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    [–] Now Gimesltob is trying to defame the guy he assaulted Adariel 14 points ago in tennis

    Apparently you're guilty until proven innocent on this subreddit lol

    How about you try "guilty when proven guilty." No one needs to spoon feed you news when you could have easily Googled his name in a fraction of the time it took you to leave so many comments defending him.

    [–] Now Gimesltob is trying to defame the guy he assaulted Adariel 8 points ago in tennis

    18 hours ago you were already all playing the game of "what did Justin do?" and yet you'd still rather leave dozens of comments defending him instead of Googling his name or reading the replies that people gave you.

    Yeah sure you're not defending him, that's why you aggressively ask if there's evidence and continue to deny whether it actually happened. Don't hide behind your willful ignorance.

    [–] Now Gimesltob is trying to defame the guy he assaulted Adariel 14 points ago in tennis

    Interesting that you're so eager to defend him and yet can't be bothered to Google his name. His case has been all over the news, but you'd rather rudely call someone out for supposedly not having evidence and operating on feelings when there are details everywhere. In the time you took to write your comments with all your questions, you could have answered your own questions. Who's the one operating on feelings here?

    [–] Woman arrested in dumping of 7 newborn puppies into Coachella dumpster Adariel 2 points ago in news

    Sadly, people dumping animals happens probably far more than you think. I adopted my cat as a kitten from a foster who saved her & her siblings from being euthanized in a shelter. She was one of 3 kittens abandoned on the side of a road in a cardboard box. They were a little less than 3 months old and were very socialized with humans (friendly) which meant that they had belonged to someone before they were dumped and weren't just feral kittens.

    [–] Monte Carlo takeaways: All bets are off for the French Open Adariel 13 points ago in tennis

    But his status as the heavy favorite at the French Open is on hold. many years have we heard some variation of this? I feel like I can dig up year and year of Pete Bodo saying the same thing.

    Rafa loses a match on clay to someone who has beaten him before on clay and suddenly he isn't the heavy favorite for the FO anymore? Yeah right. Whether or not he actually wins the FO again this year, to say that his status as the heavy favorite for the FO is in doubt is pure wishful thinking.

    [–] Thousands Left LA, and Experts Say Rent is to Blame Adariel 2 points ago in LosAngeles

    38,000 of CA's total population is a drop in the bucket though. It isn't even one small town's worth. I mean, my tiny hometown in SoCal that's got an area smaller than 7 square miles still has a 52k population.

    [–] Books where the main character is a villain, anti-hero or an unreliable narrator. Adariel 2 points ago in YAlit

    You” by Caroline Kepnes

    Ohh, thanks for mentioning this, I keep forgetting to add it to my TBR pile and I've been wanting to try it b/c the Netflix series based on this book had such interesting reviews.

    [–] Books where the main character is a villain, anti-hero or an unreliable narrator. Adariel 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in YAlit

    I haven't read Six of Crows so I'll take your word for it. But I wouldn't say Ismae from Grave Mercy is cold or does vile things and her character is very sympathetic from the start - not selfish, evil, or unreliable (which are the characteristics OP lists). I mean the book opens with her being sold off by her abusive dad into an abusive arranged marriage and escaping into a convent of assassin nuns...oh and she has a special immunity to poison because her mom tried to abort her in the womb. It doesn't get much more sympathetic than that! The one characteristic that could be stretched to be considered "evil" about her is that she's an assassin, but even then, in the context of the book, she's doing the holy/religious work of a god of death, so... And she barely does any assassinating. If we're judging YA characters by body count, she's going to be ranked somewhere pretty far down in the hundreds.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good series and worth a read. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't really match the description of what OP says he/she wants. Ismae is not a villain, anti-hero, or unreliable.

    [–] Sri Lankan police issued an intelligence alert warning that terrorists planned to hit ‘prominent churches’ 10 days before Easter bombings Adariel 3 points ago in worldnews

    There's always that one redditor who's just plain nuts. I got into an argument once with someone who took issue with my offhand comment about how the pith of a lime is "inedible" (b/c it's bitter) and they literally spent days PMing me and replying to all my other comments, no matter how random, even after I said that they were technically right and I should have said it wasn't "palatable." I wish I had that much time to waste and energy to care about something that stupid!

    [–] Books where the main character is a villain, anti-hero or an unreliable narrator. Adariel 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in YAlit

    Marissa Meyer's Fairest is a side novel in her Lunar Chronicles series but is from the perspective of the evil queen in her Cinderella adaptation. It shows how she eventually turned into the villain of the series by doing pretty atrocious things like killing her lover and burning kids. I was pretty impressed that the author was able to write this without downplaying just how evil the queen is in the series - she's cruel, controlling, and just crazy (and w/o going into spoilers, rape-y too. yeah, the author actually went there). Fits your description to a T, really, and I think you can read it without reading the rest of the series. I will say that you're not meant to sympathize with her AT ALL, so maybe this is actually a little over the top compared to what you're looking for. She's as close to a sociopath as I've seen in any YA novel and the author does a good job of showing that she's not just misunderstood or pitiful, she's straight up just horrible.

    The same author also wrote a standalone novel called Heartless which is about how the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland turned crazy/evil and all infamously "off with their heads!"

    I didn't personally like either book that much, but I'm not a fan of the selfish, vile protagonist type to begin with so it's hard for me to enjoy these types of books... that said, both definitely have unreliable narrators and you can see how they justify their evil actions as reactions to the unfortunate things that happen to them. There is a lot of rationalization going on and they're unreliable by default from their self-centered narrative perspective.

    I think Meyer has been experimenting with this a lot because she also recently started another series, the Renegades (first book has the same name) which focuses on the "archvillains" of a superhero world. But the narrator is more like a 2nd generation legacy that isn't actually bad, but ended up on the wrong side of the war, and ended up questioning everything even though initially she wanted revenge.

    [–] Books where the main character is a villain, anti-hero or an unreliable narrator. Adariel 3 points ago in YAlit

    I don't think this is a great recommendation - I really like Grave Mercy and the rest of the books in that series, but the protagonist is definitely not selfish, evil, or unreliable. She comes with a tragic backstory and was trained as an assassin, but even her successful assassinations end up more novice-like than coldblooded.

    The 2nd book in the series, Dark Triumph, is a tiny bit closer to OP's description but while the protagonist is a bit more selfish and hardened, she's even more sympathetic because her back story is even darker and more hopeless.

    [–] [PSA] Google suggested this article for me today. I cannot express to you how seriously we (humble, non-celebrity, regular ol’ humans) need to remember this. Click to expand photo. Adariel 80 points ago in SkincareAddiction

    At least in the US, "good teeth" doesn't refer to having functioning, healthy teeth, but good-looking teeth from orthodontics and to a lesser extent, other cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening. I never had the benefit of braces as a teenager and even as an adult, it cost around $4k-5k for my already mostly straight teeth, which is NOT covered by insurance. Difficult cases can cost upward of $10k.

    [–] First time using Redbox. If you do this, you are a total piece of shit. Adariel 2 points ago in gaming

    What's to stop Person 2 from putting in a piece of paper and claiming that it was already there when they rented it?

    [–] TIFU by eating first and asking questions later Adariel 4 points ago in tifu

    "Power posing" still gets mentioned all over the internet but the original research has been discredited and retracted. Multiple studies failed to replicate the results and the original studies were full of flaws, including p-hacking, leading to the lead author admitting that the effects were not real.

    [–] Good YA Series Worldbuilding? Adariel 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in YAlit

    This is an adult UF series, but you should seriously check out Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series. It's not like GOT or LOTR in feel, but all the mythology is very well researched, the world building actually makes sense, and I can think of no other author (well, pair of authors as it's a husband and wife team) that does such a great job.

    I would also second the recommendations for Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, which has the epic/historical breadth of LOTR and warring civilizations. But in general, I do think that you're not going to find much of a ASOIAF or LOTR in YA fantasy, which is generally much shallower and less thought out.

    If you haven't checked out Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart trilogy, there is some very immersive and intense worldbuilding. Again, it's an adult series but based on the ages of the first book, I suppose these days it could be marketed as YA except for the explicit themes.

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in YAlit

    That's right! I read Perfect Ruin and liked the concept a lot too but I can't tell you what Burning Kingdoms was about because I couldn't follow it at all. I just remember them being camped out in like a hotel or something like that and a whole lot of nothing happening, to the point where I got caught up in her pretty prose but thought maybe I missed something. I told myself I'd try again once the whole trilogy was complete but then forgot all about it - I'm not surprised to hear that the last book and ending was a mess. I think you hit the nail right on the head, she's very good with creating these interesting and unique worlds but I remember even from Perfect Ruin, the 2nd half's plot was already falling apart.

    [–] Bernard Tomic has never broken a tennis racquet. Adariel 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in tennis

    Since you're spamming the same thing over at Tennis Warehouse, I'll borrow the picture that was posted there of him clearly breaking a racquet

    But other than that, saying he deserves respect for that (not that the claim is even true) or that it's from "humbleness" is pretty hilarious. He apparently tore up the Wimbledon lawn.

    He played down the incident, and even suggested it was a good sign.

    "I’m not normally like that, but it’s a good sign of relief when you smash a racquet," Tomic said.

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 4 points ago in YAlit

    Well, it's not meant to be ok. Dystopian literature makes us ask questions about humanity and our social structures precisely because it's dystopian. It's a bit like saying that people don't like what The Handmaid's Tale (which obviously inspired DeStefano) portrays...of course they don't and of course it's not okay. The not okay-ness of it all is the point.

    [–] Three veterans in five days die by suicide at VA facilities Adariel 1 points ago in news

    Uh, you're not the OP, how do you know they ran an immediate pregnancy test?

    Yes, of course they will do a CT if the benefits outweigh the risks (which is the consideration that goes into all diagnostic testing) but you don't order a CT scan because of suspected ectopic pregnancy, you do an ultrasound. Your comment doesn't really make sense.

    [–] ELI5: If too much salt is considered bad for you, how do people in countries like Japan and other Asian countries stay so healthy when their food is so high in sodium? Adariel 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in explainlikeimfive

    It's important for people to pay attention to the DATES of these studies and findings. Guidelines in medicine actually do change over time, but often decades after large amounts of findings have already shown them to be ineffective.

    The problem is that the status quo is heavily favored and despite overwhelming amounts of evidence to the contrary, few institutes are willing to backtrack - the Harvard article you linked is a great example of people acknowledging 5 years ago that the data is not strong but out of caution, why not just keep following low sodium guidelines.

    Just remember how long it took to change all our dietary guidelines despite all the data out there - look at how long it took to ban trans fats, or to reconfigure the food pyramid, and especially how long it takes to overturn guidelines from what we see as trusted authorities (e.g. Harvard research!!!) but that we now all know were heavily influenced by industry. How many decades of "butter is bad for you" resulted in everyone eating the "healthier" alternative of margarine, which we now know is actually much worse? Not to mention how much harm has been done because of dietary guidelines to avoid salt and fat, which caused food manufacturers to turn to adding sugar.

    Anyone interested in cardiovascular health and sodium should take a look at the Framingham Heart Study and the data that came out of it.

    Edit: Everyone should just remember that science isn't set in stone once it's published. This desperate need for "the TRUTH" when it comes to dietary guidelines is exactly what makes them so difficult to change...and why people still cite the "science" of vaccines being linked to autism, despite all the retractions and research that should make it thoroughly debunked. Even the most prestigious scientific journals (like Wakefield & The Lancet) have published major scientific findings that ended up being 100% junk...and yet those same retracted papers get cited hundreds and thousands of times, even forming the basis of other papers.

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in YAlit

    The Chemical Garden trilogy by Lauren DeStefano. The first book (Wither) had an absolutely gorgeous cover that paired perfectly with the creepy and mysterious story. I still remember specific scenes from it and each of the sister wives made a lasting impression.

    I read Books 2 and 3 but I honestly can't even tell you what happened in them, although I do remember that I was really disgusted by how bad the last book ended up being. I know I wasn't the only one who really liked the first book and hated the trilogy by the end because I went to the GR page to rant about it but it was littered with one and two star reviews, so I just upvoted other people's rants LOL

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 3 points ago in YAlit

    I agree as well, I like the series, but Poison Study was on a different level. I LOVED that book, I still have a signed copy from the author (she held a giveaway in the early days where she actually shipped a signed book to you for free if you recommended it to 5 other people) and I've reread it several times. I haven't reread any of the rest - I enjoyed them, but they don't give me that amazing book high I got from Poison Study.

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 1 points ago in YAlit

    Then I read Empire of Night and the came the gloom of girl-can't-be-a-badass-and-in-love syndrome.

    I would really encourage you to read the 3rd book - IMO, she did redeem herself in the end and saved the story/characters. I felt the same way you did after Empire of Night and was dreading how the 3rd book would go, but I'm glad I read it in the end. The pairings are probably not what you expect.

    My biggest problem with the Age of Legends trilogy (Sea of Shadows is the first book) is that I was a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong's adult Cainsville series and she was writing both series at the same time, so the characters and mannerisms were all the same. It really drove me crazy. I'm a big Armstrong fan overall but recently I've stopped reading her books because they all end up the same - you see the same characters, essentially, just in slightly different situations, but even the plots and twists end up being pretty much predictable because she does the same things every time!

    [–] Series that let you down? Adariel 8 points ago in YAlit

    I remember feeling the same way - I mean, I didn't LOVE book 1, but I could see why it was as popular as it was and I did enjoy reading it, despite feeling like the worldbuilding and overall story was really cliche and had been done by many other authors. But I struggled to keep reading Book 2 and by the end I pretty much lost interest in the story.