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    [–] Facebook collects data on non-users, UK report reveals. You don’t need to have a Facebook account in order to have your data mined by Mark Zuckeberg’s company. The Facebook app “transmits mysterious information in the background back to Facebook’s servers," and there isn't much you can do about it. Amidza 10 points ago in conspiracy

    Submission Statement

    Facebook collects data, even on non-users, through its mobile app - which comes pre-installed on most Android phones and cannot be uninstalled without root access.

    “I don’t have, and have never had, a Facebook account,” the guy who tipped the info says.

    The best bit:

    Facebook has published instructions on how to disable updates, and therefore background information collecting on Android phones but, on the tipster’s Sprint LG, the option to disable updates is – disabled.

    Now, I'm not that tech-savvy, and the article states that most bloatware (pre-installed apps) can be removed if you have so called root access, is that really the case with the FB app? Regardless, most people aren't tech savvy enough to do that, so the point remains.

    [–] Being weak doesn’t make you a good person. Amidza 1 points ago in Libertarian

    This. It’s a matter of principle. There won’t be a genocide in America - I’m certain of that. BUT as a non-Ameican, and a survivor of genocide - the people need to have guns. That’s all I’m gonna say.

    [–] Le ugly grill + wholesome doggo = karma Amidza 1 points ago in shitpost

    Looks like you have a lot of good things in your life.

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    [–] Wikileaks Chat Leaks Amidza 4 points ago in conspiracy

    Fucking LMAO