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    [–] Mossa before NecryTalkie was born AndroidWG 3 points ago in NecryTalkie

    Thanks for sharing this info! That's really cool. Didn't know Asahi used to compose Vocaloid

    [–] Twitch Streamer Reckful Has Passed Away Aged 31 AndroidWG 1 points ago in Games

    I also feel that same thing when I'm really depressed, it makes me angry sometimes. But most of the time I just feel trapped. I can't escape my own hopeless future and myself. It's kinda like claustrophobia but maybe a bit less intense.

    [–] I can relate. AndroidWG 60 points ago in suicidebywords

    This, especially not having other options.

    [–] Bill Gates said, "I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." What's a real-life example of this? AndroidWG 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Paper work is the bane of a enterprise efficiency, and older/less tech savvy folks just love it. The getting info in and out of computers just creates more room for errors, boring repetitive tasks, paper waste and a big unorganized mess.

    [–] Ads are taking over Samsung's Galaxy smartphones — and it needs to stop AndroidWG 2 points ago in Android

    No ads in a S9 here in South America. I guess it's good that we get stuff late sometimes.

    [–] Easy content for Ludwig? AndroidWG 6 points ago in LudwigAhgren

    It's not an actual fax machine, just a printer with some program that prints every donation and an image sent by the user.

    [–] Microsoft is shutting down Mixer on July 22 AndroidWG 1 points ago in Games

    I'm curious, in what areas was it better?

    [–] Microsoft is shutting down Mixer on July 22 AndroidWG 18 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in Games

    On launch especially it wasn't. This video isn't specifically on the story of the Zune but it shows a lot of the reasons why it was a pretty mediocre device on launch.

    TLDW from the video

    TLDW Extended Edition:

    • It was an existing Toshiba MP3 Player in a different shell, rushed to be launched on Christmas 2006. The press asked about this, and they just said that they'd do better next time.
    • It was much bigger then the iPod with less storage.
    • No click wheel. They made a D-Pad that looked like one and people went in expecting a click wheel like the iPods. Navigation was not good in general too.
    • Screen was larger but had the same resolution as the iPod, aka, blurrier.
    • The Zune Store (where you bought music from) lacked features, had worse usability and more bugs than iTunes. Also it was just a reskin of Windows Media Player 11 with features removed.
    • Setting it up wasn't a good time at all, if it even worked.
    • The sole purpose of the WiFi chip was to "squirt" (share) songs with your friends, but you could only listen to it for 3 days. They could have added WiFi song syncing, downloading and other stuff but that never happened.
    • The 30GB Zune was $249.95 on launch. The 5th gen iPod Classic 30GB model (launched a few months earlier) was the same price with an overall much better experience.
    • MP3 Player sales peaked in 2008, and it took until 2009 for MS to have a decent competitor to the iPod. It came into the scene way to late with way too little.

    In the end, while the device itself was fine, it really was too little, too late. It had to be the best MP3 Player ever or at least quite a bit cheaper to even come close to being a better option than the iPod at the time.

    The other models - especially the Zune HD - were a different story, but by that point the Zune was already seen as a big joke by everyone pretty much.

    [–] Apple Watch fall detection helps save life of 92-year-old farmer after fall from a ladder AndroidWG 2 points ago in gadgets

    No that's not why. It was something related to the aging battery. It was asshole-ish that they didn't warn users at all or let them opt out, but it seemed like the reason to do so was actually an attempt to make the device last longer, even if slower. There was definitely some intent there to get people to buy new phones though.

    [–] Apple Watch fall detection helps save life of 92-year-old farmer after fall from a ladder AndroidWG 1 points ago in gadgets

    Hardware wise it's been awesome, I'm just mentioning that Android and iOS have different qualities and defects. I also dropped it many times, went swimming, it's very durable.

    When I bought it Samsung was still using their old Android skin and I kinda hated it but One UI is actually fucking awesome right now. It's a great phone, hope to keep it for at least 5 years.

    [–] Discord? AndroidWG 4 points ago in NecryTalkie

    I'm almost sure there's nothing official. I thought of making one for this sub and English-speaking fans in general but I wanted the sub to grow a bit first and I'm not interested in moderating a Discord server. If you guys are interested in making one I can put it up here so more people can join.

    [–] Apple Watch fall detection helps save life of 92-year-old farmer after fall from a ladder AndroidWG 1 points ago in gadgets

    I'm only one person but my S9, bought just after the release, started taking a second or two to show recent apps after just a few months, probably 4 or 5.

    That's just the more noticeable thing, it slowed down quite a bit everywhere and I clearly remember my iPhone 5S being super smooth for years. From what I see iPhones have just gotten smoother and smoother since then.

    I'd say it's preference mostly but there's some areas where one clearly wins over the other. iPhone has more and higher quality/better supported apps and higher quality games, while Android clearly wins in customization by a massive long shot. Ar on iPhone is actually insane while my S9 was absolute dogshit until the latest updates, and it still isn't as good as the iPhone.

    [–] Apple Music on Android requires its own payment details to avoid Google 30% cut AndroidWG 3 points ago in Android

    Well, I got curious so I went to AM on my Android phone and was able to change to a family plan and add people using their Apple ID emails. I didn't go through fully because I used by sister's Apple ID email and she lost the access to the Outlook account so I can't check the email Apple sent with with the invitation.

    Besides music upload, I personally prefer AM because the layout/design and having lyrics available straight from the app. Also, at some point Spotify just stopped playing anything on my PC, in any browser I tried and with the app as well. I then switched to GPM and now I use Apple Music since Google abandoned it and YTM is a complete mess and also almost abandoned by Google.

    [–] Apple Music on Android requires its own payment details to avoid Google 30% cut AndroidWG 4 points ago in Android

    I have Windows and Android, use Apple Music with no real problems (besides bugs but unlike Spotify it still plays songs just fine) including uploading music just like on GPM. I don't have a family account but it seemed like that can be done on Android just fine as well.

    [–] NSFW What do you have a thing for? AndroidWG 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Anyone got a link? That image is funny af

    [–] Bi-weekly Banger™ #1 - 放課後の記憶 | Houkagono Kioku AndroidWG 3 points ago in NecryTalkie

    Great analysis! I know next to nothing about music so I didn't say much about it. Didn't know they had complex compositions, for me everything just sounds super good lol

    [–] Why are there two spotify artist profiles? AndroidWG 4 points ago in NecryTalkie

    I think it's because Zoo was the first album they did with a label, and they're almost always the ones handling uploading an artist's music to streaming platforms and stuff, while before they probably paid a company to do that. For some reason, by accident probably, they ended up with two profiles.

    It's a bit annoying and I don't exactly expect them to fix it soon since streaming is still only around 19% of the music market in Japan, aka it's not their main focus. Maybe when the next song/album releases they'll fix it.

    [–] Depois de meses planejando comprar um PC, eu decidi fazer uma imagem mostrando o aumento absurdo do preço desses equipamentos. Concluí que esperar baixar o preço é uma mera ilusão. AndroidWG 1 points ago in brasil

    Preço de tudo nesse país é ridículo, mas de PC é coisa de quebra o cu mesmo. Tava até pensando em comprar um óculos VR de 250 dólares (que sai uns 2500-3000 reais aqui) mas agr nem fudendo.

    Eu fico tão puto com isso, nem sei porque exatamente. Mas é completamente absurdo.