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    [–] When your paid the same amount as the hosts to do literally fucking nothing- Ando-FB 3 points ago in PKA

    I was hammered and it seemed funny at the time. What have I become? That comment was grosser than Onlyusemeblades foot. Apologies.

    [–] She Broke up with me it was 7 year of togetherness Ando-FB 1 points ago in confession

    I am deadset so sorry for you my brother. Spend this time improving yourself. Start working out.

    [–] Who's the REAL Tiger King? Ando-FB 2 points ago in thewalkingdead

    Don't talk about our mum like that!

    [–] hardcore ollie up long six stair; took a looooong time Ando-FB 2 points ago in skate3

    Technically it is a BS 180. Skaters don't say ollie 180.

    [–] WoodT Roid Raging On Stream Ando-FB 2 points ago in PKA

    Fuckkkk, Im gonna have to watch those again. I have a lot of respect for WoodT but how do you jump to beating the fuck out of someone over stupid shit like that?

    [–] Edit for Reddit Ando-FB 2 points ago in Fingerboards

    Just keep on practicing dude and you will get there, but more importantly just have fun!

    [–] Edit for Reddit Ando-FB 3 points ago in Fingerboards

    Thats fair. Hows the ramps treating yah? I have noticed you have improved a heap since you got them. You should make one bro! Its a bit of fun and posting stuff helps you progress a heap.

    [–] Edit for Reddit Ando-FB 1 points ago in Fingerboards

    Thanks bro!

    [–] Edit for Reddit Ando-FB 2 points ago in Fingerboards

    Was satisfying to do! Man its been a while since I have seen your posts. How you going? Also do you have a Youtube channel or Instagram?

    [–] Meanwhile in Sydney.. Ando-FB 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Unless this was his car and even still this guy is an asshole. The dude is just trying to do his job and is lucky enough atm to have a job. I hate parking inspectors as much as the next guy, a lot of them are dicks but this guy wasn't doing anything wrong.

    [–] Me this morning Ando-FB 1 points ago in PKA

    Ok that explains a lot. I got him confused with Richard and was like "WTF? People don't like that dude?" The last ep with Furious Pete I was in tears laughing at some parts. I can't remember what it was about though.