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    [–] Found my old Runescape mouse I bought off of the first Jagex merch store in 08/09? Aimless_Devastator 21 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in runescape

    I've also got a Runescape flash drive, black Runescape mug with various runes on it, a big glass Runescape stein that says "Poison Arrow" and a shirt that says "my other shirt is trimmed" which ive only worn once in 10 years 🤣

    All from the original merch store

    [–] Is there a thrift store that doesn't have at least one copy? Aimless_Devastator 1 points ago in Flipping

    I love playing the PS3 game with a group of friends but I've never played the boardgame.