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    [–] I wish people could understand Alfie_13 3 points ago in LinkinPark

    The thing that made it so much worse is that if you look at the recent interviews/videos or anything relating to Chester, there was absolutely no indication of how messed up he was feeling. The news came out of nowhere and I was certain it was fake. The guy was my inspiration for positivity. He was never not likeable. He always seemed like the nicest guy in his interviews, twitter or just general fan meet ups.

    I don't believe he ever planned this. He had 6 kids and a wife and he could never plan to do that to them. Depression took him away during the darkest time of his life.

    [–] The coroner confirmed that Chester really is gone. I'm seriously so shaken. Alfie_13 5 points ago in LinkinPark

    You, me and everybody. It makes it easier knowing that you're not alone in feeling this way.

    [–] Free Talk Friday Alfie_13 33 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in Gunners

    I'm pretty young (just about 20 now) and have never lost anyone close to me before. The same way I feel about Arsenal is how I feel about the band Linkin Park and their singer Chester Bennington. Last night, the news broke about his suicide and I couldn't believe what I was reading. I was up till 3am hoping it was a hoax but it turned out to be true. I'm heart broken. I was introduced to them around 2003 when I was only 7 and was always familiar with their music growing up. I became a proper fan when I was around 12 and until now I've bought and loved every album they've made.

    I've been depressed in my life before and have used linkin park's music to get over it many times. I was told some pretty horrible meical news recently and used Arsenal and Linkin Park as distraction to get through it. My love for Linkin Park was the same as my love for Arsenal. Everything relating to them made me smile and happy on the inside. Today, I can't believe everything that has happened and I just want it to go away.

    I never really write this sort of comments but I don't have anyone close to me that knows the band or listens to them. I know talking about these things is the best way to get through them and so I'm hoping writing this will help me.

    If you are in a similar situation as me then please feel free to pm me. I really do need someone to talk to.

    Thank you for listening.

    [–] Opinions on Arsenal? Alfie_13 17 points ago in reddevils

    Xhaka is not replaceable. Ask any Arsenal fan and they'll tell you how good he really is.

    [–] [controversial] I would say this is by far our best line-up as it stands. Alfie_13 3 points ago in Gunners

    Atom doesn't have a high ceiling :) He's a lot older than Humber. The reason he's named Atom is because of the robot Atom in the movie Real Steel who was an old robot who Hugh Jackman didn't think he could be a fighter but in the end ended up to be the best because even though he was old, he could take a punch.

    [–] Rival Watch: Chelsea sign Morata for ~60m + Addons. Alfie_13 -1 points ago in Gunners

    But he has never established himself as a first team starter.

    [–] Rival Watch: Chelsea sign Morata for ~60m + Addons. Alfie_13 8 points ago in Gunners

    I still personally feel Lacazette is the best deal out of the three strikers this season.

    I think he's better than Morata and was a better deal than Lukaku because Lukaku cost way too much money.

    [–] Rival Watch: Chelsea sign Morata for ~60m + Addons. Alfie_13 25 points ago in Gunners

    I don't think Morata will have the impact Costa had at Chelsea last season. I personally think this is a bad deal for Chelsea. They really needed Lukaku lol.

    [–] Rival Watch: Chelsea sign Morata for ~60m + Addons. Alfie_13 44 points ago in Gunners

    They went backwards. Sold Costa and replaced him with Morata lol.

    That deal will probably be at least 65m so getting Lacazette for 53m is such a steal. Fucking perfect.

    [–] PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique is in London to try to close a deal to sign Arsenal attacker Alexis Sanchez, according to Le Parisien. Alfie_13 5 points ago in Gunners

    He won't be sulking. For a player of his quality, signing on a free with a club is a very very good thing. If he leaves now, someone like PSG will have to pay us his transfer fee + his wage. In 6 months, they won't have to pay the transfer fee and almost every club in the world will want to sign him and so he will get even more money. I'm sure Alexis doesn't mind staying for 12 more months because at the end of it is a massive payday.

    [–] INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS CUP UPVOTE PARTY!! Alfie_13 43 points ago in Gunners

    We made all non-English players take the pens lol

    [–] INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS CUP UPVOTE PARTY!! Alfie_13 8 points ago in Gunners

    It probably is somewhere around that for both teams for playing in China.