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    [–] Wikileaks Chat Leaks Amidza 2 points ago in conspiracy

    Fucking LMAO

    [–] Lawmakers are urging Jeff Sessions to require Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent, following a revelation that an undercover reporter secretly filmed a documentary meant to "reveal how the Israel lobby in America works." Amidza 47 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in conspiracy

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    In late 2017, Al Jazeera released a documentary, after having their reporter infiltrate pro-Israel groups in the UK. An Israeli diplomat was filmed discussing “taking down” British officials and supporters of Palestinian state. He was forced to resign after the documentary had come out.

    The British government regulator Ofcom concluded that the network’s reporting was not anti-Semitic, but rather “a serious investigative documentary which explored the actions of the Israeli Embassy.”

    Al Jazeera did the same in the US. Their investigative reporter went undercover, infiltrating pro-Israel organizations in D.C. And now, because of that, lawmakers are pressuring Sessions to require Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent.

    Apparently, you're not allowed to report on Israel's crimes and lobbying efforts. Isn't that a conspiracy?

    [–] In Switzerland, dismay as papers on secret Cold War army vanish Amidza 6 points ago in conspiracy

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    Never head of this, but seems pretty interesting. A Swiss Cold War paramilitary group operated from the 1950s until 1990, it's called “Projekt 26”. They were some sort of a guerrilla unit, meant to combat "communism." Anyway, top-secret documents linked to the group seem to have completely vanished somehow.