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    [–] FIFA 18 All Arsenal Player Ratings Alfie_13 15 points ago in Gunners

    Xhaka 82, Koscielny 84, Lacazette 85

    What a bunch of horseshit

    [–] Go-Pro Mounted One Eagle Flying Through Alps Alfie_13 10 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Sell the eagle and get the GoPro. Gotta get your priorities straight.

    [–] Wholesome boss Alfie_13 3 points ago in wholesomememes

    Especially for chefs. Being a chef is one of the most stressful jobs.

    [–] Hi, I'm Saul Isaksson-Hurst. Ex Chelsea and Spurs Academy Coach and current Head Coach of YouTube Calfreezy's Rebel F.C. Alfie_13 10 points ago in soccer

    Keep your stupid opinions to yourself. If you have nothing better to say then don't say anything. People like you are the reason there aren't many AMAs in this sub.

    [–] How did Metallica get people to stop pirating their music? Alfie_13 5 points ago in Jokes

    Stupid joke. Death Magnetic and Hardwired are fucking great.

    [–] Why are we paying 90k a week for Wilshere? Alfie_13 13 points ago in Gunners

    Walcott is on 140k btw. Just to annoy OP some more 😂

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Arsenal 3-1 FC Koln - Europa League Alfie_13 1 points ago in Gunners

    Every time Alexis scores, it's a massive orgasmic FUCK YOU to ManC

    [–] The horror! The horror! Alfie_13 84 points ago in Gunners

    Am I the only one that's genuinely excited to be competing for an actually winnable European trophy? We'll probably be in the CL again and again but in 20 years, we will look back and remember the famous EL win of 18 not the famous CL qualification round of 18'.

    Be excited for something different this time and have some fun. This is great.

    [–] Possible Midfield Pairing against FC Köln? Alfie_13 40 points ago in Gunners

    I'd rather keep welbs in for his good form.

    [–] Claudio Bravo on Sanchez's failed move to City: "We were talking in Chile. He went from happiness to bitterness in a few hours, although it's all in the past now." Alfie_13 59 points ago in Gunners

    We don't owe Alexis or Man City anything. Deal isn't done until everything is signed and confirmed. Plans changed in the last minute, it didn't get done and Alexis has a contract to honour and ManC have absolutely no case in this.

    [–] Too soon to panic over Arsenal's dismal start? Alfie_13 5 points ago in Gunners

    For me personally, after Wenger himself came out and said that the main focus would be on the prem this season, I was really expecting us to mount a challenge. It made sense. No CL and players would be rested for the EL.

    Then we go on to lose 2 out of 3 and barely win the first game.. It was very disappointing for me and it felt like once again the transfers were not done properly, the team feels very broken, many players want to leave etc.. The last 3 seasons, the league winning teams only lost 3-4 games all season and we have already lost 2 in the first 3.

    Maybe panic isn't the right word but it sure was frustrating and disappointing.

    [–] 49 Shades of Wenger: Excerpt 1, Le Professeur Alfie_13 153 points ago in Gunners

    Every day, we stray further from god's light. Today we got closer.

    [–] So a few months ago, I posted on a Free Talk Friday thread that I was basically diagnosed with cancer and here are some encouraging words I received from a great person. Alfie_13 92 points ago in Gunners

    Don't let this guy fool you. When I posted my story, I got so many incredible messages and so many people sharing their story of their own experience with cancer and how they dealt with it. I was having trouble mentally trying to deal with that and watch my mom suffer even more than me and it was tough but some advice I got really helped. I didn't even cry when I got told about the cancer but I am pretty sure I cried that night when I received all those messages of love and support. It was truly beautiful. Most of the people on this sub are incredible humans and I thank you all for that.

    So, don't let this one sack of shit fool you.