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    [–] 13 year old here (again) - My parents think that my anxiety is just me being a coward/crybaby. AedanTynnan 2 points ago in Anxiety

    Of course! Its really easy to fall into believing that, but just keep reminding yourself that. And like someone else said, if your school has a psychiatrist/councilor, definitely go talk to them!

    [–] 13 year old here (again) - My parents think that my anxiety is just me being a coward/crybaby. AedanTynnan 4 points ago in Anxiety

    First things first: you’re not a baby or a coward. Don’t believe that bull; your anxiety is very real, and that doesn’t make you a coward.

    [–] HUGO BOOS AedanTynnan 3 points ago in crappyoffbrands


    [–] i literally almost died lol AedanTynnan 1 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Holy fuck I thought I just watched someone fucking die

    [–] Thoughts on this??? AedanTynnan 2 points ago in redditmobile

    fingerguns yeeah

    [–] URGENT! HELP! AedanTynnan 2 points ago in Rabbits

    Id say take them to the vet, just to be on the safe side!

    [–] My “cat” just loafing around AedanTynnan 8 points ago in Catloaf

    Hmmmm I’ll allow it. But watch your McCoy

    [–] Unbelievable. AedanTynnan 165 points ago in niceguys

    Fuck that guy. You can tell he was just throwing a temper tantrum because you weren’t responding. At the same time, what a fucking cruel thing to say to someone. And I am so sorry to hear about your fiancé.

    [–] Responding to an article about cases of Scurvy in the U.S. AedanTynnan 10 points ago in iamverysmart

    Their point about the scientific method would be valid... if we didn’t already know what the cause, and the treatment, of scurvy is.

    [–] You'll lose everytime AedanTynnan 4 points ago in iamverybadass

    Yeah, i feel.

    But also the tutorials are trash. You spend 18 years in tutorials, and then then you’re dropped in the middle of everything.

    [–] You'll lose everytime AedanTynnan 11 points ago in iamverybadass

    Recent patches have made it a lot harder, unfortunately. On the original Rome Map, the PvP arena was designed specifically for grinding. But the last big update broke it.

    Right now, there are the Football and Rugby servers, but those have been seriously nerfed, it’s almost impossible. You could try the MMA server, but most of the players there are already at level 100.

    [–] You'll lose everytime AedanTynnan 19 points ago in iamverybadass

    Then you ascend to level 2.

    [–] Oedipus, ruler of alabama AedanTynnan 2 points ago in Bossfight

    Here’s the thing about Oedipus: he didn’t know it was his mom. And Jocasta didn’t know it was her son. Once they found out SPOILERS Jocasta kills herself and Oedipus blinds himself.

    [–] My dog on anxiety meds prior to going to the vet. AedanTynnan 1 points ago in aww

    Ohh gotcha! I was just a little confused because the usernames didn’t match!