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    [–] It’s big brain time AnAnonymousNoodle37 3 points ago in memes

    See you, space cowboy

    [–] Bullying is all fun and games until your name ends up in a suicide note. AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in teenagers

    This happened to me my senior year. Not the exact same story but the same premise. One of my best friends from middle school, whom I’d unfortunately grown apart from during high school, took her own life the last semester of our senior year. She was a gifted person, brilliant in every class, a kickass soccer player, and an enthusiastic pet person. She entered into our school’s International baccalaureate program, essentially the brightest of bright students, and all of them made fun of her. I’ve come to loath that program because every student who entered into it were nothing but egotistical, always thinking themselves the greatest of great and scoffing at those beneath them. They all ganged up on my friend, excluding her, making fun of her; she left the program eventually but it didn’t matter. I’ll never forget hearing the morning announcements that first period and hearing her name pop up in the worst way possible. We hadn’t spoken in a long time because of time and different classes but it hit hard to realize someone I spent so much time with was gone. And the real salt in the wound was all these students, who were known to be the culprits of bullying, coming to the service and pretending they were acquainted with her and grieving. My blood boils thinking about how people will be so quick to change tune when their efforts lead to death.

    [–] Steven Spielberg’s film chronology AnAnonymousNoodle37 3 points ago in reddeadfashion

    What clothes were used to recreate western Doc Brown and Marty McFly? It’s actually really cool

    [–] This is how true bounty hunters transport their targets: AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in RedDeadOnline

    The end where the hand glitches and it just looks like the target was tossed like a piece of wadded up paper is just golden

    [–] My attempt at recreating Rorschach from 'Watchmen' AnAnonymousNoodle37 3 points ago in RedDeadOnline

    Given its simplicity, I never would’ve thought patterned bandanas had the ability to be a good Rorschach mask. Then again, I also didn’t look for a good Rorschach mask. Cudos on a wicked recreation!

    [–] Georgia college dean among 14 arrested in sting targeting child predators AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in news

    Honestly, as someone who’s grown up my whole life in Valdosta, and spent two semesters amongst students of Valdosta State, it sucks to have such a bleak stain on my town. I’m glad the prick got what was coming, but let it be known these degenerates don’t represent the town as a whole.

    [–] Georgia college dean among 14 arrested in sting targeting child predators AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in news

    I’m a newer student in my second semester and I never met the guy. I think after hearing all this if consider myself lucky for having that privilege.

    [–] What has been your biggest fuck-up leading up to this point in life? AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Jesus, is that what it’s called? I guess this is what I did the entirety of high school, now I’m in college and I have no friends I can really call on to hang out with

    [–] This Oscars ad is driving me INSANE!!!! AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in MovieTheaterEmployees

    Holy shit I didn’t think other theaters were dealing with it to. Sometime within the past few days I think our general manager actually pulled that ad from our lobby TVs just because of how fucking annoying they were. We were scheduled to start construction on some theaters this week and I thought theyd started early just because of that ad’s alarms

    [–] [FREE] 100+ AAA Steam Keys AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in FREE

    This would be great for when I finally get my PC built

    [–] Cyberpunk delayed to September AnAnonymousNoodle37 1 points ago in cyberpunkgame

    As much as it sucks, I’m way happier with this recent trend of delaying games. The two games I’ve been most hyped for (Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk) are both getting more time for polish and corrections to make the game better. And hearing that more games are getting delayed just makes me optimistic that developers will be more open to delays as a means to create better games in the future