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    [–] Electron and the Decline of Native Apps - AngelLeliel 6 points ago in programming

    The problem is that you also have to maintain consistency across web app and native ones, which is much harder. Besides, do you consider all mobile and desktop platforms when you said "It's absolutely trivial to support multiple platforms in a native app"?

    [–] [New Chapter Spoilers] Chapter 112 Pre-Release Megathread AngelLeliel 3 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    He is asking when Levi gain his Ackerman power, who was his "master", if the Ackermans can't disobey the order of their masters.

    [–] j u l e r AngelLeliel 5 points ago in mathmemes

    e2πi is better

    [–] Women talk too much! Hahah! AngelLeliel 2 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    The old character of mother is 母

    Oracle script

    You can totally see the original meaning and the similarity to modern character.

    媽 is a borrowed character for it's similar sound: ma, for transliteration.

    [–] Women talk too much! Hahah! AngelLeliel 3 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    Not really, 通姦 is adultery, 強姦 is rape, 姦夫 is the male adulterer.

    In general 姦 is a negative term of sexual intercourses.

    [–] The satisfying sync of game and music. AngelLeliel 2 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    We could just dump Overwatch PotG gifs here if we want satisfying gameplay videos.

    [–] Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage AngelLeliel 1 points ago in worldnews

    May I also ask your opinion on why there are so very many invalid or blank votes registered? Depending on the question it's between 7 and 10 % of the votes that aren't counted. Do you think this is mostly due to blank votes being cast, or is it mostly invalid ones?

    I have really no ideas. The referendum was a totally mess last week. People waited in lines for two or three hours to take their votes. Staffs count the votes until 3:00AM. In one case, an elder lady tried to destroy her voting tickets because she waited too long and want to leave. It's illegal. Maybe some people just want to go home and don't bother to stamp their votes, therefore more blank votes than usual. It's usually under 5%.

    [–] Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage AngelLeliel 1 points ago in worldnews

    Another possibility is that the people are not really against the same-sex marriage. They are against the ruling party - DPP. Some people are really voting against the DPP's policy for the sake of opposition. People are really mad against the ruling party and the results of referendum could be interpreted as some kind of "screw you" statements. Every question is voted against DPP's policies: You want to get rid of nuclear power? No. You want to using coal power to replace nuclear? No. You want to compete in international sports as "Taiwan"? No. You want same-sex marriage? still No. Yeah people are short sighted to vote this way but the DPP already said that the results of referendum won't really change how they work on these issues. They will still get rid of nuclear powers, build more fire power plants (although not coal power), and legalize same-sex marriage. It's not surprising that people are just voting for the sake of opposition.

    [–] Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage AngelLeliel 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in worldnews

    Well, as you can see I'm from Taiwan and not a native English speaker. I'll try my best to help you understand this issue.

    One point is that, the referendums aren't really against same-sex marriage. The anti-LGBT or the extreme Christian group choice the words in the question very carefully. They purpose a "separate but equal" way to let same-sex couple register their "marriage". Majority of the people can't really see that it's a discrimination and it actually sounds that the new gay-marriage law can protect their rights. Although after the referendums, the anti-group actually says that "Forget about the new gay-marriage law, we will make another vote to oppose it too." I don't really think the referendum will pass if they bluntly say that they want to ban same-sex marriage directly. Besides, it's already interpreted by the supreme court that same-sex marriage is the basic rights protected by constitution. Another referendum won't change that.

    Another issue is that, the hate group actually spend lots of man and resource to "teach" the public how to vote the referendums. Their teachings are basically "Vote Yes to 10, 11, 12. Vote No to 14, 15." Stupid but working surprisingly well, especially for the elder people. They don't even try to explain what the referendums are about. For people who against same-sex marriages, they will say that yeah vote like this will ban same-sex marriage(it won't). For people who support same-sex marriages, they will say that yeah the new law will protect the same-sex marriage(I hope so).

    The tactics they used are actually very similar to the far right group in the US. Use many lies to cover what the real issue is and keep repeating it until majority people somewhat accept it. Some old news even suggested that they receive support from the far right group directly. I still think that same-sex marriage will happen in Taiwan in one or two years. Too bad that the same-sex couples may not get the same rights as others in the beginning of it.

    If you're still interested you could read the content of referendum here:

    [–] Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage AngelLeliel 1 points ago in worldnews

    You can read his bio on wikipedia.

    He committed suicide one year later after losing his partner. Actually his story push the legalization significantly.

    [–] Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage AngelLeliel 2 points ago in worldnews

    The words used in the referendums are a little different to "rejection of same-sex marriage".

    Do you agree that marriage defined in the Civil Code should be restricted to the union between one man and one woman?

    The same-sex marriage still could and should be legalized by another law. LGBT right groups may challenge the law to be unconstitutional in the court in the next few years.

    [–] DPP suffers major defeat in local elections AngelLeliel 0 points ago in taiwan

    You ignore that the Kaohsiung county was not so green before merged.

    [–] Cheapest way to play Skyrim VR AngelLeliel 2 points ago in skyrimvr

    Take a look at LowSpecGamer's VR video:

    It should be possible to make it works on Skyrim VR.

    Be warned: the resolution sucks with your usual phone as VR display.

    [–] Food scrambler AngelLeliel 142 points ago in specializedtools

    I believe it's for business usage, like in a take out restaurant.

    If you're making the same dish (in this case, fried rice), you only need to clean it maybe once or twice a day.