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    [–] Before I even had games or toys these were the best next thing AllMightyGuy -6 points ago in memes

    What a shitty thing to say. I hope you plan on washing your mouth out with soap afterwards!

    [–] TIL , work causes mental health issues in 60% of workers, according to a survey of 3,000. 15% of those who admit to having mental health issues at work would face serious repercussions if they tell their boss, so they suffer in silence. AllMightyGuy 6 points ago in todayilearned

    This is where I am right now. Working a minimum of 50 hours a week.

    Definitely not by choice though, I work in a very small industry where most people haven't even heard of my job, let alone the entire industry. Right now theres 2 guys that cover 7 locations, when there's supposed to be 3. I'm literally doing the job of 2 people.

    I love this job, but there are definitely days when I just want to quit without notice.

    It doesn't help that a lot of this job is documentation in the triplicates..s

    Online, and 2 different paper filing.

    Add on that everything has an monthly deadline, is very closely monitored by the government, I got almost no training on how to do my job, and if I fuck up dozens of people will literally die.

    Thankfully I don't have any kids wife is in school, so she understands. But fuck me... some days I just want to give up.

    Meanwhile I'm surrounded by people who brag that working 70+hr a week, every week, and never having a life is something to glorify, to be proud of. Many of them say "Oh yes, it'll be absolute hell for a few years, but then you'll figure it out."

    [–] [Online][D&D][5e][GMT-7][GMT-5][PST][EST][Roll20][Discord][Sunday] Moderately experienced DM Looking for 1 long term player for an adult survival fantasy. Details in post. AllMightyGuy 0 points ago in lfg

    Unfortunately I can't give too much real detail away. I think the surprise and unknown is a huge part of the enjoyment.

    I will say this though; There's not always a "Good" choice, and several party members have almost died due to poor choices.

    [–] EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies AllMightyGuy 2 points ago in singularity

    Absolutely. I'm not a geneticist so I have very little grounds to make a convincing argument. However, I am aware that while what you said is absolutely true, what I said isn't entirely false. If you have a longer explanation of why what I said is wrong I'd love to hear it.

    [–] EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies AllMightyGuy 4 points ago in singularity

    I really think this is a necessary "Next Step" for humanity. With the explosion of acceptance of anybody and everybody with any sort of disability, we're effectively causing the DNA of our species to be more and more fucked up over time. Our DNA is unstable, which is what gave us intelligence, but also causes major diseases and illness. This has been fine historically because those individuals have died before breeding age. This doesnt happen anymore because we have the technologies to keep them relatively healthy. But as more and more problematic DNA mixes itself throughout the species, I believe eventually our medical sciences wont be able to keep up. So we're left with 2 options to keep the species alive.

    Remove the ability to breed from those with sufficiently damaged DNA.

    Or start altering our DNA to repair said damage.

    [–] Looking for a PC sniper/overwatch co-op type game. AllMightyGuy 1 points ago in gamingsuggestions

    First of all, thanks for the awesome reply. And to answer the last question first, yeah we beat Overcooked a couple months ago, loved it. Also gone through lovers in a dangerous space time, another amazing game. We just downloaded and started playing Iron Wolf, which had been great so far.

    As for the list of games you provided, I'll definitely give them a try, starting with the free one of course. Thanks for all the great ideas. I may have her try L4D but I'm very skeptical of her enjoyment.

    [–] These red potatoes are red inside too AllMightyGuy 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Those aren't actually red potatoes. They're purple potatoes, a different variety.

    [–] I hope this kid is just a smart ass AllMightyGuy 6 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    And those who cannot. You forgot to say those who cannot.

    [–] The PC automatically began to update the software and the patient was unnecessary in anesthesia for one hour. AllMightyGuy 0 points ago in technology

    That's really weird... I work on a limited number of machines, but none of them any of that functionality. Some of the more expensive ones are specifically built and designed to limit remote functionality.

    [–] The PC automatically began to update the software and the patient was unnecessary in anesthesia for one hour. AllMightyGuy 1 points ago in technology

    I work in the medical industry in the US and while almost every machine I work with is connected to a network, not a single one of them can be controlled remotely.

    Keeping an eye on stats and vitals is absolutely a useful thing, so is documentation, but none of them can be used remotely. All of them require physically attached hardware to operate, you can only view the information remotely for the reasons already given.