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    [–] Man Sentenced for 40 Years for Robbing Casinogoer, Tying Up His Children Amcal 5 points ago in news

    Smart enough to put a GPS tracker on the car but dumb enough to leave it there after he commits the crime

    [–] German spy agency said North Korean rockets can reach Europe: paper Amcal 17 points ago in news

    They also said Saddam Hussein chemical weapons program he was hiding.

    [–] After a boy fractured his skull in rural Missouri, family faces air ambulance bill of $32,000 Amcal 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in news

    The company encourages consumers to buy annual memberships, which Schneider says will protect them from being stuck with the difference between what their insurance company pays and the cost of the transport. Annual memberships cost $65 per household, Schneider said. However, there’s a chance another firm could pick up an Air Evac member after an accident, and the membership deal would not apply.

    Air Evac and three other major firms are included in the membership, which has more than 320 air medical bases across 38 states.

    Together, there are currently 3 million consumers enrolled in the membership program.

    For 65 bucks a year they could of had a good chance of avoiding this bill

    [–] Burning down student debt Amcal 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Second job, 16 hours a week extra minimum.

    [–] My lease is almost up and my rent is going to go up. I don't know what to do Amcal 51 points ago in personalfinance

    I’m sorry bad things have happened to you but you are an adult and you need to get a full time job, hopefully with health benefits so you can get some help mentally.

    [–] Claiming foreign MIL as childcare on taxes Amcal 4 points ago in personalfinance

    Are you and her willing to pay taxes on the money you gave her.

    [–] This was only a few months ago Amcal 1 points ago in ethtrader

    Pretty much times the high perfectly.

    [–] Remove Parent from Co-Loan Amcal 1 points ago in StudentLoans

    Not like unless she could qualify on her own.

    FWIW if I was you I would not co-sign until at least you are married

    [–] I’m 24. My dad says I should pay down my mortgage. I think I should save for retirement. Amcal 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Following your logic means that everyone should become a morbidly obese unmarried person living paycheck to paycheck

    [–] Need to pay $50,000 to IRS for no reason? Amcal 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Either scam letter or identity theft. Pray that it is a scam letter

    [–] Refinance student loans - Cosign for 4.6% or no cosign 5.1%? Amcal 2 points ago in personalfinance

    The question why are worried about your ability to borrow while you have the debt.

    I would refinance to lowest rate and then pay it off within a few years

    [–] Child care costs tax questions Amcal 6 points ago in personalfinance

    Probably not because if she not claiming income then you are gifting her the money.

    [–] I’m 24. My dad says I should pay down my mortgage. I think I should save for retirement. Amcal 385 points ago in personalfinance

    I personally would not pay extra on a mortgage until I was investing the full 18k I’m eligible for in my 401k.

    [–] Graduate student seeking worst case scenario advice Amcal 1 points ago in StudentLoans

    Probably not very few out of state tuition graduate degrees pencil financially

    [–] Advice needed. $6,800 owed to University and a little lost on personal loans. Amcal 1 points ago in personalfinance

    If you had a mental breakdown any way to appeal to the university and maybe work out a payment plan or maybe the amount can be forgiven. Is there any paper trail with your mental issues to help your case.