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    [–] Sooo my post got a lot of Upvotes sooo here's a meme template! AlphaSoftware 0 points ago in MortisGang

    What if... he understood that it was sarcasm but since your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post, and now “tOp HaT gOod nO hAt BAd sO fUnNi pLz UpvOtE” has became a circlejerk itself, getting upvotes from people who think “yeah kids are stupid, I’m mature so I oppose their opinion” (please note that this does not mean hating on No-Hat Morti is good), he had all the rights to call you a “Karma Whore”.

    But hey, it’s just a theory! Some internet arguments bullshit theory!

    [–] Uh oh AlphaSoftware 2 points ago in shittybrawlstars

    Literally laughed my arse off with your “argument”:

    1. An argument consists of a thesis and supporting evidences. Yours was literally just “mOrTis gAnG FuCkiNg sUckS” from the beginning to the “end”.

    2. The other guy was right, your statement is nothing more but an opinion. It might be accepted by the general public but then again, it’s just like saying “Minecraft sucks” and call it a fact. Absolutely nothing makes your opinion “important” lol.

    Oops looks like r/shittybrawlstars is now also infected with kids.

    [–] *confused screaming* AlphaSoftware 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Ah, thank you for the information!

    [–] *confused screaming* AlphaSoftware 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Sorry I don’t know the plural form of it :P

    [–] Only 9 more to go. AlphaSoftware 2 points ago in ERB

    It is done.