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    [–] What should you never say when pulled over by police? AlmostEveryoneSucks 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My grandmother once called a cop “fat and ugly” when he wouldn’t let her off without a ticket because my grandfather was also an officer

    [–] How to ruin the internet AlmostEveryoneSucks 16 points ago in disneyvacation

    Today the FCC announces its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th.

    If this plan passes, the internet as we currently know it will be gone forever. If you’re from the US please contact your representatives and tell them you oppose the FCC’s current plan. If they get enough calls, they can stop the FCC.

    [–] Star Wars Battlefront II DICE Developer AMA AlmostEveryoneSucks 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    Thank you for having this AMA! I have a few questions:

    1. Do you believe that EA is moving the gaming industry in a positive direction?
    2. If so, what do you expect the future of gaming to look like?
    3. If the intent of the current system is to ”provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes”, why was a pay to win system chosen?

    [–] How to think like EA AlmostEveryoneSucks 7 points ago in disneyvacation

    /r/disneyvacation is about funny wiki how illustrations, not about actual vacations to Disney

    [–] How to think like EA AlmostEveryoneSucks 2 points ago in disneyvacation

    They made a $60 game with “micro transactions” to access characters that should come with the initial purchase. Then they got the most downvoted comment of all time, with over 680,000 downvotes. Here’s the comment:

    [–] How to think like EA AlmostEveryoneSucks 1 points ago in disneyvacation

    While it’s true all businesses are in it for the money, EA took it a step too far by being too greedy. They deliberately made their game worse to try to get people to pay. Other companies like Blizzard care more about their customers and deliver good products that aren’t cash grabs like this one. Of course they need to make money, but they can’t charge $60 for a game then expect people to pay $80+ each for main characters like Vader or Luke

    [–] The Republican guide to mass murder AlmostEveryoneSucks 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    That’s simply not true, and you’re ignorantly believing propaganda if you really think that

    [–] The Republican guide to mass murder AlmostEveryoneSucks -7 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    This is not “a republican’s guide to mass murder”, this is “a racist’s guide to mass murder”. Not all republicans are racist, it just happens that most racists are republicans. Nobody likes racists. Don’t add fuel to the fire bashing anyone with different political ideologies. Take your anger about racism out on the racists not the people you disagree with.