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    [–] German restaurant imposes 'no children allowed' dinner policy Aloramother 0 points ago in worldnews

    Without being able to create a disturbance? In my experience it isn't the children causing disturbances it's unchecked adults. Yeah kids can be shits but let's not pretend banning kids=banning all annoying people.

    [–] Why do people hate Boruto? Aloramother 1 points ago in anime

    Just exaggerating? They are at episode 849

    [–] Tattoo’s Aloramother 2 points ago in anime

    I have totoro on my leg and a fma orouborus tattoo on my shoulder

    [–] Anime Stickers Aloramother 2 points ago in anime

    I've bought from them and have had no issues with any of my shipments or quality of stickers

    [–] Anime Recommendations For A Poor Soul Aloramother 1 points ago in anime

    Kill la kill

    Kind of a shot in the dark but looking at what you like I think you'll like it. I suggest giving it at least 3 episodes

    [–] Just rewatched Your Lie In April... Aloramother 1 points ago in anime

    I didn't watch the ending for the longest time for the same reason but I honestly think it's worth it. And I almost exclusively avoid sad shows. It's really really really amazing and worth the sadness.

    But make sure to have something light to bring you back up after

    [–] Name anime with big yaoi fanbase Aloramother 3 points ago in yaoi

    Definitely my hero academia, because it has a lot of guys with a variety of personalities and quirks that can be played with and it's currently really popular so more stuff is being made all the time.

    [–] Hi! I'm your new puppy Aloramother 1 points ago in aww

    Those must be a new thing I've never heard of them

    [–] Metric vs Imperial Aloramother 5 points ago in funny

    I'm going to pretend is from the series of unfortunate events because it makes me laugh seeing violet this way

    [–] Is it considered child sex abuse if parents have sex in the same room as their child? Aloramother 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I can't imagine witnessing your parents having sex is abuse. That's just unreasonable imo.

    That doesn't mean it isn't scaring though. If it's something that affects her she should go to counseling. They can help her figure it all out.

    [–] What’s most likely the cause for a city-wide power-outage that lasts 45 minutes? Aloramother 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I live in a town but I've lost power for 3 days due to an ice storm.

    Lightning, something wrong at the company, someone stupid fucking up the lines.

    There's many reasons why you can call your electric company and ask what happened if you're really curious they'll usually tell you.

    [–] how do you know if a bug flew in your ear? Aloramother 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Do you have anyone that could look into your ear?

    I suggest going to the doctor as soon as you can if it persists. If you need something immediate you could get ear drops for pain.

    [–] Do people still use checks now a days, and is most money now a days held online? (Like idk paypal etc) Aloramother 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Most people keep their online money in a bank not PayPal

    PayPal uses the same technology a check does in the sense it pulls money out of a specific bank account you are connected to. Same with most online transactions unless you're using a gift card.

    [–] What would happen if a kid with cancer wanted his wish to be Half-Life 3? Aloramother 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Better than telling a really sick kid he can have anything... Well except that pick a different dieing wish