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    [–] I am a hedonist in your world. Where can I go to get my fill of pleasure? AedanTynnan 1 points ago in worldbuilding

    Well, Parawan is already a pretty big tourist destination. However, for a true anarchistic, hedonistic celebration, you’ve gotta go to Yndrelle


    Yndrelle is a city made up of only the bad part. It’s crown jewel is it’s open air market, which is constantly bustling with traders of all kinds peddling all varieties of goods. From dried Byllandel penis, to Selkie Slaves, to Graniteen Root, pleasure is only a stall away in the Yndrelle Market.

    Ringing this bazaar are dozens of narrow streets, crooked and jagged, an eclectic mix of drug dens, cult temples, apothecary shops, inns, and taverns. As you move further from the bazaar, the shops mellow, becoming almost normal. But the air is still heavy with intrigue and adventure, like there’s something going on just around the corner.

    If its sex you want, then the place to go is the Stone Oven. A single building stretching over three city blocks, it was built by the mayor as a gift to the brothel’s madam. Every gender, race, and interest can be found here; no one has left the Stone Oven unsatisfied. However, do not even think of crossing the madam, Aishling Morrigan. She has no qualms about sending rowdy or unruly customers out bloodied and bruised (if they’re lucky). Rather than hurt her business, it has actually helped it, reassuring customers that nothing will disrupt their privacy or their enjoyment.

    Do not worry about the law, either. Mayor Gabriel Morningstar has a very laissez faire attitude towards crime and immorality. His guards are only there to maintain the peace, and ensure order is maintained. And if you want to know his stance on sex, look no further than his assistant and boyfriend, Davie: a giant lizard-man, in a Japanese school girl outfit.

    (Gabriel was actually a PC in a DND campaign I was a part of, and he came up with Davie. Thats another story, that I would be happy to recount if anyone cares!)

    (Edit: additionally, I actually ran a campaign where the PCs were trying to free some Selkie slaves that were being sold in the market. Along the way they accidentally created a fire elemental by knocking over a potion stall, and befriended a football-sized honey bee)

    [–] Didn’t know bill Cosby sang AedanTynnan 1 points ago in softwaregore

    Pandora does comedy as well I didn’t see “keep the music going”

    [–] Meow_irl AedanTynnan 3 points ago in MEOW_IRL

    Happy cake day!

    [–] Yes of course. My dog also does that. AedanTynnan 10 points ago in quityourbullshit

    This post is much better in r/thathappened

    Quit your bullshit is for people calling out other people

    [–] How to shave AedanTynnan 2 points ago in combinedgifs

    I was expecting Sweeney Todd, until she put the cloth on his face. Then I was expecting waterboarding.

    [–] 2050s YouTuber Starter Pack AedanTynnan 5 points ago in starterpacks

    I have to admit, I’m loving the 2050 formats

    [–] Just ordered a 1.5lb of this honey turkey from the deli. I have never seen such small slices before.. AedanTynnan 13 points ago in assholedesign

    A)that’s about the size of a turkey breast, so yeah. B) you’re buying it by weight, so you’re getting the same amount

    [–] Grizzly runs down elk fawn AedanTynnan 1 points ago in natureismetal

    And that’s why they say don’t run away from a bear. They will fuck you up

    [–] Ice Cream S[A]ndwich Making Machine AedanTynnan 3 points ago in perfectloops

    Your comment is directly above the comment you’re linking to (when I sorted by best comments) despite being 4+ hours apart

    [–] Big yosh AedanTynnan 2 points ago in terriblefacebookmemes

    TBH, you got it from iFunny... what did you expect?

    [–] Pretty sure this fits well here... AedanTynnan 12 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    For all the ridiculousness of nice guys, this fits more with incels

    [–] I just got the title of my school's drum major AedanTynnan 6 points ago in wholesomememes

    Great job!!! I know that that’s certainly not easy!!! You should cross post this over on r/happy as well!!! They’d appreciate this!

    [–] What is an instance where the MEANS justify the ENDS? AedanTynnan 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This question was inspired by Robby Hecht’s song “The Ends and the Means.” The chorus of the song ends with “the ends, they justify the means my friends”; the last line of the song, however, says “the means, they justify the ends, my friends”