, asked mods. They were so very very helpful AdamE89 12 points ago in subredditcancer

    Finding a message in modmail from 10 months ago in a subreddit that has 12.3 million subscribers is not realistic whatsoever. It's a bitch just to find one message from a day or two ago. Admin did not give mods any reasonable tools for this circumstance. This is why we asked you to provide a ban message

    hypocrite much?

    Also just see what the ban reason says next to his name, that can at least shed some light.

    [–] Aside from obvious answers (e.g. Martyrs and The Orphanage), what horror movie(s) broke your heart? AdamE89 2 points ago in horror

    I'm talking about the kind of movies that can be described as depressing, devastating, visceral, bleak, miserable, gut-wrenching, emotionally-draining - the ones that stayed with you for days, kept you up all night, and maybe even yielded a few tears, all while scaring the hell out of you for one reason or another.

    Sleepaway camp...

    [–] Of all the subs, which would you consider the absolute MOST cancer? AdamE89 35 points ago in subredditcancer

    /r/funny - it's personal

    /r/gaming easily the best / less strict of the defaults (shut up I know defaults don't exist anymore).

    [–] You know what to do! AdamE89 3 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    Find DigitalizedOrange and attack him!

    [–] You know what to do! AdamE89 80 points ago in GarlicBreadMemes

    Don't lie. We know you gilded yourself.