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    [–] What's your most messed up ship? Aloramother 2 points ago in FanFiction

    The kominato brothers from Ace of diamond.

    Really have a soft spot for brothers especially those who look like each other.

    [–] A crowd holding onto a man trying to commit suicide Aloramother 5 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    That's no excuse to make someone else feel the same way, especially when they tried to do something.

    Perhaps she reacted poorly sure should still apologize.

    [–] Help me find a movie Aloramother 1 points ago in anime

    Summer wars is my favorite movie other than the ghibli ones

    [–] What Anime are an example of 'Simple Premise, Excellent execution? Aloramother 2 points ago in anime

    I explained to a friend that while it's sports anime it feels like shonen battle anime. Haikyuu pacing is top notch imo.

    [–] Name your favorite genre, and your least favorite thing about it. Aloramother 8 points ago in anime

    I really enjoy fantasy but I dislike how isekai has taken over the genre.

    I need another inuyasha in my life right now

    [–] A crowd holding onto a man trying to commit suicide Aloramother 5042 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    You did all you could. Her friend is wrong to try to say you didn't do enough to save her that's a horrible burden to place on you. I'm sorry you are carrying that.

    [–] We used to be great childhood friends, actually. Aloramother 315 points ago in creepyPMs

    Don't let reality stop your fanfiction my friend, it doesn't for anyone else.

    [–] Electronic Fly Trap Aloramother 1 points ago in gif

    I always used the cheap apple looking traps and they worked great.

    [–] who wouldn’t want to be a superhero Aloramother 3 points ago in wholesomememes

    It's a balance. Sometimes you need to correct them but you need to be careful not to squash all imagination from them.

    Sometimes my daughter will ask things like wouldn't it be fun if it started raining spaghetti? I could tell her that's scientifically impossible or I could say that would be fun and ask her how she thinks we could collect it, How much she would eat, and could it rain other foods because I would get tired of spaghetti eventually.

    There's nothing wrong with letting a kid want to be a super hero so long as they know they can't fly off the roof.

    [–] who wouldn’t want to be a superhero Aloramother 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    I saw a little kid call a teenager in a prom dress the most beautiful princess she's ever seen.

    I have yet to see a situation where two people have made each other the happiest people on earth the way they did.

    [–] Floral Piece by Ryan Szadyr at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia Aloramother 1 points ago in tattoos

    Would you mind showing a pic from the front? I'm trying to picture how your hair looks

    [–] Internet “research” trumps Grandma living through the nightmares. Aloramother 18 points ago in vaxxhappened

    And everyone else after they give the diseases enough chances to mutate and it becomes an epidemic again.

    [–] A neat little detail I noticed in PoA Aloramother 22 points ago in harrypotter

    I thought he was often in Ron's clothes

    [–] No one in my family appreciates my Naruto shirts, so I thought you guys might like them! Aloramother 2 points ago in Naruto

    I love showing off my new anime stuff to my parents. They don't understand but they pretend to and I can tell they are just happy I'm excited about it.

    [–] How do you deal with "god" players? Aloramother 7 points ago in pokemongo

    I'll be sure to tell my seven year old that. Thanks for making the world a better place in the big picture man.

    [–] Is it possible to use one monitor for both my Switch and my Desktop? Aloramother 3 points ago in Switch

    I use an hdmi switch. It's just a button push to switch them.

    I got mine off Amazon for seven bucks.

    [–] Has a Teacher ever made you cry in class? How/Why? Aloramother 22 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm not a teacher but I had to train this new girl once and every day I had to explain the same things over and over. I had to give detailed instructions for a simple Walmart job every single day. One day I told her not to empty the entire shelf of mini office supplies into a single shopping cart and she did it anyway while I was away teaching another person to do something else. Then she mixed it all up because she was looking for the thing she put in there first.

    My boss made her go do something else and I had to put every little thing back. Took hours.

    That made me cry.

    [–] Has a Teacher ever made you cry in class? How/Why? Aloramother 25 points ago in AskReddit

    I had a professor do that to me the day my sixteen year old cat died.

    He was like "aloramother you look kind of down today you OK?" And that's what finally broke me down.

    He was super nice though and didn't call on me all class and didn't bring attention to me doodling instead of taking notes.

    [–] How do you deal with "god" players? Aloramother 26 points ago in pokemongo

    I sometimes carry my kids phone when she is visiting her dad. I also know a mom that uses her husband's phone when he is doing yard work and a local raid pops up.

    [–] [Image] Focus on your own grass Aloramother 0 points ago in GetMotivated

    Or maybe it really is greener because it doesn't have you there fucking it all up

    [–] Can anyone tell me what dj this is from? Aloramother 1 points ago in yaoi

    Yes I've read most of them which is why I was struggling to remember where this scene was from.

    But I just remembered kageyamas face in this one really striking me for some reason

    [–] What myth did a company invent to sell their products? Aloramother 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I live in a place with plenty of rain and I would love to have a gravel yard sounds so nice