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    [–] This dog doing Special OPs training Angry__Bull 11 points ago in aww

    And they can fit in vehicles easier

    [–] A petition Angry__Bull 40 points ago in PornhubComments

    "Scene contains a lap dance" *DING*

    [–] NEW YORK! Angry__Bull 1 points ago in thedivision

    What about episodes 1 & 2?

    [–] To promote veganism Angry__Bull 0 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Reddit in one picture

    [–] One of the last photos I took in the sandbox. [5616 x 3320] Angry__Bull -1 points ago in MilitaryPorn

    75th? Are suppressors common in the 75th now? I have rarely seen them in photos with suppressors.

    [–] I am a female of reddit, age 16. Boys, do you need any girl advice? Ask me below, nothing is off limits. Angry__Bull 1 points ago in teenagers

    So I am 18 and on the spectrum, meaning I have a hard time picking up on social ques and knowing how to act and what to say to girls. I have never had a gf or even been on a date, and I am kind of lost at this point. I dress nice and am good at striking up conversations with people. How do I tell when someone is in to me or just being nice? What do I talk with girls about? What are good ways to meet girls besides school and through friends? And how do I act if I ever go on a date?

    [–] Stampy Bois Angry__Bull 1 points ago in NFA

    my wallet just broke

    [–] You were in a rush. Angry__Bull 1 points ago in teenagers

    Its a 17L, a 34 has a slightly shorter slide

    [–] Company will issue me a gun but I can't wear a vest or carry less lethals. Angry__Bull 1 points ago in securityguards

    Shit, I just got hired there as unarmed in an office building, is it really that bad, should I back out?