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    [–] Can a school dropout get a good job if she has relevant certifications and/or experience - in your market? Ailbe 5 points ago in AskNetsec

    Same here. My current position allegedly required at least a Bachelors degree. But the hiring manager saw my experience and it wasn't even a question. I have a GED, never even graduated High School. Dropped out when I was a junior (sounds like my young adult life was very similar to OPs, absolute chaos and shit) got my GED because it was so flipping easy even though I'd failed most of my classes that year....

    The right manager is going to hire a person based on talent. The wrong manager is going to focus on the papers and lose out on some great candidates, their loss.

    [–] Yankees fan coming in peace: Please do the damn thing Ailbe 24 points ago in Dodgers

    LMAO, that is the greatest answer to that question :P

    [–] CELINE DION PLAY OF THE GAME!!!!!!!! Ailbe 15 points ago in Dodgers

    You aren't going to be down too long. The Brewers are a really well built team, they're going to be in contention for a long time. It was about as good baseball as anyone could ever wish for.

    [–] CELINE DION PLAY OF THE GAME!!!!!!!! Ailbe 3 points ago in Dodgers

    I came here for this post. Thank you!

    [–] Dallas drivers refuse to miss their exit Ailbe 9 points ago in Dallas

    From personal experience it doesn't happen in Los Angeles because generally people are packed bumper to bumper and moving 5mph. If you didn't get over for your exit 5 miles back, you're not getting off, flat out. This kind of maneuver is only possible because traffic flows here in DFW, for the most part, fairly well and there is space to do it.

    I was shocked the first time I saw someone cross 5 lanes of traffic going 75mph in the space of a hundred yards so they could exit the freeway. I'd literally never seen anything like it before lol.

    [–] What people in r/baseball think Manny did.. Ailbe 2 points ago in Dodgers

    The faux White Knight shits getting to me. Where are those dickish Cards and Phillies fans of yesteryear when you need them?!

    LMAO so true. Back in the day there was no atrocity they wouldn't applaud with gusto. Now they're more strategic about it I guess.

    [–] PGT: [W 5-2] Dongers are SO last year. Dodgers take a 3-2 series lead! Ailbe 7 points ago in Dodgers

    I'm just hoping Wade Miley starts tomorrow. He's great against right handed hitters..... We've got some lefties though who are going to make him cry :D

    [–] Kimbo’s graduation. He still only sits ... when he wants. :) Ailbe 3 points ago in Dachshund

    What a gorgeous dog! and welcome to the world of training Dachshunds :D its always one step forward, two, or three, maybe four steps back haha :p

    [–] PGT: [W 5-2] Dongers are SO last year. Dodgers take a 3-2 series lead! Ailbe 30 points ago in Dodgers

    Thats pretty much true in Baseball in general. Watch, if the Brewers lose this series analysts are going to say "They relied too much on their bullpen and not enough on traditional starters!" As if they had any choice. Their bullpen is one of the best in baseball, their starters, not so much. But I guarantee the old school media will play it up as if this signifies some significant failure of the bullpenning strategy.

    [–] Endeavor Content Pulling Out of $400 Million Saudi Arabia Deal (Exclusive) Ailbe 22 points ago in movies

    They just happen to be ruled by a small but very powerful extremist faction.

    Wait, which government were we talking about again, I'm losing track.

    Instead of isolating them and refusing to have any ongoing dialogue with them we could engage them and their secular population as much as possible and who knows? It seems like it'd have as much a chance as what we're doing now.

    Stahp! you're making too much sense now.

    [–] Is my new employer asking too much of me? Ailbe 10 points ago in learnprogramming

    Today /u/arti_work was the hero we needed.

    Nice post, I hope it was helpful to the OP. If nothing else, the advice Don't Panic is always a great place to start, but so hard to remember in the heat of the moment.

    And if I may add, even if the project ultimate doesn't come together and the job is lost OP, you can always hang onto the experience and learn from it, use it to advance your career at the next place. And hopefully that place won't quite be so completely crappy as to make such outrageous demands on a new hire.

    [–] Endeavor Content Pulling Out of $400 Million Saudi Arabia Deal (Exclusive) Ailbe 78 points ago in movies

    I've often said that if we would have spent 1/100th of what we spent in Iraq on supporting the popular Democracy movements in Iran at the time, we'd have a much safer and better world and we would have accomplished it through positive exchange of ideas rather than bombs and bullets.

    But then, making friends and exchanging ideas apparently doesn't make the right people billions of dollars, sooooo... Big fat NOPE to that.

    [–] My autism assessment is completed! Ailbe 2 points ago in aspergers

    Good for you. If you don't mind, can you share with the community what comes of the diagnosis in terms of improvement in services and or help you get once things settle down?

    [–] My autism assessment is completed! Ailbe 2 points ago in aspergers

    the OP references the NHS in one answer so I suspect Great Britain. Unsure if any other country uses that acronym for health related services, not out of the question I suppose.

    [–] Microsoft. I hate you so SO MUCH. Ailbe 1 points ago in sysadmin

    God that is so true, and such a hard fact to come to terms with. I'm so grateful I got away from Windows for the most part, and yet I'm slowly coming to realize that VMware has its own host of issues they foist on us, and I have to remind myself that if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't be making the really good salary I make.

    [–] Endeavor Content Pulling Out of $400 Million Saudi Arabia Deal (Exclusive) Ailbe 27 points ago in movies

    There was a consistent, repeated and completely non fact driven effort by the Bush administration to push that Iraq was somehow behind 9/11. Nothing could be further from the truth. They talk about AlQueda in Iraq as if that was the sect that pulled off 9/11 but truthfully that arm didn't have any power until the US invaded Iraq, and no evidence has ever been found linking that offshoot sect to BinLaden or his plans.

    So you're right, partially.. At least if you're just talking about Iraq. Afghanistan absolutely did give aid and succor to AlQueda, and when presented with the chance to work with America to hunt him down and secure him they turned it down at first. So gloves off there. But Iraq? Complete diversion of focus and attention and an absolute tragedy for both nations.

    [–] Endeavor Content Pulling Out of $400 Million Saudi Arabia Deal (Exclusive) Ailbe 210 points ago in movies

    We have a Bingo!!

    Never forget. 15 of the 19 terrorists who flew planes into our buildings were Saudis.

    9/11 was planned by Saudis.

    9/11 was funded by Saudis.

    9/11 was implemented by Saudis.

    Radical wahabi madrassas have and are being exported and funded around the Middle East by Saudis that preach to children about the virtues of violence against anyone not the right sect of Islam.

    And since our government won't hold them accountable, and they won't acknowledge any culpability, I will gratefully applaud any company or individual who holds them accountable no matter what the reasoning.

    The rest of the world can forget, I won't.

    [–] 2012? Is that you? Ailbe 2 points ago in 49ers

    Same here. I was immediately struck with nostalgia.

    [–] 2012? Is that you? Ailbe 1 points ago in 49ers

    Greatest meme on this sub haha :p

    [–] Ancient aliens? Ailbe 1 points ago in funny

    But... That guy on the freaking HISTORY CHANNEL says it was Aliens! Who am I supposed to trust? A stupid scientist or that dude with the cool hair on the FREAKING HISTORY CHANNEL!!!!