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    [–] Mukesh Ambani Outlines His Plan to Take on Amazon in India Aimless_Drifter 41 points ago in india

    hey guys, remember the gobermind fucking around with rules and regulations for ecommerce sites? can you guess the link between the two?

    [–] How to Use Dual ISO and When to Use High ISO to Preserve Highlight Detail Aimless_Drifter 8 points ago in photography

    that's what hfr does tho. it captures so much detail that line between fiction and reality blurs and you see that the swords, armor, prosthetic makeup etc isn't 'real'.

    i'm not against hfr. sports and documentaries would certainly be better in hfr.

    [–] Bal Thackeray wanted to kill Sonu Nigam, says former MP Nilesh Rane Aimless_Drifter 1 points ago in india

    Shiv Sena and it's greatest leader?

    wow that bar's so low i thought it was bmc's water pipe

    [–] The First User Has Reached 4000 Steam Level Aimless_Drifter 9 points ago in Steam

    increases the amount of people you can have on your friends list

    completely unnecessary