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    [–] [Method] I built a 24 hour todo list app to help focus on getting things done today without the option of delaying, thought ppl here might find it useful too Ailbe 4 points ago in getdisciplined

    make that 5 of us then :D

    This sounds like a fantastic tool for keeping me on task, definitely let us know when it might be available on IOS.

    And thanks for sharing! Guys like you with the creativity to come up with all these great tools give me motivation to do my own work. Keep it up!

    [–] Create your first GUI with Python using 5 lines of Code Ailbe 3 points ago in learnprogramming

    Thank you for the update! I'm looking for new ways to expand learning in Python, I will check these out!

    [–] "You should really cut your hair" Ailbe 2 points ago in aspergers

    I had a similar experience with dentists. I went almost 20 years without dentistry because I was terrified of dentists. My wife eventually found one, talked to him for me and explained what was going on, he agreed to meet me. Now I'd never go to another dentist voluntarily, but at least if I have to I know I could. And I would because my greatest dentist of all time asked me to promise I'd take care of my teeth. That is a promise I intend to keep regardless of how painful it may be to find a new dentist (if I had to)

    [–] Would a 30-year-old person still be able to pick up programming? Ailbe 11 points ago in learnprogramming

    You are literally never to old. I'm 51 and just starting to learn Python and NodeJS as my first two programming languages. You're a pup! Go do it! I've been feeling really good about my development in these skills, no reason in the world you can't do it.

    [–] Would a 30-year-old person still be able to pick up programming? Ailbe 1 points ago in learnprogramming

    I'm 51 and just really starting to get serious about learning programming. So definitely. Whenever you have to ask, is it possible at my age, you should assume the answer is yes. It just takes discipline.

    [–] My absurd 'Interview' at my first internship today. Ailbe 1 points ago in learnprogramming

    That is absolutely ridiculous. That would be a hard no for me, however, if you think there is any value to be gained out of it go in with your eyes open. Ask for defined, clear goals the intern will be expected to meet. Ask what skills you can expect to develop. MARKETABLE SKILLS, not getting the Starbucks for the other real developers type of skills. In other words, what are you getting for your investment? If they are in any way light hearted or unclear tell then no f'ing way and go do your own projects for the summer.

    Oftentimes the best revenge is living well. Become a better programmer than they could ever attract and just glance smugly at their building as you drive by in your nice car once or twice in your lifetime.

    [–] By 2030, the cost (of renewables) could be so near to zero it will effectively be free - Financial Times Ailbe 3 points ago in Futurology

    Well, except that now the guy with 1 17" CRT now has 2 30" 4k monitors and a few 27" hooked up, not to mention the 65" TV in the main living room and several 50"s in the bedroom etc.

    [–] Being an Aspie is like being a natural born outsider: Agree or disagree? Ailbe 2 points ago in aspergers

    It may be cultural, and I'll admit I have no basis for disputing this. If I were to bet on it though I'd probably say there are are human limitations on connections to others. It would be an interesting study, if anyone has any studies one way or another I'd be interested in reading them.

    [–] Being an Aspie is like being a natural born outsider: Agree or disagree? Ailbe 10 points ago in aspergers

    Is that really just a western trait? You don't think any other cultures do this? can you site any examples of cultures that don't exclude others along some baseline? I ask because it seems to me that you're just describing human behavior. Humans can only accept and manage so many connections before things start to get weird. Maybe NT's can accept more than those who are on the Autism spectrum, depends on whether the NT is an introvert or an extrovert. For that matter, I wonder.... I"m betting the vast majority of those on the Autism scale would be considered mainly introverts, but there have to be at least a few on the spectrum who are extroverted? Or does being on the spectrum preclude that entirely?

    Anyhow, just taking exception to calling out the "broader culture of exclusion in the west" I'm not so sure that is necessarily a western trait at all. I've met several Japanese and Koreans who are full of prejudice and exclusive groups, for instance.

    [–] He’s almost 16, but still dreams of running. Ailbe 33 points ago in Zoomies

    Oh that is so cute, dreaming of Zooming days of yore!

    [–] Happy to be here! Ailbe 1 points ago in Zoomies

    OMG That tail! Soooooooooo Happy!

    [–] [hypocrisy intensifies] Ailbe 1 points ago in Libertarian

    A start up in our current economic model is far more likely to fail than to succeed. And if it does succeed, it may very well just be purchased by the monopolistic power (Whatapp to Facebook) and fade into obscurity. The problem is that these large monopolies are increasingly ingenious at capturing the reigns of legislative power via lobbying, or just outright writing legislation to block competitors and finding (buying) a few dozen legislators to push their agenda.

    In a perfect libertarian world, you would be absolutely right. However, we are not (nor will we ever be) in a perfect libertarian world. IMO we should act in a rational manner to the world we live in right now, not some fantasy world.

    [–] First job is as a DevOps engineer and feeling FOMO? Venting my feelings and asking for feedback. Ailbe 2 points ago in devops

    This seems to me the best way of handling the OPs issue. Asking for a raise may seem combative, you may think you deserve it, but possibly your management hasn't even thought about it, so they'll have to ask "well what have you done to deserve it" This could possibly turn into a negative conversation because what might seem obvious to you may not be obvious to management and vice versa.

    Asking what the career progression path is at your company provides you (the OP) an opportunity to learn what the career path is (if any) at your company, and hopefully how to get there. Then it is a simple matter of - start doing those things. I've had a saying since I was very young in the workplace, and I'm sure it isn't my idea, I just heard it and it stuck with me.

    "You do the job, then you get the job."

    Don't expect them to hand you a job you've never had before. Show proficiency in it, show you understand the complexity and the importance of the job, then you are a natural go to when an opening presents itself. That said, as some others have said here, oftentimes you can get quite significant pay raises by leaving your current company. For whatever reason companies often don't like giving massive (and by massive I mean 10% or more) raises to employees, even when they may obviously deserve it due to the quality of the output of their work. If you love you job and your team and your management, stay and find the career path that gets you where you want to be. If you're kinda meh about the company and or team, then see what the marketplace will pay you for your skills.

    [–] My new CTO just blocked outbound mail to globally Ailbe 4 points ago in sysadmin

    That working overtime for free part is critical and so many people get this wrong. IT has moments of crisis, and I'm willing to go above and beyond during real emergencies. However, if those emergencies are happening every week or every day, that is a management issue, and I can't solve that, so I'm going to let them dangle by their short and curlies. I am in no way obligated to devote my life to the success of my management or the company (unless that company is my own)

    [–] Wife’s dachshund dreams came true yesterday. Meet Murphy! Ailbe 3 points ago in Dachshund

    I have a long hair mini named Sascha and she always hovers around 10 to 11 pounds. Absolutely adorable, you're wife and your family will absolutely love that dog, they have such great character!

    [–] Wheelchair Zoomies! So stink cute! Ailbe 1 points ago in Zoomies

    Awesome, the spirit of dogs is so inspiring.

    [–] First Road Trip Ailbe 1 points ago in Dachshund

    That is one chill long dog! My Sascha has to crawl into my lap, snuggle her head under my left arm, and shivers the entire time.

    [–] Governing Priorities Ailbe 65 points ago in Libertarian

    more like $10 to $20 daily. These are tech companies, they aren't serving ham sandwich with wilted lettuce. And its San Francisco where everything costs more anyway.

    [–] Just found this subreddit. Hope my doggo's zooms fit in here! Ailbe 5 points ago in Zoomies

    Thats some good zoomies! Welcome to the best gosh darn subreddit on the intrartubes!

    [–] [Online] [EST] [D&D] Interested in DnD? Never played Online? Or at all? Looking for people who are interested in playing a few one shots or maybe even a campaign. Ailbe 2 points ago in lfg

    I would definitely be interested and willing to share GM duties once I've gotten familiar with Roll20. I've taken a look at it, and it looks great. I just haven't found a group to get into it with.

    [–] I have no idea where this should go, so... . Ailbe 14 points ago in Libertarian

    Trump lost the popular election. Hillary lost the (more important) electoral vote. So, both parties DID nominate the only person who could possibly have lost to the other. There were no winners in the 2016 election, everyone lost.

    [–] Even mini dachshund puppies can zoom! Ailbe 5 points ago in Zoomies

    Dachshunds are the best. I was always a large breed dog kind of guy, until I got this adorable mini dachshund who totally stole my heart.

    [–] Even mini dachshund puppies can zoom! Ailbe 2 points ago in Zoomies

    Puppy needs to zoom, puppy gonna zoom!