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    [–] Will ‘basic income’ become the California norm? Stockton starts $500 no-strings payments Adariel 5 points ago in LosAngeles

    studies that show how how housing a homeless person can actually be cheaper than leaving them homeless because they are no longer a drain on public services

    This is one of those 'fine in theory, doesn't work well in reality' solutions. Those studies don't take into account any changes in the number of homeless as a result of these policies. Yes, if you have 100 homeless in a city and you house them, those 100 might no longer be a drain on public services, so it's cheaper...until 500 more migrate to that city from neighboring regions, because why wouldn't you go to a city that houses you as opposed to stay in one that doesn't?

    [–] 8 years later, I often forget what a paradigm shift 2011 was. Here was 2011 me writing it down to make some sense of it. Adariel 8 points ago in tennis

    I really, really like your handwriting, it could totally be a font! I like the little serif touches that you've added to your characters and numbers - makes them just a tiny bit fancy but still very readable.

    Aside from that, I think most Rafa fans are still haunted even now by those finals losses to Djokovic in 2011.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Adariel 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I would say it's pretty common to resort to joking to break the awkwardness, depending on the situation. Context is everything when considering whether it's appropriate.

    The kind of treatments I do right now often require people to be naked - like having their breasts exposed, or we're putting things right next to or at the patient's groin, or even helping them putting their balls into a protective device.

    There's no getting around how awkward the situation is, so all you can do is joke about it.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Adariel 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    And I would sit in the corner and you would be AMAZED at the way the presence of another human being would make a wild patient act more together

    Oh, definitely. Same reason why most male practitioners insist on a female of any sort (RN, therapist, tech, etc.) in the room while doing any sort of exam that might ever possibly be misconstrued as inappropriate. It's pretty sad how it's necessary and expected for women to always be on guard against harassment and for men to always be on guard against claims of harassment, even in medical settings. And again, it's not every man or every woman who causes problems, but the few that do break down the trust so badly for both sides.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Adariel 117 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    When I was an intern, there was one time that this super gross old guy just completely flashed me on purpose. I mean the instructions were to undress only from the waist up and the opening of the gown goes on the back and I always repeat the last part again because people do get confused.

    Of course he took off his pants, underwear, put the gown on backwards, and opened up for me as soon as I came to get him into the room. I stared at him in the eye, told him to put on the gown with the opening to the back and he had the gall to laugh.

    On a funnier note, someone in the ER once actually tried the absolute corniest "am I dying? because you look like an angel!" line on me, and with a straight face at that.

    [–] Does anyone else have any slightly weird, highly specific literary pet peeves? Adariel 18 points ago in YAlit

    This is maybe way too specific because it's about one author, but Sarah J Maas' repetitive use of certain words and phrases that are just jarring every single time you come across them because they don't really make sense.

    For example, she freaking LOVES the phrase "her X barked with pain." Like her knees, her knuckles, her hands, you name it, you got it, they all "bark" with pain. I am pretty sure this is in every single one of her published books and I laughed my head off when it showed up in Catwoman (which was so bad for me, it was a DNF).

    She also loves characters who click their tongues - my BF was reading the Throne of Glass series because I forced him to (I was reading ToG back when it was Queen of Glass on and got so annoyed, he started counting it. At least five clicks of the tongue in about 250 pages. That one also showed up in Catwoman.

    And then I'm sure there have been whole discussions about this, but the whole "good male" and "good female" noun usage. Ok, I get that her characters are fae and otherwise nonhuman, plus she likes to play up the biological/animal "mate" aspect, but c'mon! There are plenty of alternatives that don't sound so appallingly awkward. It's hard for me to take any scene seriously where her characters start spouting the whole "you should get with so-and-so, he's a good male!" business.

    [–] Does anyone else have any slightly weird, highly specific literary pet peeves? Adariel 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in YAlit

    Oh god, you just reminded me that House of Night exists. It's ok, years ago I saw another person's comment making fun of the writer's writing and they linked to a preview of the same author's other book on Google. I mean, how can you not burst out laughing at this stuff:

    Isabel's heart dropped right to her vagina and started throbbing there.

    [–] Hi my name is Cenarius, people keep spamming me the same questions over and over, so I wanted to post my story! scroll by if not interested Adariel 5 points ago in RotMG

    There's quite a bit of research on video game addiction and the problems caused by excessive video gaming, both of which might interest you. Your brain gets used to the cycle of excitement and adrenaline+dopamine release just like with other addictive behaviors.

    I can't seem to find it right now, but there are a great article/research a few years ago about why video games feel so rewarding to players, particularly young male teenagers who historically at that point in their physical & biological development would be engaging in conflict & coming of age tests/rituals. The modern world doesn't really have activities outside of sports that give the same "high" or reward payoff in your brain w/ the release of dopamine. I mean, very few people complete some difficult homework assignment and feel the same as if they've completed a quest or defeated a boss.

    Anyway, all this can lead to a cycle of depression because while your brain feels rewarded, the effects are temporary and you're smart enough to realize that at the end of the day, you haven't actually gained anything of value. So you get more depressed, which makes you spend more time on gaming in order to feel "better" and ultimately it just spirals down from there.

    There's also a simple but great comic strip I came across on reddit a few years ago illustrating how people will play a video game or watch TV (or do whatever they like in procrastination) and then feel like shit at the end of the day, vs. getting their work done and actually enjoying it when they play their game or watch TV after. Let me try to find it...

    [–] Cheating in college tennis is getting out of hand.. Terrible call at Michigan vs Cornell Adariel 1 points ago in tennis

    And the picture of where it's coming down shows that it will land inside the court, so what's the problem?

    I mean, projectile motion is a very basic physics problem. This is a lob too, you can't even argue that it was traveling at a very high speed. The ball can't magically change its trajectory from what is recorded in the picture, and the trajectory clearly shows that it lands inside.

    Note that this is exactly the way HawkEye works - by calculating trajectory and recreating a picture of the ball, rather than relying on actual video/photo evidence of the landing of the ball (the exact moment it touches the ground), and yet HawkEye has very small margins of error (outside of clay courts).

    [–] Mom who seduced teen sentenced to 1 year in jail; DA calls sentence double standard Adariel 2 points ago in news

    About a decade ago, I met a 19 year old in CA who had been charged with statutory rape when he was 18 years old - despite consensual sex - because the parents of his 17 year old girlfriend hated him. He and the gf had birthdays that were only 9 months apart. He actually got registered as sex offender.

    So yes, sometimes having a cutoff AOC is just as stupid as it sounds and leads to stupid applications of the law. After several cases of this they probably changed the law but as everyone knows, YMMV w/ the court systems based on your wealth & access to resources. Any European meeting the guy would probably think the US completely is ass backwards about sex.

    [–] Mom who seduced teen sentenced to 1 year in jail; DA calls sentence double standard Adariel 2 points ago in news

    Without Romeo & Juliet laws (probably named that because they were 13-14 year olds in the play), the law would descend into absurdity. If a 15 and 16 year old had sex in a state where the AOC is 16, the 16 year old could get charged with statutory rape. And what about 13 & 14 year olds, or mad parents who want to sue each other for the "rape" of their respective child. As it is, there are plenty of cases about an 18 year old (senior in HS) having consensual sex with a 16 or 17 year old (sophomore or junior) and being charged with statutory rape b/c of angry parents, despite a 2 age gap being perfectly normal at those ages.

    [–] Looking for YA or New adult book set in a University. Adariel 10 points ago in YAlit

    Try Poison Study by Maria V Snyder; the second book is somewhat set in a magical academy. The other books in that fantasy world have characters who are basically college students too.

    [–] LPT: If you have illegal drugs in your system and find yourself in the hospital PLEASE be honest and disclose exactly what you've taken or what you believe you've taken. Care providers are not the police; the quality of your outcome might depend on such information. Adariel 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    Have you ever considered how many people she's probably seen wind up hurt or dead because of stupid decisions to take drugs (and sometimes not the people taking them)?

    She's a nurse - exactly. She is not some superhuman robot. While she should have acted more professional, she's human too and has her own feelings and beliefs, her own experiences that influenced them for better or worse. I guarantee you as an ER nurse she's seen some of the worst of humanity.

    [–] “Just do you know the surgeon can refuse” Adariel 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in TwoXChromosomes

    they have no right to refuse doing their job

    What are you talking about? Doctors absolutely have the right to refuse giving a treatment to a patient (except for emergency treatments), just as a patient has the right to refuse to accept treatment.

    Patients are certainly free to try to find another doctor to do the procedure, but by no means do patients have the right to demand treatment. The physician's right to refuse to perform certain types of procedures, such as abortion, is well documented in US, state, and international laws. Simply put, you do not get to go up to a medical professional and demand that they do something for you, whether or not you feel that it is their "job." The only time you have a right to care is for emergency care.

    If you want your big toe cut off because you hate it, see no need for it, and seriously are 100% dead sure you really, truly, absolutely must have your big toe cut off and are willing to sign a stack of paperwork stating still doesn't mean you can go to a surgeon, demand for it to be cut off, and he/she must comply.

    [–] Whenever I click on a “#X of replies” it just disappears and I can’t read the replies. Adariel 1 points ago in beta

    I have this same issue but only on one sub and it's been happening for over a year. Not on mobile either, and no way every single "#X of replies" is a deleted comment in every single thread of that sub on every single day. Such an annoying bug.

    [–] Bug: Sometimes child comments disappear when you tap on ones that are initially collapsed Adariel 1 points ago in apolloapp

    I've had this for over a year now. Every single child comment disappears when you click on the "load more replies." Only happens to me in one particular subreddit.

    [–] Looking for recommendations for YA kit with a theme of sustainability or environmental awareness. Adariel 1 points ago in YAlit

    Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis (her debut novel.) I'm not sure if this counts as an environmental or sustainability focus, but the book is basically a post-apocalyptic survival tale about a world where water is extremely scarce.

    The way that the heroine and her mother learn to disinfect their water by using the sun is actually a way that the WHO and various other agencies recommend in developing countries.

    [–] What happens to all the trash people throw on the streets after rain. Adariel 2 points ago in LosAngeles

    Can't decide if this is worse or better than the dude who was in front of me on the freeway - he threw out his fast food trash from the left side of the car. About 1 minute later, they threw out more trash from the right side of the car.

    On one hand, being next to a trash can and still throwing it on the ground is ridiculous, on the other hand...throwing out trash on the freeway while going 65+ is a legit driving hazard and can cause accidents. Some humans are just too shitty.

    [–] Dystopian Novels Staring POC? Adariel 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in YAlit

    Sounds interesting, but first thing I thought of was that it's a good thing the author is black (and to a lesser extent British) because the US YA Twitter mobs would have had such an amazing meltdown if the author had been anything other than black.

    Edit: I just checked it out, I'm sure it helped immensely that it was published in 2001. I can't imagine a book with that synopsis managing to get published in recent years without people flipping out, despite the message being obviously anti-racism.

    [–] What are you reading? (February 1, 2019) Adariel 1 points ago in YAlit

    I've been rereading Sarah J Maas' Queen of Glass (the original) because I never actually finished the last part of the story back when she was posting it on Fictionpress. I figured I'd read the original before finishing off the whole thing with Kingdom of Ashes - it's an interesting way to see how much was changed and how far the author's come (or, in some respects, not).

    I'm also reading Red Winter by Annette Marie, but despite the glowing reviews (and stunningly gorgeous cover), I'm thinking of DNFing at around 50%. It reads very much like Inuyasha fanfiction and that's bugging me.

    I'm halfway through Kiersten White's Bright We Burn and loving it.

    [–] What are you reading? (February 1, 2019) Adariel 1 points ago in YAlit

    I also finally finished The Knife of Never Letting Go and I'm so pissed about where it left off that I don't know if I will read the next book.

    lol! I finished that book like a decade ago and was so pissed I still haven't gotten back to it, but I've heard some amazing things about the trilogy so thanks for the reminder to pick it back up :)

    [–] Happy early birthday to me :) Adariel 2 points ago in YAlit

    I liked Truthwitch a lot, but for various reasons that whole series just derailed massively during the 2nd book for me. I could barely finish Windwitch and just lost interest in all of the characters. Debating whether I should try to pick it back up, maybe this pic will inspire me to, since it seems people are still pretty excited over it.

    [–] Vasek Pospisil on the challenge of making a good living as a tennis pro [Interview] Adariel 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in tennis

    I saw the other comment chain and the comments are so over the top and apparently unaware of their own hypocrisy, it's not offensive so much as funny. I mean, ranting about how people should leave meaningful contributing comments and not be scratching some OCD itch... the irony is delicious. It's such a perfect checklist of internet douchebaggery that I almost believe it's gotta be intentional, you know?

    Edit Holy crap, talk about OCD itch which elementary school teacher hurt this person lmao