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    [–] Face scan on Pie beta! Akrasiel_XXII 3 points ago in GalaxyS9

    Did you try putting on your glasses?

    [–] What would you invest in with 100k? Akrasiel_XXII 21 points ago in stocks


    [–] Doom puppy Akrasiel_XXII 15 points ago in gifs

    Good thing we've got the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure

    [–] Take my license plates then. Akrasiel_XXII 14 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Bakshish actually means tip, not bribe - although it's sometimes used with that meaning

    [–] Does comp1511 scale up? Akrasiel_XXII -3 points ago in unsw

    This isn't the HSC

    [–] Justin Trudeau: We won't be pushed around by Trump. Akrasiel_XXII 7 points ago in worldnews

    U.S. dairy products flooding our market is bad for our dairy farmers. Donald Trump and his tiny little brain clearly can't understand this and just assumes Canadian Dairy is "wrecking havoc" on their dairy industry despite the fact that from a pure population and numbers stand-point our dairy exports, if there are any probably barely make a dent in the American one.

    While I completely disagree with Trump's actions, this argument doesn't really work. The whole idea of free trade is to allow economies to allocate resources to the most efficient global producer. If Canadian dairy farmers can't compete with US farmers, then those resources (human capital, land, government grants) should be allocated elsewhere within the Canadian economy where it would be most efficient.

    Does that mean a whole lot of people are going to lose their jobs? Yes absolutely. But if you believe in free trade (which I assume you do since you're complaining about tariffs), then you also believe that people losing jobs is a relatively small price to pay in order to create efficient global economies.

    It's also worth noting that a lot of other third world countries have that same argument of 'protecting jobs while making a small dent in the importing country', but they face constant pressure by the IMF and World Bank (who they desperately need) to drop their tarrifs and allow free trade; while countries like Canada can impose whatever tariffs they want and face almost no repercussions

    [–] Just got this bad boy at work today. I can't stop drooling.. Akrasiel_XXII 15 points ago in Surface

    You are treading on very dangerous grounds in this holy subreddit my friend.

    [–] Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says physician Harold Bornstein Akrasiel_XXII 28 points ago in worldnews

    Even still, it's a letter from a registered medical doctor indicating his professional diagnosis - it's not a birthday card

    [–] [Serious] Parents with a disabled child, do you ever regret having children, why or why not? Akrasiel_XXII -14 points ago in AskReddit

    If I find out my child is heavily disabled while I’m pregnant, I would much rather abort it and remember the baby with love and honour rather than ruining my own life.

    I don't mean to be insensitive but that sounds a bit selfish no?

    [–] Reddit, what’s something that stuck with you that the person who said it probably never realized would have an impact? Akrasiel_XXII 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Don't be an idiot. Changed my life. Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do not do that thing.

    [–] What's the creepiest you've ever UNINTENTIONALLY been to a woman? Akrasiel_XXII 15 points ago in AskMen

    "I'M A BEET FARMER! I just happened to be working a very long day.. good sir.."