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    [–] Reporting an illegal immigrant to ice isnt a bad thing Alex__Q 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    They will not die, if you do not give them asylum. All they want is to trade their burned down Toyota on a Ferrari.

    Of course they want a Ferrari. Ferrari is better for children, for pets, etc. But not everyone gets a Ferrari.

    Personally, I don't think that refugees should be able to choose host countries. If Turkey is giving them asylum, they stay in Turkey. Otherwise they go to the next country.

    "They are basically forced into western countries"

    Incorrect. They denied to give fingerprints in Eastern Europe because they wanted to do it in Germany (welfare).

    [–] Reporting an illegal immigrant to ice isnt a bad thing Alex__Q 0 points ago in unpopularopinion

    "Would you settle down in turkey, Russia, the balkans or any of those “Honda’s” countries?"

    I live in Russia. Not the best place in the world, but I'm not entitled to demand residency in the better countries.

    It's quite insulting to hear their stories "We arrived to Finland/Norway because we did not feel safe anywhere before", when they had connection flights 7 miles away from my apartment. Do not worry, it's not that bad.

    These refugees are not poor. They can afford to buy a car in Murmanks region of Russia to get to the border and drop the car there. By Russian standards a running car is a valuable asset.

    "they want an better life"

    Everyone wants.

    To be clear, I understand why THEY WANT to the States. I do not understand why the Westerners want them there.

    Want to live in a rich country? Educate yourself and your kids, get a profession, apply for a visa, improve society in the host country.

    BTW there is free higher education in Russia, and free (but quite shitty) health care.

    [–] Reporting an illegal immigrant to ice isnt a bad thing Alex__Q -1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    "Would you tell them to still live there?"

    In case of danger they should come to the nearest country where is no war.

    "They are not going to someone to beg for an Ferrari"

    America is a Ferrari of countries, powered by capitalism. Syrians, coming to the States and other wealthy counties, do not want to settle in Turkey, Balkans or Russia. They migrate though these counties, because they do not want "Honda" counties.

    "Why can’t illegal immigrants who come from a terrible place achieve it as well?"

    Strange question. Because they are illegal? Also because American immigration policy is intended to improve the society: high-tech professionals visas, researchers visas, visas for people with extra-ordinary abilities -- all of these visas open a path to citizenship.

    No one wants more people who will not really improve the society, and American immigration laws are designed to welcome people who are better than an average American.

    [–] Reporting an illegal immigrant to ice isnt a bad thing Alex__Q -1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    "we can't live here" is a lie. Millions of Turks literally live there. So they are choosing the better country. From my perspective it is more like "My Toyota is burned down. I don't want a Honda, give me a Ferrari".

    [–] Reporting an illegal immigrant to ice isnt a bad thing Alex__Q -1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    So there is a war in Syria. They come to Turkey, but decide "this country is not cool enough", and go to the States. In this case the "refugee card" should not be accepted. /r/ChoosingBeggars

    [–] Why though Alex__Q -1 points ago in funny

    You're wrong about when comparing gun ownership to driving a car. 1) You legally can own and drive a vehicle without any license and registration. On your own land you can drive what ever you want. 2) Drivers license is required to drive a vehicle on public roads. 3) To carry a gun in public places one already needs to get a permit.

    [–] Why though Alex__Q 0 points ago in funny

    We should not ignore mass shootings. We should not claim that every AR-15 owner is a mass shooter as well as we should not claim that every Muslim is a terrorist.

    [–] A happy accident Alex__Q -1 points ago in funny

    The dude should be prepared to harassment allegations.

    [–] Why though Alex__Q -1 points ago in funny

    1 of 330 guns related deaths are caused by mass shooting.

    Reddit: Every American gun owner is a mass shooter.

    [–] Rate me profile plz? Alex__Q 3 points ago in Tinder

    The picture is cool, looking great. The bio is a fucking huge red flag.

    UPD: no education?

    [–] Oh look a cheating racist Alex__Q 13 points ago in Tinder

    No one bullies you. Probably because you are not an easy target.

    [–] HEB gets it. Alex__Q 26 points ago in Scams

    Do they assume that every person in these countries is a scammer? Like there are no legal migrants who want to help their families in Africa? Not cool.

    If Trump posted something like "I'm going to ban wire transfers to Ghana", he would be called "racist".

    [–] A woman of no culture, is no woman of mine Alex__Q 4 points ago in Tinder

    Okay redditors! Who still did not repost this screenshot?

    [–] In Russia, condom wears you. Alex__Q 8 points ago in funny

    Or for Putin fucking entire population of Russia

    [–] Pretending There's Nothing We Can Do About Climate Change Alex__Q 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in starterpacks

    It depends on population density. There are small nations in Siberia who live almost autonomously. Of course it's a shitty life. BTW some drugs are easy to manufacture. For example urotropin (used against cystitis). I told my fiancée that we need platinum wedding rings because it's the best metal, but actually I kept in mind platinum catalysts :)

    [–] Pretending There's Nothing We Can Do About Climate Change Alex__Q 17 points ago in starterpacks

    The idea is not to keep 50 years food supply, but to survive the most deadly phase. It will be safer after population reduction

    [–] The man is an international choosing beggar Alex__Q -3 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    There is always another way. Like you know American troops all other the island, the locals vote for joining the United States.