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    [–] Lol Anasahmed 5 points ago in pakistan

    I would marry 2 lesbians if they are open to heterosexual intercourse.

    [–] Miss those days. Don't know if our kids will get to experience this or not . Anasahmed 1 points ago in pakistan

    Yeah right. I couldn't sleep cause my cousin scared me to death whilst they fell asleep asap.

    [–] You go to kitchen and find empty Rooh Afza wyd? Anasahmed 2 points ago in pakistan

    What can I say, I love me some yahoodi sazish everyday. Pineapple and mosami flavor.

    [–] Automatic Cow Farm. Anasahmed 6 points ago in Minecraft

    Not entity cramming. They rewrote the collision system in 1.14. Also there is currently a bug in the game where entities can have force field around them, whenever another entity collides; they zip away pretty fast.

    [–] Automatic Cow Farm. Anasahmed 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Well once you install a killing mechanism :)

    [–] Teenagers of reddit, have you ever had a teacher so dumb you questioned how they got the job as a teacher? Anasahmed 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My calculus teacher last semester. He would spend 20 mins trying to explain something upon realizing that he missed the most important detail, he would go back and add details to already bad explanation. My brain hurt after every lecture of his. We were first semester and didn't know you can write an application to get your teacher changed. At least in semester feedback we got to write that he cannot teach. I wrote in all Caps. Unfortunately he is teaching multi-cal to another class this semester. Rip them.

    [–] Why I hate ravines. Anasahmed 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I don't get these videos. Do people randomly record themselves playing?

    [–] Excuse me? Anasahmed 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I would happily release him. But he will just die in the wild.

    [–] Excuse me? Anasahmed 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I snagged him from a village.

    [–] Excuse me? Anasahmed 10 points ago in Minecraft

    He is a captive in my village now. He has mending trade for 10 emeralds. :p

    [–] Intentional or not? I can literally get free smelting from this villager Anasahmed -6 points ago in Minecraft

    Weird trades aren't random in java except for enchanted items. Btw the beta build I was playing on didn't have random trades as well.