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    [–] EA bad nintendo good AlmiranteO 1 points ago in lewronggeneration

    Were Super Mario Bros released today, people would read headlines about being able to beat the game in 4:55, just like people complained about beating Ground Zeroes in 6 minutes.

    [–] This guy did not read the patch notes AlmiranteO 1 points ago in hearthstone

    He played two normal chain gangs. You can see it in the action bar.

    [–] Upvote this. AlmiranteO 2 points ago in hearthstonecirclejerk

    Was about to upvote but noticed its at 477 so I dare not touch that button.

    [–] Anyone else disappointed by Whizbang from the reveal stream? AlmiranteO 1 points ago in hearthstone

    At what point during the stream did they do that? I must've missed it

    [–] A mexican who just turned 18. AMA AlmiranteO 1 points ago in casualiama

    The people, and how everyone you meet feels like family. Of course there are also shitty people, but in general, specially in large crowds, mexicans feel like a giant family.

    [–] A mexican who just turned 18. AMA AlmiranteO 1 points ago in casualiama

    It's a really romantic vertion. The origins and traditions are true, however very few "city Mexicans" still celebrate Day of the Dead that way, if at all. There are a few small towns where it still is a very important holiday, though.

    [–] A mexican who just turned 18. AMA AlmiranteO 2 points ago in casualiama

    It's fine where I live. The poorest part of the country is Southwest, near Oaxaca. But right now, in election time, people are really hostile against each other.

    [–] I can't believe that people are losing their minds over the fact that a cosmetic is locked behind an event AlmiranteO 4 points ago in hearthstone

    The problem for me is that, since I live in Mexico, it is virtually impossible to attend a fireside gathering, let alone one on a registered tavern. There are only THREE scheduled, and only one is a tavern. First, I was thinking of hosting a fireside with my friends so we could all get the skin, but since I found out only taverns get it, I have given up on the idea of getting it.

    I think blizzard should just allow players to set up their own Gatherings for the hero, and not make the tavern part a requirement. That would make everyone happy, since you can host one yourself if you live in a low populated area, while also adding the possibility of meeting other people who play Hearthstone that live in your area, further incentivizing Fireside Gatherings there.