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    [–] Get off my lawn! Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Generally, you are not responsible for a trespasser getting hurt on your property. If there is something dangerous on the property you need to post warnings and tell people to stay away from it. Of course you can't create a danger or injure a person on purpose to deter trespassing (not that you would do that to children, just throwing out info). But if there is nothing dangerous to warn about like recently broken glass or one of those weird cave holes, no dangerous activity like archery practice, and they just happen to injure themselves LARPING on your flat lawn its not your responsibility. I would put up a no trespassing sign to be safe. If the parents won't do anything about it and it bothers you for other reasons (like expensive lawn care going to waste) you can call police (on a non emergency line) and explain the situation. They will most likely talk to the parents and children about why it's important to respect other people's property.

    [–] ADVICE: Is it possible to just dye the roots to create dip dye effect? Aleena_Perez 2 points ago in HairDye

    You can absolutely dye the rootage and first couple inches without affecting the rest of the hair. It would be similar to a root touch up but you just apply more product further down. Make sure the developer ratio is correct so you don't have too runny of a product. My question would be do you want a true dip dye or some type of ombre? A dip dye has a sharp, straight line where the color separates. It would be really easy to just part the hair in 2 inch sections and draw the dye in horizontally. Then stay still while it processes. But if you don't want the line of color separation to be too sharp separate the hair and paint the dye on in vertical stripes about an inch above where you want it to transition and then use a comb to move the product down and make it blend with the rest of the hair.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Aleena_Perez 355 points ago in legaladvice

    Tell your case worker. In fact, tell your case worker about how unhappy you are in the placement in general. They will move you. Maybe not the same day, but they are your advocate and you need to talk to them. Paternity tests don't use semen. This is why you need to talk to an adult with some sense instead of freaking out on your own.

    [–] Mydentity color mix Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in Hair

    Thank you for that info. I know ion has a demi and a permanent rose as well. But from the swatches in sallys both are way too pink for what I want and would need to be mixed as well. I don't want rose hair, I just want cool/beige blonde hair with a subtle tint of rose to it. And I'm not planning on the color lasting forever but I don't want to have to maintain it every two weeks at most so I really don't want a semi permanent or just a toner. Really the swatches of the blush+pearl toners from mydentity over level 10 hair look perfect but i want it to last at least a few months (I have curly, textured hair so I only wash once a week or so).

    [–] I'm turning 20 really soon and I've never seen my eyes as everyone else sees them. Aleena_Perez 9 points ago in CasualConversation

    They look blue/grey to me. Only the center has a hint of green which is common with blue eyes. A picture is obviously not a whole story but I have a hard time imagining this eye to be green/hazel in any light.

    [–] What is the law when it comes to an adult and a minor sharing company while the adult buys alcohol (Texas) Aleena_Perez 5 points ago in legaladvice

    It's not a TABC or state law but it is a common company policy in an attempt to strictly adhere to state law. It's also why they check IDs to make sure of your age even though law does not require an ID for alcohol purchases. It's all to avoid liability if you sell to someone who gives it to a minor. They want to avoid any possibility of anyone saying you did so knowingly and contributed to the crime. (Although most states would not hold them accountable, and some states even allow the sale to minors if a parent is present and consents, it's just a CYA thing). I think it's odd that she considered you to be "together" and insisted on it even though you had separate transactions and two sets of car keys. People stop and talk to their friends/coworkers/acquaintances all the time in the grocery store. But she was probably being "safe instead of sorry" and I understand that.

    [–] ups stole my phone(I think) Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Let's say you do find the video of you putting the phone in the box at the store because the place keeps great records. I just want to introduce the idea/problem that's it's just as likely, if not more likely, that the phone was stolen by a Google worker as it was a ups worker. A ups worker probably would have claimed the package as missing and declined to scan it instead of delivering it empty but that's just my speculation. Because you can't say for sure where or when the phone became lost/stolen within the last two months, or even really if it was stolen, it would be pretty impossible to make UPS responsible as they could easily say you haven't proven it was them. And Google would do the same. So finding the video of you actually sending it wouldn't help much unless you had insurance on the package and for some reason needed to prove you shipped something worth reimbursing. You need to talk to the people at the tech service and make sure there's no way they could have misplaced or mislabelled the phone and see if there's a way for them to check employee behavior like cameras or a scan system or something.

    [–] SOS! No clue what my eye shape is Aleena_Perez 5 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    nobodys eyes fit perfectly into one description. We're all some combination of the different classic types. Just like with face shape. That's why it's important to tailor the contours (deeper shades) and highlights (lighter shades) of eyeshadow to each person rather than trying to follow blueprints exactly. Put contours where you want the eye to fall back and highlights where you want it to come forward. Experiment with a few different placements until you find what you like on yourself.

    [–] Matte gel top coat Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in RedditLaqueristas

    But even though it can, it shouldn't get hot like that. Heat spikes mean the nail bed is too thin. If you are getting heat spikes take the nail out of the light for a second and then put it back in to finish. And removal should be painless unless you are filing away the natural nail or scraping it off and taking part of your nail with it. And gel actually expands when it cures instead of shrinking.

    [–] Matte gel top coat Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in RedditLaqueristas

    Thank you for that! So I guess it is more my expectations lol. And I'll take that advice on overcuring. I knew it could affect longevity but not that it could cause cracking. I usually follow the instructions exactly amd have no issues, I was just trying to problem solve in different ways. Now I know not to try that one again!

    [–] Matte gel top coat Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in RedditLaqueristas

    I have tried one but I was definitely the problem there. I'm horrible at painting my nails with a regular polish. Just never did get the hang of it. Gel allows me plenty of time to play amd get things right.

    [–] Matte gel top coat Aleena_Perez 0 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    Thank you! I did try wiping and it made things bit less shiny but still not as matte as when they came out of the light.

    [–] How do people get places in the snow? Serious question Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    Abs doesn't always work like that or have the best timing. Do not trust your car, control it.

    [–] How do people get places in the snow? Serious question Aleena_Perez 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in CasualConversation

    You do drive different in snow. For instance, when you take a turn you absolutely have to make sure your foot is not touching that brake during the turn. Slow down beforehand and then keep rpms steady by just barely touching the gas until you are going straight again. You have to tap the breaks to slow down so they don't lock up on the ice. You have to know how to react to a slight slide so it doesn't get worse. You accelerate slowly so you don't spin when you take off from a light or in general. Don't push the gash more than halfway down at any point. Especially not on a big hill. Speed up just a little before you have to climb a hill if you can. Do NOT step on the gas hard hoing up a hill or you will spin ouy. If you need to hit the gas slowly, evenly, and lightly to keep you going but be careful with it. If you start to spin don't brake and don't gas it just turn with it and gas very slowly when you start to regain. You do have to slow down but going 35 on a straight highway is just unnecessary and rude as hell. If you start to get stuck and spin your wheels just gas very, very slowly while turning the wheel ever so slightly. Too high of rpms will break traction. I'm trying hard to think of all the little things but really it's just practice. I learned to drive in February in Chicago and haven't ever slid out of control (like off the road or into something) or caused an accident. I now live in Colorado close to the mountains. And I have driven mainly altimas, mazda, etc. Never a 4 wheel drive or anything with snow tires. It can be done. Easily.

    [–] A guys opinion: Drugstore makeup is nearly the same as designer. Aleena_Perez -78 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    You right doe. You don't see a difference until you get into pro products, which thankfully tend to be drugstore cost or slightly more. they have to focus on ingredients and performance be use they aren't marketing with hype or to unknowledgeable people. A lot of the brands in sephora are owned by loreal and Maybelline anyways. Estee Lauder owns half the rest of it all and they are very corporate in their approach to manufacturing and formulating makeup. It's really all the same 🤷‍♀️

    [–] Best navy blue eyeshadow? Aleena_Perez 2 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    Devinah is always my first suggestion for singles only 5$ each, amazing quality, and she has a couple of matte and shimmer navy shadows to look at (naval and bluster come to mind).

    [–] How do I forgive my friend? Aleena_Perez 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    Decide which is more important. A friendship, a unique experience that lasts as long as naturally possible. Or a concert, which is a two hour repeatable experience. Maybe think about your friends feelings too. Because I'm just guessing here but they might matter. She probably feels embarrassed, sad, and disappointed in herself and doesn't need her friend making it worse by reminding her how she screwed up oh so tremendously by speaking about something exciting prior to it happening. Save the anger and forgiveness for someone who is actually trying to hurt you or at the very least someone who isn't trying to do good for the both of you, regardless of the outcome.

    [–] Drugstore foundations for dry skin? Aleena_Perez 12 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I dont think you're really looking for a foundation. You're most likely looking for better skincare and a more effective moisturizer so that whatever foundation you put on doesn't emphasize texture. No foundation is going to substitute the effects of skincare or be moisturizing enough to take the place of a good moisturizer.

    [–] Single eyeshadows?? Aleena_Perez 5 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    My best single shadows come from indie brands rather than prestige. Most of what's in sephora disappoints even if it used to be good. And most of what's good in prestige brands don't make singles. I find that luxury brands like Tom Ford or by Terry tend to cater to the group of women that prefer sheer washes of color and light, subtle shimmer. If you are willing to try indie brands look into devinah first and foremost. Her stuff is amazing quality. Looxi and melt are also really good. And coloured raine is about the quality ABH used to be if not a little better. All but melt are 5-7$ each.

    [–] Best eyeliner for waterline while wearing contacts? Aleena_Perez 2 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I wouldn't suggest gel liner for the waterline. I mean, it's cool if you do it, it's just not a suggestion I'd be comfortable making. I also wouldn't want to irritate my eye or scratch the cornea by rubbing it with a wet q tip. Ouch.