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    [–] Blatant propaganda Amidza 36 points ago in conspiracy

    Wow, brilliant point man. Thanks for contributing. Indoctrination is the word I should have used.

    Consent is gradually manufactured. I remember a time (and I'm not old) when no one, under any circumstances, left personal data on the internet. Nowadays, we hand it over willingly (phone numbers, full names) and unwillingly.

    [–] Blatant propaganda Amidza 46 points ago in conspiracy

    Submission Statement

    Caught this on Twitter. As Orwellian as it gets. What happened to integrity, is this journalism?

    Face recognition data can be prone to error, which can implicate people for crimes they haven’t committed. Facial recognition software is particularly bad at recognizing African Americans and other ethnic minorities, women, and young people, often misidentifying or failing to identify them, disparately impacting certain groups.

    Additionally, face recognition has been used to target people engaging in protected speech. In the near future, face recognition technology will likely become more ubiquitous. It may be used to track individuals’ movements out in the world like automated license plate readers track vehicles by plate numbers. Real-time face recognition is already being used in other countries and even at sporting events in the United States.

    [–] Being weak doesn’t make you a good person. Amidza 1 points ago in Libertarian

    This. It’s a matter of principle. There won’t be a genocide in America - I’m certain of that. BUT as a non-Ameican, and a survivor of genocide - the people need to have guns. That’s all I’m gonna say.

    [–] Le ugly grill + wholesome doggo = karma Amidza 1 points ago in shitpost

    Looks like you have a lot of good things in your life.

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