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    [–] Peanut discovers the joys of digging Ailbe 2 points ago in Dachshund

    So cute! My Sascha would be rolling in it lol

    [–] What should have been... Ailbe 1 points ago in NKWinsTheThrone

    All those beautiful blue eyes!

    [–] Comparison of Pelosi videos manipulated - intended to deliberately misrepresent, create false narrative. The new norm for social media gaslighting. Ailbe 7 points ago in ActiveMeasures

    Laws aren't going to stop this, there is far to much to gain from this technology That isn't to say we shouldn't try, but it might take law enforcement years to catch up to this and in the meantime immeasurable damage will be done. What needs to happen, but won't, is everyone who is aware that this is coming spread the news far and wide, and make people aware that they quite literally can't believe anything they see online anymore.... This is going to be used in every free society to tear the social fabric up and cause terrible chaos. I don't care where the media files come from, we already know that the major media organizations are willing to lie and deceive us for their own reasons, as are foreign governments, both allies and foes, trade partners and competitors. We have reached a time where, unless you were there, you simply do not know the actual story.

    [–] Tour of the Reddit Asylum Ailbe 10 points ago in funny

    love this movie! 12 Monkeys is so good.

    [–] We got spayed today. Comfortable and stoned out of our mind. Note the IV shave on Kat's arm. Ailbe 2 points ago in Dachshund

    Great post! +1 for being a great parent and spaying your puppers and another +1 for giving us great pics of such cute Dachshunds!

    [–] [fluff] Ever get caught having embarrassing conversation in public with your dog? Ailbe 1 points ago in dogs

    Get caught talking to my dog in the back yard? Yep! Embarrassed about it? Nope! I love my dogs and most of the time I'd rather talk to them than my neighbors :p My neighbors are nice enough and all, but they don't love me like my dogs do :p

    [–] Dwight ~helping~ me fix the couch cushions he ruined Ailbe 2 points ago in Dachshund

    Dwight is adorable and I'm sure he's sorry he caused his mom extra work!

    [–] [SPOILERS] Post-Episode Discussion - Season 8 Episode 5 Ailbe 2 points ago in gameofthrones

    Sad to see a good show go to complete shit at the end like this. GoT is making the ending of Lost look freaking great. I hope DB is ashamed of what they've done.

    [–] Peanut Ailbe 1 points ago in Dachshund

    Peanut is adorable! Don't tell him that though, it will go to his cute little head! I'm sure you will anyways, I would honestly :D

    [–] What's up with Ben Shaprio and BBC? Ailbe 1 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    I appreciate that, I listen a lot to people with opinions that fall outside my own. I wish that was more the norm for sure.

    [–] Finally did it after 2573 games of terran Ailbe 2 points ago in AllThingsTerran

    Well done! congrats thats a great accomplishment

    [–] Just saw this. Thought will share it here Ailbe 2 points ago in aww

    Hope things turn around for you soon.

    [–] Who would win in a fight: 6 peak humans with various weapons, or a sentient, mobile Volkswagen Beetle? Ailbe -4 points ago in whowouldwin

    unless you're really close up your also not likely to blow a hole in a tire with a shotgun either though. Probably after a few rounds of shots into the same tires you would, maybe?

    [–] Oracle Wallet Master Key Lost :( Ailbe 2 points ago in sysadmin

    I wish I knew the answer to help you. All I can say is holy shit, that sucks. And F Oracle.

    I'm not an expert by any means but that data seems lost to me. Hopefully Oracle has some badass they keep in a closet somewhere who can pull this out for you guys.

    [–] Lol. Ailbe 14 points ago in JonWinsTheThrone

    Or at least strive to be. I don't see even a semblance of consistent storytelling in S8 yet.

    [–] One hour after we brought him home from the shelter Ailbe 2 points ago in Zoomies

    Freeeeeeeeeedooooooommmmmmmmm! :D

    So much happiness! I wish you many many years of joy with your new dog!

    [–] What's up with Ben Shaprio and BBC? Ailbe -33 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in OutOfTheLoop

    I like Shaprio a lot most of the time, I disagree occasionally but find his thinking on most subjects to be fairly rigorous at least. And yes, he was certainly off his game in this interview. Which has to happen now and again.

    Incidentally I hate those "So and So DESTROYS such and such" videos and tend to not even watch them, instead seeking out the original source. I'm not into destroying people, I'm much more interested in having honest discussions. I wish that click baity nature of the negative side of discussions would just go away, but I realize it probably never will.

    I love reddit. Express support for anyone other than the approved list of beloved liberal elites and you get downvoted.

    [–] This church built into the side of a mountain in Italy Ailbe 1 points ago in pics

    'We gather today to mourn the loss of brother Timmy, who fell on his way to the sermon today.'

    off in the distance - 'aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

    'And we gather to mourn the loss of sister Faye, who also fell on her way to the sermon today.'

    [–] The first image for Houston on Google Maps is the Dallas skyline... Ailbe 2 points ago in Dallas

    lmao. That has to just irritate the crap out of Hustonians haha. I love Houston, I don't get why they tend to dislike Dallas so much.

    [–] Carry a big stick but be cute AF Ailbe 6 points ago in Dachshund

    thats awesome! What determination hahaha